Ken ga Kimi Character Song: Chapter of Heaven

剣が君 キャラクターソング 天之章

This is the mini drama track from the first Ken ga Kimi Character Song CD, featuring Tsuzuramaru and Kei. It doesn’t contain any spoilers, but will be more enjoyable if you’re familiar with the game and characters. Full translation under the cut. Commissioned by Mitsu. Enjoy!


*bell chime*

Tsuzuramaru: “Flowers~! Flowers~! How about some flowers? No maintenance required, they grow quickly and repel insects too~!”

Kei: “Huh? That’s…”

Tsuzuramaru: “Flowers~! Flowers~!”

Kei: “Tsuzuramaru!”

Tsuzuramaru: “Oh, if it isn’t Kei! Are you on patrol?”


Kei: “Yeah. Anyway, you’re carrying goods on a pole… What are you selling?”

Tsuzuramaru: “As you can see, I sell flowers. To support myself a bit.”

Kei: “You’re just as carefree as always.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Haha, sorry.”

Kei: “Still, who would’ve thought that you’d sell flowers instead of food. Doesn’t sound like you, but you do look quite refined.”

Tsuzuramaru: “There’s a lot of people selling food here, so the prospects are a little poor for outsiders. I thought that if I sell flowers, passersby might stop by when they feel like it.”


Kei: “I see. *sniffs* Hmm, the scent is pretty strong. I feel like I’ve seen this flower somewhere before, what’s the name?”

Tsuzuramaru: “It’s called geranium. Stylish name, right?”

Kei: “Hollyhock that blooms in the heavens, huh? I see.”

(Note: Geranium’s Japanese name is “天竺葵 / tenjikuaoi“, literally means “heaven’s hollyhock”.)

Tsuzuramaru: “The scent works as insect repellent, but it can also improve blood circulation. I heard it’s good for women’s body.”

Kei: “Must be a made-up story, but not a bad sales pitch. What’s important is the income, how is it?”


Tsuzuramaru: “If I go to the front street, reception is better than I thought. The customers are mostly landladies who have some coins, but once it hits 7 at dusk, there are also men who come to buy flowers for their wives.”

Kei: “Impressive husbands.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Yes, it’s very heartwarming. Even though it’s not expensive, their wives must be happy to receive flowers as unexpected presents. Not to mention the colors are vivid and lovely too. I wonder how Missy would react if I give her this potted flower? I think it’d look good if we put it by the restaurant entrance, but…”

(Note: Tsuzuramaru refers to Kayo as “娘さん / musume-san” instead of the usual “Ojousan”, hence the different nickname translation.)


Kei: “By ‘Missy’ do you mean… her?”

Tsuzuramaru: “Ah, no…! I-It’s nothing! H-How about you, Kei? Do you have anyone to, uh… give flowers to?”

Kei: “N-No way! Or rather, giving flowers to girls is just… *nervous scoff* There’s no way I’d do something like that.”

Tsuzuramaru: “I-I see. Sorry…”

Kei: “But still, you… What are you gonna do? Are you really going to give that flower to…”

Voice: “Thief—!”

*screaming and commotion in the distance*


Kei: “Huh…? What’s going on?”

Tsuzuramaru: “It’s so loud in the street over there. What on earth…?”

*footsteps approaching*

Tsuzuramaru: “Woah!”


Tsuzuramaru: “Ah, the flowers…!”

Kei: “What the… Hey! Wait a minute! You should apologize!”

Tsuzuramaru: “Ugh… Oh? Ahh!”

Kei: “What? What’s wrong?”

Tsuzuramaru: “I-It’s gone!”

Kei: “What’s gone?”

Tsuzuramaru: “T-The money I earned…!”

Kei: “So that guy just now was a thief!? Hey, get up quickly! We’ll catch him!”

Tsuzuramaru: “O-Okay!”


*Tsuzuramaru and Kei chasing after the thief*

Kei: “Stop right there—! You thief!!”

Tsuzuramaru: “P-Please! Give it back! Without it, I won’t be able to eat tomorrow…!”

Kei: “Stupid! Don’t sound so pathetic!!”

Tsuzuramaru: “Sorry!”

Kei: “Just give up already!”

Tsuzuramaru: “Kei!!”


Kei: “Uwah!?”


Tsuzuramaru: “Are you alright!?”

Kei: “It’s just a scratch. Damn, you sure have some nerve to attack a roundsman with a blade!”

*sounds of blades clashing*

Kei: “He’s not that strong, but it’s not like I can swing my swords just to arrest him… Damn, this is tricky!”

Tsuzuramaru: “Kei! I’ll take care of him!”

Kei: “Tsuzuramaru!?”

Tsuzuramaru: “I don’t know your reason for doing this, but stop using violence on my friend!”

*more sounds of blades clashing*

Tsuzuramaru: “If you’re not going to withdraw… then I won’t hold back either!”


Tsuzuramaru: “Kei! Now!”

Kei: “Haa!”



Tsuzuramaru: “Phew. Thanks for knocking him out in one hit. Just as expected from Kei.”

Kei:*sighs* You never change either. Your face always looks so peaceful, no one could ever imagine the way you use your sword.”

Tsuzuramaru: “For some reason, it feels embarrassing when you praise me, Kei.”

Kei: “Stupid! Don’t get all embarrassed, you’re creeping me out.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Haha, sorry.”


Kei: “Anyway, are you not gonna take the money?”

Tsuzuramaru: “Oh! You’re right. E-Excuse me. I’m sorry, but can you please get up? I want to take my money back…”

Kei: “Seriously, why are you always so humble? You’re talking to a thief, remember? It’s so different from when you’re holding a sword. Hey. Get up, damn it.”

Tsuzuramaru: “He’s completely knocked out…”

Kei: “What a troublesome guy… Oh well, guess I’ll carry him to the station. But before that…”


Kei: “Hmm? Let’s see… Is this your money?”

Tsuzuramaru: “Yes, that’s it! Ah, thank goodness.”

Kei: “Tie it firmly onto your obi or something.”

Tsuzuramaru: “I’ll do that. Thanks, Kei!”

Kei: “…Nah. Maybe it’s me who has to say thanks.”

Tsuzuramaru: “What do you mean?”


*coins clinking*

Tsuzuramaru: “Purses and coin strings… So many of them…”

Kei: “Not just coins. He even has nice wallets and silk wrappings. They can’t possibly be his.”

Tsuzuramaru: “So he’s a pickpocket!”

Kei: “Yeah, and seems pretty experienced too. Lately the weather has been nice and there’s a lot of traffic in town, so he must be out to make some money. Well done, Tsuzuramaru.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Oh, no. You were the one who landed the final blow and settled the situation, Kei. I simply took back the stolen money.”


Kei: “Alright. We’ve tied him up so tightly he shouldn’t be able to move. Now we can just leave the rest to the other roundsmen who are patrolling this area. Hey, Tsuzuramaru. Let’s go back.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Okay. But still, this is terrible. I got the money back, but the potted flower is broken during the commotion just now.”

Kei: “Hey. Hold out your hand.”

*coins clinking*

Kei: “I’ll take that flower. This is to thank you for the arrest, take it.”


Tsuzuramaru: “No, but… It’s not like you’re the one who broke it, Kei. I can’t have you buy an unsellable product…”

Kei: “Oh? So flower vendors nowadays are picky about their customers?”

Tsuzuramaru: “T-That’s not what I…”

Kei: “Then take it. I’m not saying that I’m giving you money for free. You helped me with my job for the magistrate’s office, so I have to give you a suitable token of gratitude in return. Or else it’ll set a bad example for the others.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Is that so… I understand. If that’s the case.”

Kei: “Yeah. You don’t have much money, so don’t hold back before you become a full-fledged member of the working society.”


Tsuzuramaru: “Kei… You really are kind and good-natured.”

Kei: “What are you talking about? Don’t say dumb things.”

Tsuzuramaru: “No. You’re a samurai with a heart greater than anyone else’s. There’s no mistake about it!”

Kei: “You… always make a big deal out of everything.”

Tsuzuramaru: “But what are you planning to do with the flower? Are you going to give it to someone?”

Kei: “Wha—!? I told you, I don’t have anyone like that! W-Well, it’s true that even if I brought it home, I wouldn’t know what to do with it…”


Tsuzuramaru: “I see. Well then, how about this? Let me pay half the price of the flower. Then let’s go deliver the flower together!”

Kei: “Deliver it… to who?”

Tsuzuramaru: “To Missy, of course.”

Kei: “W-Why her…!?”

Tsuzuramaru: “Ah. It is embarrassing, but I’m sure Missy would be happy. People will come and see the flower if it’s in a restaurant, and don’t you think that would make the flower happy too? Of course I won’t force you if you don’t want to.”


Kei: “W-Well… Not like I have a reason to refuse. Besides, it’d be better for this flower too.”

Tsuzuramaru: “I see! Well then, let’s go! I hope Missy will be happy.”

Kei: “…Yeah.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Geranium. Colorful and has a strong scent, a flower that’s gentle to people… The vivid colors of the flower would suit Missy really well.”


Kei: “Well, I guess you’re right. Small and bright… this flower is just like her.”

*footsteps walking away*

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  1. Thank you—-! Kyaaa! They’re going to go give the flowers to Sayo! that’s so adorable, i can’t, it’s too cute!!

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