Ken ga Kimi Character Song: Chapter of Mankind

剣が君 キャラクターソング 人之章

This is the mini drama track from the third Ken ga Kimi Character Song CD, featuring Sagihara Sakyou and Suzukake. It’s 100% spoiler-free, but will be more enjoyable if you’re familiar with the game and characters. Full translation under the cut. Commissioned by Mitsu. Enjoy!


Suzukake: “Let’s see… If we go straight down this street, we should be able to reach the shrine. I won’t get lost at all if it’s in the forest, but why do houses and storages all look the same in my eyes?”

*footsteps moving*

Suzukake:*sighs* In any case, it’s really hot today. The calendar says it’s still a long way off until summer, but… Huh? Madara? Hachimoku? That’s weird. They were walking beside me just a while ago…”


Suzukake: “Heeey! Madara—! Hachimoku—! Ah… When exactly did we get separated? Since they were complaining about the heat all the time, I wonder if they went back to the forest ahead of me?”

Sakyou: “Suzukake!”

Suzukake: “Ah… Sakyou-san!”

*footsteps coming over*

Sakyou: “As I thought, it really is you.”

Suzukake: “Good afternoon! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”


Sakyou: “Long time no see. Is something wrong? You seemed to be searching for someone…”

Suzukake: “Yeah, my friends. What are you doing here, Sakyou-san?”

Sakyou: “It’s really hot, as you can see, so I’m taking a short break at this restaurant. If you’re not in a hurry, would you like to join me? You will collapse before long if you keep walking under this scorching sun.”


Suzukake: “Can I? Won’t you be bothered?”

Sakyou: “Of course not! The seat here happens to be available as well. As you can see, they also have parasols which makes it cool here.”

Suzukake: “Yeah! Well then, just for a bit… Excuse me for intruding! *relieved sigh*

Sakyou: “Please use this washcloth if you don’t mind. I will go inside and ask for a cup of water.”

Suzukake: “Okay, thank you!”

*footsteps walking away*


*footsteps coming back*

Sakyou: “Here you go.”

Suzukake:*drinks water* Ahh~ That brought me back to life…!”

Sakyou: “I’m glad to hear that. You seemed to be suffering from the heat, so I couldn’t help but stop you.”

Suzukake: “Yeah, that really helped. I sweat a lot after only running for a bit, see? My friends were actually walking with me until just a moment ago, but we got separated before I knew it… Maybe the heat got to them, so they went home ahead of me.”


Sakyou: “That’s a little worrying. I hope they are not passed out in a street somewhere…”

Suzukake: “I’ll try searching for them again after resting and cooling off for a while. Thank you for the concern. By the way… don’t you feel hot, Sakyou-san?”

Sakyou: “Of course, it’s very hot. That’s why I stopped along the way to cool off at a restaurant like this.”

Suzukake: “But… you’re not sweating, and you don’t seem to be hot at all.”

Sakyou: “It’s because I’ve been resting here for a while. Thanks to that, I’m now feeling much better.”


Suzukake: “I see. Still, the heat of the town of Edo is so different from how it is in the mountains. It feels like the town is filled with fever.”

Sakyou: “That’s because unlike in the mountains, there aren’t many trees to keep the town cool under their shade.”

Suzukake: “Yeah! There are no rocks, waterfalls, nor springs, right? On top of that, the streets are made of dry soil and it’s dusty everywhere. It’s impressive how the people of Edo can survive all of this.”


Sakyou: “The town has its own way of cooling off. For example… Ah. Take a look at that.”

*splashing sounds in the distance*

Suzukake: “That’s… What are they doing? Watering the street?”

Sakyou: “It’s called uchimizu. Just by sprinkling water in front of one’s house, the temperature will cool down considerably.”

Suzukake: “Ah! Over there too…! So that’s how it’s done in town… I didn’t know.”


Sakyou: “The ground is indeed dry and dusty, but sealing the streets with stone pavement would cause the heat to pile up even more. That’s why they’re deliberately leaving the soil as is. Also, that bamboo screen you can see under those eaves.”

Suzukake: “That’s… to block the sunlight that enters the house, right?”

Sakyou: “Yes. In the height of summer, morning glories will entwine their vines there, turning it into a natural green screen.”

Suzukake: “Ooh. Sounds like it’ll be refreshing to the eye too.”


Sakyou: “Yes. It is also possible to cool down by using sounds. Wind chimes and shishi-odoshi turn unseen breeze and water into sounds, allowing you to feel them as they carry a refreshing coolness into your heart.”

Suzukake: “Um… So in other words, the people in town use the cool sensation to distract themselves from the heat?”

Sakyou: “That’s a very blunt way of putting it.”

Suzukake: “The people of Edo should just go to the river and bathe in cold water. I used to do that all the time back in Mount Takao. It felt so cool and nice.”


Sakyou: “Shall I teach you the best method then?”

Suzukake: “Really!? I want to know! Tell me!”

Sakyou: “Well then, please wait a moment.”

*footsteps walking off*

Suzukake: “The best method… What could it be? Since Sakyou-san went inside the restaurant, could it be… something cold to eat? I can’t wait.”


*sounds of wind chime*

Suzukake: “This sound… Is it the wind chime Sakyou-san mentioned? What a beautiful sound… Just as Sakyou-san said, it’s as if the breeze holds a lovely tone. Moreover, I feel like it’s gradually getting cooler somehow, even though the sun is still scorching… Ah! Could it be that… it’s because of the uchimizu earlier?”


*footsteps coming back*

Sakyou: “I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

Suzukake: “Ah. Welcome back, Sakyou-san!”

Sakyou: “Here you go.”

Suzukake: “This is… the best…?”

Sakyou: “That’s right. This one is barley tea, and the other is amazake.”


Suzukake: “But Sakyou-san, these drinks… both of them are steaming!”

Sakyou: “Yes. They’re hot, so be careful not to spill them.”

Suzukake: “The heat is already unbearable, and I have to drink hot beverages on top of that!?”

Sakyou: “Yes. This is Edo’s best, unique way of cooling down.”

Suzukake: “Ehhh!?”

Sakyou: “Did you not like it?”

Suzukake: “B-But…”

Sakyou: “Don’t make that face. Just trust me and try drinking them.”

Suzukake: “Alright… *picks up cup* Ouch, it’s hot! *blows breath onto drink*


Suzukake: “…Huh?”

Sakyou: “How is it?”

Suzukake: “Somehow it feels a bit cooler… Eh…? Why? How?”

Sakyou: “It’s because sweating allows the heat in your body to come out, and thus cooling it off. By drinking a hot beverage and stimulating perspiration, your body temperature will naturally go down.”

*sounds of wind chime and breeze flowing*


Sakyou: “Ah… A nice breeze has come, hasn’t it?”

Suzukake: “Yeah, it feels great. The barley tea is slightly sweet and delicious too.”

Sakyou: “Feel free to drink the amazake as well. It has the rich flavor of ginger, so it will leave a refreshing taste in your mouth.”

Suzukake:*sips drink* …You’re right! It’s hot with a thick texture, but it doesn’t bother me at all.”

Sakyou: “It’s also nutritious, so if your friends are suffering from the heat, how about giving them some too? On hot days like this, amazake peddlers should come to the streets by sunset.”


Suzukake: “Somehow, it feels like I’m under a mysterious spell.”

Sakyou: “The spell is not mine. It was created by the people who live in the town of Edo.”

Suzukake: “Ooh. That surprised me! You really are knowledgeable, Sakyou-san.”

Sakyou: “Even though it’s something trivial, your compliment makes it worthwhile for me too.”

Suzukake: “Thank you for telling me a lot of things! With your help, I feel like I’ll be able survive even when summer comes to Edo.”

Sakyou: “You’re welcome.”


Suzukake: “By the way… Hey, Sakyou-san.”

Sakyou: “What is it?”

Suzukake: “Look at that, over there. Inside the restaurant. That girl who sits on the front, what’s that food she’s having?”

Sakyou: “That’s… a gelatin dessert.”

Suzukake: “Does that mean it’s sweet?”

Sakyou: “Eh? Yes.”


Suzukake: “Then what’s that long, thin food the girl beside her is eating?”

Sakyou: “I believe it’s tokoroten. You pour sugar and soy sauce onto it, and…”

Suzukake: “It’s shiny… and so pretty!”

Sakyou:*chuckles* It tastes cold and delicious. Do you want to try it?”

Suzukake: “Eh? Is it okay!?”

Sakyou: “Yes. Upon seeing how happy you look, Suzukake, I feel like having some too after all these years.”

Suzukake: “Yay! Thank you, Sakyou-san!”


Sakyou: “Speaking of which, during our Tokaido journey, we occasionally talked about sweets too with everyone, didn’t we?”

Suzukake: “Yeah, we did! Just once, I wanted to try eating something at one of those food stalls on the highway. If only we had tokoroten or gelatin back then, Princess would surely be happy too… The nervousness caused by her duty would have melted away in no time. …Oh, that’s not good. I forgot that we can’t call her ‘Princess’ anymore, can we?”

Sakyou: “If it’s only for a modest conversation between us, I believe it’s alright.”

Suzukake: “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”


Suzukake: “I wonder if Princess is doing well right now? Even as we talk like this, she’s somewhere under this same sky of Edo, isn’t she?”

Sakyou: “Yes. Now that she has successfully finished her duty, I’m certain that she’s doing fine. Well then, I will inform the restaurant clerk of our order.”

Suzukake: “Ah, it’s okay. I’ll go! You can sit down, Sakyou-san.”

*footsteps walking away*

Sakyou:*chuckles* He looks so happy… If I remember correctly, her family runs a restaurant as well. Are they also serving amazake and providing outdoor benches for cooling off? I might be able to find her if I take a stroll, but…”


Sakyou: “No, let’s not do that. My encounter with Suzukake here also has a meaning. As the saying goes, ‘even a chance meeting is due to fate’. If a thread of fate is linking her and me together, no matter how thin it may be… then one day, another chance will surely present itself.”


14 thoughts on “Ken ga Kimi Character Song: Chapter of Mankind

  1. Great job on this translation :) Ken ga Kimi breaks my heart OTL so seeing these translations makes me relive the pain I guess? LOL thanks rejet, for turning me into this orz

    I seriously love Sakyou. The first time I played the game I was like “him. he is perfect.” www actually seeing your translations on my dashboard makes me want to go and replay the game but what is time gross sobbing ಥ_ಥ I’ve been thinking about buying the Vita port because this game is just so worth it lol who cares if I need to be saving money I NEED THE PORT MORE AND THE TOKUTENSSSSS ಥ_ಥ wwww

    • Thanks. :D
      My first impression of Sakyou was actually “wow he looks so shady”, and while he IS shady the game makes me love him much more than I thought I would LOL. Oh, and I know that feeling. I’m getting the Vita port too, the game is just so good it’s worth the dedication and money. Even though my bank account is weeping. _(:3」∠)_

      • Hehe :D Sakyou is pretty shady but I love it LOL //falls off cliff
        And yeah seriously the game is so good that I don’t know if I could live with myself if I didn’t buy the Vita port www but yes, my wallet cries as well. ;v;

        • If anything, the shadiness is one of his charms. 8D I’m so glad Rejet makes a lot of additions for the Vita port though. We’d probably still get it regardless of bonus contents, but all the new CGs, scenarios, and after stories make the Vita port really worth the extra cash.

  2. Hey Rin!!!!!! First thing first, i luv u so freaking much for your hardwork and I have a question, after you finish play Ken Ga Kimi, what is your next game? Just wondering. U got a good gaming sense my dear blogger…………

    • Hello! I don’t have any plans yet, actually. With how busy my schedule is this year, I can only focus on one game at a time. But as of now, I want to blog about Dynamic Chord and then move on to Code:Realize after finishing Ken ga Kimi and the Vita port.

      • Wow nice. Totally wait ages for that even though i never played it before XD…. but i’m sure it’s worth the try and thanks a billion for replying back (meant a LOT to me lol)

  3. For some obvious reason, I understand what Sakyou was talking about in the last one lol. I’m still waiting for my shipment of this one so I hadn’t listened on it.

    So you decided to get the Vita port? Will you show us the extra CG and the whole stuff from the ported version then? I see some from the OP Rejet put on YT, but I don’t even have Vita (I swear I’ll get it by summer) so I’m crying in the corner now. TToTT

    • Yeah, I bought the Vita port! I do plan to write about the new scenes and after stories when I get the game, but first I’ll have to move on with Suzukake → Tsuzuramaru in the PC version LOL.

  4. Hai Rin-San!!!!!! Totally love KgK especially Kei and Sakyou (even though he is exteremely shady, no offence Sakyou.) So thank you so much for the well detailed post and will always be very patient to see the next post. U go girl! ;-) ♥♥ Anyway I got a question, after KgK what kind of game r u gonna play next? Just wondering, no pressure. Since your an awsome gamer/blogger surely you play one of the game everyone likes. Hoping to see Suzukake and Tsuzumaru and KgK V anytime soon. Love u so freaking much~

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