Ken ga Kimi Character Song: Chapter of Earth

剣が君 キャラクターソング 地之章

This is the mini drama track from the second Ken ga Kimi Character Song CD, featuring Kuroba Saneaki and Enishi. It doesn’t contain any spoilers, but will be much more meaningful if you’re familiar with the characters. Full translation under the cut. Commissioned by Mitsu. Enjoy!


*Enishi stretching*

Enishi: “The sun sure is in high spirits again today. The weather is warm and the flowers are blooming… all’s right in the world. It’s so peaceful~ Well then, where should I nap today…”

*sounds of cart creaking and passing by*

Enishi: “Whoa! That was close. *sighs* They’re in such a hurry. Why do the people of Edo love working so much? Well, though it’s good that the town is… *yawns* …lively.”


Saneaki: “…This is beautiful.”

Enishi: “Huh? That voice just now…”

Saneaki: “The openwork is magnificent. Ah, owner! Excuse me, but can you show me the goods on the back shelf too?”

Enishi: “Why, if it isn’t Saneaki. It’s so unusual to run into that reclusive hermit in town. But what on earth is he looking at? Let’s see. I have to make sure that he won’t notice, so lightly, quietly~”


Saneaki: “This one has the elaborate design of a swallow… A beautiful handiwork. Still, the pure silk wisteria flower earlier is magnificent as well. This is a difficult choice.”

Enishi: “I was wondering what he’s staring so eagerly at, and it turns out to be kanzashi, huh? Interesting~”

Saneaki: “I see. So this pale rainbow-colored one has shells on it. It looks like a collection of the droplets of a rainbow. If she puts this on her hair, I’m sure it would be—”

Enishi: “This sure is pretty.”

Saneaki: “E-Enishi-dono!?”


Enishi: “So, who’s the lucky woman who will be granted the honor of receiving that beautiful item from Master Swordsman Saneaki-dono?”

Saneaki: “W-What are you talking about?”

Enishi: “Come on, you don’t have to play dumb~ Not like you’re planning to put that on your own hair, right?”

Saneaki: “That’s… Uh… I was just passing by the shop when the beautiful kanzashi caught my eyes, and the owner stopped me. That is all.”

Enishi: “You looked reaaally serious for someone who was just passing by, though?”

Saneaki: “The handiworks are really beautiful, so I was simply fascinated.”


Enishi: “Hmm. Considering Saneaki’s nature, it seems unlikely for him to have a lover in the red light district…”

Saneaki: “Please stop making weird assumptions. Still, Enishi-dono, that was terrible of you! Just how long have you been watching?”

Enishi: “Since just now.”

Saneaki: “By just now, you mean…”

Enishi: “Just now means just now. Let’s not worry about the details, shall we?”

Saneaki: “Good grief, you’re unbelievable…”


Enishi: “It’s so nice how women can have fun dressing up, though. In comparison, the formal outfits for men are always so stiff and boring… Ooh! Look at this tsumami-zaiku flower accessory, don’t you think it’d look good on Princess? The pink color is really lovely!”

Saneaki: “No. If it’s for her, this pale violet color would be better.”

Enishi: “Huh? Really? Isn’t it a bit plain…?”

Saneaki: “Soft color tones like this would bring out her unique elegance more.”


Enishi: “Then how about this one? This feather accessory with golden trimmings! Isn’t it gorgeous?”

Saneaki: “But accessories with crane motifs can only be worn on celebrations.”

Enishi: “Ahh. I see. Well then… this one! Ivory openwork and flower petal ornaments, with a light pink coral at the center.”

Saneaki: “Oh! This is impressive. The curves are smooth, while the carvings are delicate and lovely. In that case, I’d like to buy a matching comb as well.”


Enishi: “The miniature carving made from the same ivory would be quite nice too for men…”

Saneaki: “Then I’d like a matching obi sash as well.”

Enishi: “Oh? You’re so fashionable~”

Saneaki: “You know a lot about high-quality goods too, Enishi-dono.”

Enishi: “So are you going to buy those?”

Saneaki: “Ah……… No. Um… It was awfully inexcusable of me to make such a racket in your shop. I’m sorry, owner!”

*footsteps walking away*

Enishi: “Huh? Ah… Hey! Wait, Saneaki!”

*footsteps running out of the shop*


Enishi: “I said wait! You don’t have to rush like that.”

Saneaki: “I just remembered an urgent matter to attend to.”

Enishi: “You liar. You were just embarrassed.”

Saneaki: “…I was carelessly drawn by your pace. I wish the ground would open up and swallow me.”

Enishi: “No, no. No need to worry about that. That’s just how it goes when you’re window-shopping.”

Saneaki: “I didn’t mean to window-shop… To begin with, what are you doing in a place like this?”


Enishi: “Me? I’m doing my usual job.”

Saneaki: “Job?”

Enishi: “Taking a walk around the town. Also, searching for a place to nap while I’m at it. Depending on the situation, I might do restaurant tours to check this year’s sake quality.”

Saneaki:*sighs* Don’t give too much trouble for those around you.”

Enishi: “Trouble, huh… If anything, wouldn’t they be inwardly relieved when they don’t see me?”

Saneaki: “You’re assuming too much. There is a task that can only be done by you, and those around you are wishing for you to behave adequately.”


Enishi: “Are you seriously saying that to me…?”

Saneaki: “…You’re right. I don’t have any rights to reprimand others. I’m sorry, please forget it.”

Enishi: “Well, putting that aside. I never thought I’d run into you in the middle of the town at noon, Saneaki.”

Saneaki: “By the time I realized it, I already made my way down the mountains and into the town. I find it strange myself. Maybe I was enticed by this peaceful weather.”

Enishi: “Isn’t that nice? You should stop living like a hermit and enjoy the worldly life in Edo every once in a while.”


Enishi: “Oh, that’s right! Since you’re already here, shall I take you to a nice place today?”

Saneaki: “No, thank you.”

Enishi: “Hey, hey. I haven’t even said where we’re going.”

Saneaki: “Even without hearing the details, looking at how you’re grinning ear to ear like that… the destination is quite obvious.”

Enishi: “Oh dear. And here I thought we’d be able to have a slightly sensual conversation, unlike before.”

Saneaki: “I’m sorry to betray your expectations, but please give up and find someone else.”

Enishi: “Man, you’re as unapproachable as always… Ah, hey! Wait!”

*footsteps dashing off*


Enishi: “By the way, that kanzashi earlier… Are you sure you’re not going to buy it? You seemed to like it a lot.”

Saneaki: “No. It’s not necessary.”

Enishi: “Don’t make me laugh, you were staring at it so eagerly. If you give it to her, I’m sure she’d be really happy. She’ll hold her hands in front of her chest like this, and then say ‘Thank you, Kuroba-san!’ with glittering eyes!”

Saneaki: “…Who are you talking about?”

Enishi: “Stop playing dumb. Princess, you know. Princess.”


Saneaki: “I am but a humble ronin. I’m afraid I don’t know any princesses.”

Enishi: “Well, it’s true that she’s not a real one. But for us, she’s the precious princess whom we have to protect. Right?”

Saneaki: “If you’re insisting… then you can buy the kanzashi and give it to her.”

Enishi: “But you’re the one who saw them first, Saneaki. I can’t just snatch the chance off your hands, that’d be tactless of me.”

Saneaki: “There’s no need to be considerate towards me. You can do as you like.”


Enishi: “Seriously~ Why are you so hesitant? What’s a little embarrassment? There’s nothing wrong in doing your best to make a girl happy. It’s not like you have monetary problems or anything, right?”

Saneaki: “That’s not the problem. Perhaps… I came to town today to indulge in an extravagance which you can never buy with money.”

Enishi: “Man, you always say difficult stuff.”

Saneaki: “It’s a nice day, and the people are lively. As you gaze at the town—at all the beautiful things—you have the time to leisurely enjoy the sight with your eyes and think about a lot of things. It is the most extravagant moment in the world.”


Enishi: “…Well, it’s true that we’re having a good day in the Great Edo today.”

Saneaki: “Indeed. This townscape seems to soak into one’s hardened heart. It makes you believe that murderous blades are no longer needed in the world.”

Enishi: “This is the sun of a peaceful land, huh…? For a moment, you can forget the harsh world you’re living in. The image that comes to mind is the lovely smile of the girl you hold dear. Your heart races as she smiles bashfully, with her cheeks turning red. This is just as astonishing…”

Saneaki: “What are you talking about?”

Enishi:*laughs* Just talking to myself.”


Saneaki: “Please don’t say too much nonsense. You’ll put the good mood to waste.”

Enishi: “Alright, fine. So? The crows aren’t even crying yet, are you going back to the mountains already?”

Saneaki: “Yes. I’m going home.”

Enishi: “If you’d like, shall I take you to a restaurant I’m familiar with?”

Saneaki: “I will have to pass.”

Enishi: “You’re so mean. Aren’t we friends who have journeyed together!?”

Saneaki:*sighs* Whether it’s in a mountain pass or in town, you never change.”


Saneaki: “Looking back, the time we spent during that journey was also an extravagant moment for me. However, I won’t be involved any further with the people I met during the journey… and with that person who played the role of a fake princess.”

Enishi: “Don’t say that. Who knows, maybe Princess is wishing to see you too.”

Saneaki: “…! …I’m sorry, but I will be going home now. To the place where I’m supposed to be… Excuse me.”

Enishi: “Ah, hey! Are you really leaving? Well then… See you again, Saneaki!”


Enishi: “Tch. He could’ve answered. That hermit.”

*footsteps moving*

Enishi: “See you again, huh… Saying goodbye to someone, in the hope of seeing them again one day. Is this also one of those extravagant moments? In that case, well… I guess it’s not bad. I want to see Princess again. It’d be nice if I can meet her without my duty lingering around me, with a clean relationship between us…”


Enishi:*laughs* I guess that’s the one extravagance I don’t deserve. But… it won’t hurt to hope for that wish to come true one day, right? Don’t you agree, Saneaki?”

*footsteps walking away*


3 thoughts on “Ken ga Kimi Character Song: Chapter of Earth

  1. Thank you very much! Enishi and Saneaki have a pretty good friendship! That window-shopping moment made me smile so much! But Enishi’s final lines though…urgh, my heart! When you know his route, it’s just…-sobs-

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