Ken ga Kimi – Wafuu Denki Emaki

剣が君 和風伝奇絵巻

My copy of Ken ga Kimi – Wafuu Denki Emaki arrived yesterday. I don’t usually take pictures of what I buy, but I’m making an exception this time because this artbook is so beautiful. The artbook is 160 pages thick with hard cover. I ordered the deluxe edition, which comes with a wooden case and a 28-page booklet that made the package extra heavy LOL. Many thanks to Doropyan for helping me to get this artbook from Rejet Shop! .:*゚..:。:.(´+・ω・人・ω・+`).:*゚:.。:。

The pictures below contain spoilers, so be careful if you haven’t finished the game.

Front and back cover of the main book. The illustration is, unfortunately, not included inside the book, but the hard cover is so smooth and nice… so I won’t complain. The first section of the main book contains 10 pages of promotional art, game packaging illustrations, CD covers, and a new illustration of Tsuzuramaru. After that comes the characters section, which has 34 pages of sprites for the six main characters, Kayo, and the sub-characters.

Next is the CG section. As the name says, this part features ALL the CGs in the game—including the ones from the books / extra stories. It’s also the largest section of the game, with 62 pages in total. The layout is similar to the game. The CGs from the Tokaido journey are grouped together, followed by the ones from individual routes. The next section contains 24 pages of promotional illustrations, which are previously featured in magazines like Dengeki Girl’s Style, B’s Log, and Sweet Princess.

Past this section is the rough drafts, some of which you might have seen from the booklet that comes with the game. Yomi left her comments and sketches this section, including full-body sketches of Kayo’s different outfits in each guy’s ending. It’s really nice because Kayo doesn’t have full-body sprites, so we can see the full outfit in this section. The section features 12 pages of rough drafts for CGs and the game’s packaging.

Moving on to the special booklet. The booklet has 4 new illustrations which contain major spoilers. It’s followed by 7 pages of illustrations from the Rejet Shop postcard, the Animate flyer and panels, the Rejet 2014 calendar, and the special flyer you can get from Rejet Shop.

After that comes another rough draft section, except this one features the sub-characters for the total of 9 pages. Tadanaga, which we never see in the game, is shown in Iemitsu and Choushichirou’s section. Yomi also wrote that everyone in the Tokugawa family has ahoge, wavy hair, and blue eyes… all of which you can see in Iemitsu LOL. The last part of the booklet contains chibi characters, staff blog illustrations, countdown pictures, and all the 4-koma manga from the blog.

Overall, I’m really satisfied with this artbook. The packaging is gorgeous, the paper is glossy and thick, and Yomi’s art is always beautiful no matter how many times you look at it. The wooden case, however, is rather light and fragile by itself. I feel that the lid is especially prone to cracking or breakage if you place it under something heavy, so you might want to be extra careful with that.

18 thoughts on “Ken ga Kimi – Wafuu Denki Emaki

  1. uwaaa that’s.. especially beautiful. unfortunately i dont have enough in my wallet to buy it *tear* Doropyan did say how amazing it was for her when she in JP (still does now). There are Lipon in swallowtail, which Yomi’s art is unbelievable cute, but i cant get my hand on them *envious look on Doropyan*. Anyway hope you’re having fun with that gorgeous artbook *Envy eyes on Rin*

    • Rejet has restocked the deluxe edition by now, and the normal edition isn’t limited if you want to save up. It’s really worth it! :D

  2. So pretty!! ;A; congrats for getting it! I skipped most of the pictures tho due to the spoilers ; w ; I’ll just wait for the other guys’s routes then I’ll just come back here to ogle at them @ u @ jk xD

    • LOL yeah the artbook contains spoilers, especially in the CG, sprite, and rough draft sections. You’ll probably see about 90% of the CGs by the time I’m done blogging this game though, if you read everything. xD

  3. I’ll be headed to Japan in a couple of days. I hope I can still find the deluxe edition at the rejet store. It looks absolutely gorgeous. *_* thanks for sharing!

    • Ooh, hopefully you can find it there. They’ve restocked the deluxe editions even on SKiT Dolce, so there must be some copies left. But more importantly, have fun in Japan! :D

      • Yes, indeed. They restocked the deluxe edition and this is absolutely beautiful. The CGs are so full spoilers but I don’t really care. Some of them really wanna make me tear. Suzukake and Tsuzuramaru’s bad ending CGS especially. The artist that drew this series really put her/his heart into each scene. I can really imagine the pain when I see the CG. Really love this book and worth a buy to anyone who loves the game!!

  4. It sure looks beautiful……. *envy eye to Rin*
    I wanted to know whether they provide overseas order, but seeing how you got it from Japan, I greatly doubt it.
    Anyway, did they draw Suzukake from the back? I was instantly wondering how he tie his hair to make it look like that. And did they have the full-image of Kayo in her Shiromuku at Sakyou’s ending?

    • I think the regular edition is available in various online shops, it’s the deluxe one that’s kind of tricky. SKiT Dolce doesn’t ship overseas, so you have to use proxies / third party service if you want to order from them. They ran out really fast too (which is why I had to switch to Rejet Shop), but they’ve restocked. Both pictures are included in the book, though they’re only sketches instead of fully polished illustrations. Kayo’s shiromuku is the one from the wedding parade, but it’s similar really. The only difference is the color and the hair accessories, I think.

      • Aaah… that’s too bad. I guess I will need to wait for a little bit longer to buy this one….. sigh, my wallet is in danger after buying the game itself after all. Maybe I should wait for a sale or something if they ever had one.
        Am I the only one to think that Kayo looked…. haughty there? It did resemble the one in Tokaido…. And about Suzukake hair, it still didn’t solve the mystery how he tied his hair….. and why he did them like that lol.
        Oh yeah, I feel really bad for asking a lot of things about this game, but I wonder did you manage to unlock the last picture in the gallery for Tokaido Fake Wedding Parade Arc the most bottom left one. If you did, I would like to ask how you managed to acquire it. I’m doing the general route for everyone first before going for their individual route so I might be skipping something out without knowing it…..

        • OMG how did I even miss this comment!? I’m so sorry for the late reply! ;___; For the last CG, it’ll automatically be unlocked once you’ve fully completed the game. I was wondering about that too during my first run, but it should appear after you finish your last route.

  5. >< hello!! i know this is sudden~ but any chance i could ask you for a clearer pic of tsuzuranmaru~~? D: he looks really cool!!! or if its okay :p and ya don't mind can ya send me his pics? !

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