Ken ga Kimi for V Duet Song – Chapter of Sun

剣が君 for V 二重唱 日輪之章

This is the drama track from the first Ken ga Kimi for V Duet Song CD, featuring Tsuzuramaru and Kei. It’s 100% spoiler-free and focuses more on the characters’ interactions with Kayo, so it can be enjoyed even before you play the game. Full translation under the cut. Commissioned by Mitsu. Enjoy!


*Tsuzuramaru training*


*footsteps coming*

Tsuzuramaru: “…? Ah, Missy…! Why are you all alone so late in the evening? Oh, I see. So you’re on the way back from naginata training. I was doing a little training myself. Eh…? I didn’t realize that you were watching. W-Wonderful? It’s a bit… embarrassing to receive a compliment from you, Missy. However, you shouldn’t have refrained from calling me.”

Kei: “Hey! You guys!”

Tsuzuramaru: “Ah, Kei! Are you on patrol?”

Kei: “Sort of. What are you two doing here?”

Tsuzuramaru: “Oh, Missy happened to be passing by as I was training. We were just talking for a while.”


Kei: “Hmm… naginata, huh. It’s nice to be brave and all, but it’s gonna get dark soon. It’s dangerous, so you should go home quick.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Ah, Kei is right. I’m sorry to keep you standing around talking at a place like this. I’ll walk you back to the restaurant. …What’s wrong, Missy?”

Kei: “Huh!? You want me and Tsuzuramaru to help you with naginata training?”

Tsuzuramaru: “Well, naginata and uchigatana do share the same basics of tai-sabaki, but…”

Kei: “But is it something to get that desperate over? Your naginata is more like a child’s play anyway. Don’t do it.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Kei! You didn’t have to say it like that!”

Kei: “What’s the world coming to when she’s swinging her naginata around in earnest?”

Tsuzuramaru: “I don’t want Missy to do something dangerous either. It’s just…”


Kei: “If you’re regularly training at the dojo, that should be enough.”

Tsuzuramaru: “But having the desire to improve is a good thing, isn’t it? If you’re okay with me, Missy, I shall accompany you for training.”

Kei: “Hey, wait a second! Don’t make promises without thinking!”

Tsuzuramaru: “It’s not a rash promise. Listen, Missy. I’m wishing that there would be no need for you to wield your naginata in earnest. However, I really understand your desire to master martial arts. That’s why I want to answer your feeling with adequate sincerity.”

Kei: “………”

Tsuzuramaru: “See, Kei. She’s this determined. Can’t we help her train together? You should know too that she’s serious, right?”

Kei: “…Oh for goodness’ sake. Okay, fine! I just have to go along with it, right? Guess I have no choice.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Alright! In that case, how about tomorrow…? Yes, in the afternoon then. I’ll find the time to come when it’s no longer busy in the restaurant. The honor is all mine!”

Kei: “I’ll come once I’m done with patrol. …No need to thank me.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Haha. I can’t wait. The three of us are going to train together, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!”


*restaurant bustling*

Tsuzuramaru:*sniff* Ahh~ It smells so good~… Ah, no! I can’t, I can’t!”

*door sliding open*

Tsuzuramaru: “Ah, Missy!”

*door sliding closed*

*footsteps coming over*

Tsuzuramaru: “Oh no. Don’t worry about me. I’ll wait until you can take a break from the restaurant. I, um… got too excited about today’s training and came too early. I’m sorry… Eh? Lunch? No, that’s…”


*Tsuzuramaru’s stomach growling*

Tsuzuramaru: “Ah… Ahaha… You heard it. No, I already had lunch, but I tend to get hungry around this time of the day…”

Tsuzuramaru: “Oh, these are… rice balls? Are these… for me!? We haven’t even started training yet, and you’re already giving me a token of gratitude… Thank you, Missy. Now I’ll have to put my all into monitoring your training. I understand! Well then, I’ll go on ahead to the backyard. Let’s start training once it’s no longer busy in the restaurant.”


*footsteps entering the backyard*

Tsuzuramaru: “I never thought Missy would make some rice balls for me… Ah, they look so delicious! Let’s eat! *munch* *munch* Ah… the fluffy rice, and the sour umeboshi… I have never eaten such a delicious rice ball in my life!”

*footsteps approaching*

Tsuzuramaru:*munch* *munch* Hah! Mihhy! *gulp* Is it alright for you to leave the restaurant? It looked like you still have several customers… I’ll wait as long as it takes, so there’s no need to hurry. You can come after closing the restaurant properly… Of course, I’m also looking forward to our training. But if we don’t wait until the customers stop coming, won’t you get scolded by Master?”


Tsuzuramaru: “That’s fine, then. But still, you really love naginata, don’t you? Alright! Now I’ll have to focus. Ah, the honor is all mine. Please be at ease today and leave everything to me and Kei. You’re learning the basics properly at the dojo, so if we follow the required steps, you definitely won’t get injured or anything.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Well then, let’s begin. First, show me the stance.”


Tsuzuramaru: “Yes, that’s good. Now try swinging it properly, following the form you’ve learned at the dojo.”

*sounds of naginata cutting through the air*

Tsuzuramaru: “Yeah. It’s beautiful—clean and faithful to the basics. It makes a nice sound too, and most importantly, your concentration is magnificent.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Ahaha. I won’t give you empty flattery. After all, you’re going to wield a real blade from now on. If we neglect the basics, that might lead us to injury.”


Tsuzuramaru: “But… keep your upper arms to your body a bit more, and point the tip of the blade slightly upwards. Ah, in that form your wrist is going to hurt when the opponent strikes. Excuse me, I’ll be holding your hand from behind.”

Tsuzuramaru: “It’s better if you hold it like this. As for the tip… make sure the blade is facing this side. Pay attention to this part of your arms. I’ll keep my hand here, so try to concentrate.”


Tsuzuramaru: “Hm? What’s wrong? You’ll be targeted if you lower your gaze. Keep your eyes straight ahead. Still, I only realized this after setting my hands on top of yours… but the size of our hands are so different. Look, I can hold the naginata from atop of your hands.”

Tsuzuramaru: “…I mean, obviously… but it was a reminder for me. Even when wielding a naginata, it surely won’t be the same for you and me. Your hands are kind and gentle, the hands that are used to carrying food. The thought of them bravely swinging a naginata fills me with a strange feeling.”


Tsuzuramaru: “Ah, wait! You’ll lose the form if you move. You have to let your body remember this posture first.”

Tsuzuramaru: “…What’s the matter? You’ve been acting weirdly anxious for a while… It’s alright, you definitely won’t trip or anything. I’m supporting you like this, see? Don’t worry. Well then, moving on. Next is the stance for when you’re mowing down your opponent from the side. Your arms go like this, and then…”

Kei: “I’m here! I bought some bamboos for… training…”


Tsuzuramaru: “Ah, Kei! You’re here.”

Kei: “Y-Y-You guys! What are you doing!”

Tsuzuramaru: “Why… we’re training.”

Kei: “No, why are you sticking so closely to each other!? She’s all red in the face too!”

Tsuzuramaru: “Eh? Ah… Uwaah! I-I’m sorry! I got too enthusiastic and… B-Before I knew it, we got into a position that makes it look like I’m hugging her… Not to mention I was touching her hand too…”

Kei: “Why are you blushing too!? You didn’t have questionable thoughts in mind, did you?”

Tsuzuramaru: “O-Of course not! I’m sorry, Missy! I’m going to cool off for a… No! I mean… Right! Toilet!”

Kei: “Huh?”

Tsuzuramaru: “A-Actually I’ve been wanting to go to the toilet this whole time! I’ll leave the rest to you, Kei!”

*footsteps running away*

Kei: “Ah. H-Hey! Tsuzuramaru!”


Kei: “…Seriously, what is he doing. Don’t worry, if we leave him alone he should come back eventually. Anyway, you should’ve told him clearly too. You should at least know how dense Tsuzuramaru is, right? Well, guess I’ll help you train until he comes back. …Humph.”

Kei: “Hm? Oh, these? I thought we might need a target. That being said, it’ll be a while before we use these. First, try practicing the swing you’ve learned. I’ll watch.”


*sounds of naginata cutting through the air*

Kei: “Ooh, looking pretty good there. Nice stance. …What, is it weird for me to praise you? I’m just being honest with my words. What’s good is good, what’s bad is bad. That’s all.”

Kei: “Enough unnecessary chatter. Come on, once more!”

*more naginata swishing sounds*


Kei: “Next, sweeping stroke!”


Kei: “Your spine is tilting to the right!”


Kei: “No! It’s a bit more like… Uh, I mean… put more power into your stomach, do it like passing the length through from your neck to your hips. …Not like that! Ah, damn it! How should I say it to make you understand?”

Kei: “Huh? Eh, no, that’s not it! It’s not something you have to apologize for. I just thought that I couldn’t explain it nicely just now, so… *sigh* I’m terrible at teaching others. I don’t mean to be harsh, and yet I cause them to misunderstand. Maybe we should just wait until Tsuzuramaru comes back…”


Kei: “Huh? You want me to teach you that much? …I-Is that so. Well, if you insist… I guess I have no choice. I’ll help you train in my own way. Still, I can’t express myself well through words… That’s right. How about I show you an example? Let me borrow that naginata for a second.”

Kei: “Like this, and this!”


Kei: “And then… this!”


Kei: “Understand? Alright. Well then, give it another try.”


*sounds of naginata cutting through the air*

Kei: “Yeah, that’s much better! Well then, try hitting this guy for a bit. You can at least hit a bamboo target, right? Don’t be that nervous! Swing it with all your might. Open your feet a bit more, keep your front side like that. And then… swing!”


Kei: “So close! The tip of the blade slipped a bit, but you’re almost there. …Ah, hold on, if you do it in that posture… Watch out!”




Kei: “Ouch, ow… *gasp* Hey, are you alright!? Are you hurt!? Don’t pretend to be okay, you just tripped and tumbled down after all. You didn’t sprain anything, right? …Seriously, don’t surprise me like that. It’s good that I caught you in time, but it’s all because you tried to swing your naginata in an impossible posture!”

Kei: “Ah, no… I’m not angry or anything. I’m saying that, uh… ah… The fact that you’ve done something reckless is definitely not good, but that was a nice step. Your movement showed no hesitation, and you had enough spirit too. I thought this was only a child’s play, but… well, not bad.”


Kei: “Y-You don’t have to thank me… If something’s good, I’ll say it’s good. I told you, didn’t I? So, well… isn’t it okay for you to have more confidence? Heh. Geez… you were totally dejected, but you look so happy now.”

Kei:*sigh* …Anyway, I’m glad you’re unharmed. Seriously, don’t be reckless, okay? After all, you’re swinging a naginata around with this fragile-looking body.”


Kei:*loud gasp* S-Sorry! I was still holding you all this time! No, this is… H-H-How do you put it… I had no choice! I couldn’t allow you to fall down after all. …Here. What do you mean ‘eh’!? I’m lending you a hand. Come on, get up!”

Kei: “…There you go. Your hand is so small. Ah, no… nothing. Um… I’m really glad you’re not hurt.”


*footsteps approaching from the distance*

Tsuzuramaru:*sigh* …I’ve finally calmed down… Ah, you two! Sorry to keep you waiting…”

Kei: “Uwaaah!! …Ah. Don’t frighten me like that! Just how far did you go to find a toilet!?”

Tsuzuramaru: “Ahaha, I’m sorry. Still, it looks like the two of you have gotten engrossed in training while I was away. Both of you are so red in the face…”

Kei: “Ugh! S-Shut up!”

Tsuzuramaru: “Eh? What are you so angry about, Kei?”

Kei: “Nothing! Anyway, let’s resume the training!”


Tsuzuramaru: “So you were using bamboos for training. How did she do with her strokes?”

Kei: “She lacks stability, but… aptitude-wise, she’s not bad.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Ooh! A smooth compliment from Kei, amazing!”

Kei: “…Hey. Both you and her, stop making it sound like I never praise others.”

Tsuzuramaru: “No, that’s not what I meant. I was praising Missy—I think it’s amazing that she could obtain such words from you. Besides, it must be because your explanations are easy to understand, Kei.”


Kei: “F-Flattery and honeyed words will get you nowhere.”

Tsuzuramaru: “No need to be embarrassed. You think so too, right, Missy?”

Kei: “…Don’t just nod.”

Tsuzuramaru: “But isn’t it great? I’m so jealous of you, Missy. I want Kei to help me train as well. … That’s right! When we’re done with this training session, please spar with me too…!”


Kei: “Hey, you’re missing the point.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Ah, you’re right. Today’s training session is for Missy, and yet I…”

Kei: “You really are a sucker for swordsmanship.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Ahaha… I can’t argue with that.”

Kei: “Well, a sucker for swordsmanship also gives important lessons. Take a look at the way she strikes. Hey, try hitting the target like you did earlier. You can do it, right? This time don’t panic and stay calm as you do it.”



Tsuzuramaru: “Ooh, splendid! You really do have a good aptitude, Missy.”

Kei: “Now she only needs to get used to it.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Hmm… You should be able to bring out more power if you pull your shoulders back a bit more. …Like this. Then open your feet a little wider… and drop your hips lower…”

Kei: “Wait a second. She’ll be even more unstable if you do that.”

Tsuzuramaru: “That’s not true. This form is the basic of Tamiya-ryuu Iai, so it’s completely reasonable. Missy, try swinging your naginata again in this form.”



Tsuzuramaru: “Huh? That’s weird… I thought it was going to work…”

Kei: “See? That’s why you should do what I taught you… Like this. Alright, give it a try.”


Kei: “Argh, damn it!”

Tsuzuramaru: “As I thought, let’s go with the previous stance. Your right arm goes like this, and your left arm…”


Kei: “Hey, wait! She was doing great earlier by following what I told her!”

Tsuzuramaru: “Ah!”

Kei: “Left arm should be like this.”

Tsuzuramaru: “But that will put pressure onto the shoulders. Here, try touching her shoulders. They’re way too tense, right?”

Kei: “No. That’s because she hasn’t put her all into it.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Wha—!? So stubborn…”

Kei: “Which one?”

(Note: I kept it as curt as the original, but Kei is basically saying “Which one of us being stubborn here, me or you?”)


Tsuzuramaru: “………”

Kei: “………”

Tsuzuramaru: “Your hand, please, Missy. Your right hand goes here.”

Kei: “Hey, give me your left hand. Put it here. Keep your upper arms close to your body.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Kei, let go of Missy’s hand! She won’t be able to train like this!”

Kei: “No, you let go. She’ll lose the form!”

Tsuzuramaru: “That form is too much for her! Right, Missy? The stance I taught you made it easier to swing, didn’t it?”

Kei: “The one I taught you fit you better, right?”


Tsuzuramaru: “Missy’s hands are delicate, unlike ours. See, I can completely wrap them with my hands. They are gentle and kind, a pair of hands that are used to making rice balls… They’re warm and soft, a single touch makes you want to protect them with your own hands… They’re different from our rough hands! That’s why a stance that gives her pressure whenever she grips her naginata would be useless in practice!”

Kei: “I know that her hands are small. But if we’re going by that argument, then her entire build is different too. She looks so fragile, as if she’s about to break if you don’t catch her in your arms and protect her… Whenever something happens, you won’t be satisfied until you keep her safe behind your back. Despite that, she’s always rash and does all sorts of reckless things. Still, I know that thoughtless side of hers is also a part of her charm. That’s why a form that doesn’t hold down her spirit would be the best for her.”


Tsuzuramaru: “But if you do that…!”

Kei: “You see, no matter what you say…!”

Tsuzuramaru: “…Ah. N-No. We’re not fighting… I’m sorry. I got taken over by the desire to go with my swordsmanship style…”

Kei: “…Um… Since it was about swordsmanship, I… got carried away. Sorry. We’re supposed to teach you, so it’d be really dumb of us if we keep arguing while leaving you ignored.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Right…”


Kei: “Hm? Are you going to give it another try? That’s fine, but… did something come to your mind?”

Tsuzuramaru: “I see. If you say so, Missy, then you must have gotten an idea. We’ll be watching, so try giving it a swing.”

Kei: “Ooh, nice stance!”

Tsuzuramaru: “It’s even more stable compared to how it was earlier.”

Kei: “Hmm… Try setting your right foot half a step back.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Ooh, it got much better! Just as expected from Kei! Also, it seems like you should relax your shoulders a bit more. Take it easy, pull back… Right! That looks good.”


Kei: “And then put your hand a bit more to the front. I’ll be touching you a bit. …Just like that, try taking a deep breath. As quietly as possible, slowly inhale… exhale.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Now, Missy. Keep your breathing in control, and focus on the target…”

Kei: “It’s alright. Right now, you can definitely do it.”

Tsuzuramaru: “Pull back as you breathe out…”

Kei: “Lift your naginata… and bring it down in one go!”



Tsuzuramaru: “Alright! Missy, that was brilliant!”

Kei: “Well done!”

Tsuzuramaru: “It’s impressive that you improved so much in such a brief time span…! Ah… no. Our guidance wasn’t much. We even got into an argument over such a trival issue, and for that I apologize.”

Kei: “Tsuzuramaru is right. Well, we did teach you the trick for a bit, but it went well because you managed to learn everything and kept them in mind as you swung your naginata.”

Tsuzuramaru: “It must’ve helped that she already grasped the basics, since she diligently visits the dojo day after day.”

Kei: “Yeah. Well, uh… to be honest, I’m a bit impressed.”


Tsuzuramaru: “See, Missy. You heard it from Kei, who used to say that women should just stand back all the time. It should be alright for you to have more confidence.”

Kei: “Hey, Tsuzuramaru!”

Tsuzuramaru: “Haha. Don’t get angry. …Yeah. If you’re okay with us, please call us anytime. We’ll do our best so we can be of help again.”

Kei: “Well, if you really want me to help, I guess I have no choice. I’ll help you train again if I feel like it. It does feel nice to see a blade swung down so earnestly.”

Tsuzuramaru: “You have a point!”


*Tsuzuramaru’s stomach growling*

Tsuzuramaru: “Ah… Oops.”

Kei: “Need to eat as much as you move? Hey, can you get us something?”

Tsuzuramaru: “I’m sorry… But a meal eaten after washing off one’s sweat through training must taste delicious.”

Kei: “Right. Now, Tsuzuramaru. Mind having a spar with me while she cooks our meal?”

Tsuzuramaru: “Is it alright!? Then let’s make it so the winner gets to eat first!”


Tsuzuramaru: “Well then… here I go!”

Kei: “Heh. Let’s go!”

8 thoughts on “Ken ga Kimi for V Duet Song – Chapter of Sun

  1. thank you very much—-!
    -cheers- woo, more ken ga kimi—! ah—! that was so adorable! tsuzuramaru being close to her while helping her train, kei helping her after she fell, then the two of them arguing are all so cute—! wah, how wonderful!

  2. Yay it’s so nice to see another kenkimi translation post from you, or any post at all from you!! Thank you :3
    Reading this definitely helps tide me over the wait, but the wait is TOTALLY worth it. I sound like a broken recorder, but you’re amazing for doing what you do, despite all the business that life can throw. Super excited for the final two routes of kenkimi and any other posts you do! And of course, getting rest is the most important thing ~
    This CD was adorable as well, that was a delight to read and listen to at the same time – that was a lot of fun!
    Ganbatte ^_^

    • You’re welcome, and thank you too for being so patient with me! Real life responsibilities has taken over my life in the past few months, so I couldn’t find enough time to sit down and blog. ;___;

      I’ll be posting the other CDs in the next few days, and I’m still (very slowly) working on Suzukake’s route too. Please look forward to them when they come out! ✨

  3. waaah! a new post from Rin!!! Thank you for this wonderful translation! *^* I love the interaction between the tsundere kei and dense tsuzumaru, also on how they guide kayo in her naginata (the touching hands part made me squeal a lot)

    Hoping to see more of ken ga kmi posts from you *waits patiently like a dog*

    • Hello, long time no see. You’re welcome, and I hope you enjoyed it! These two are super moe when it comes to awkward interactions LOL. I think it’s great that each CD offers a completely different experience, so I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. The rest of the CDs will be posted in the next few days! :D

      • yeah, I really enjoy it so much that my co-workers are looking at me suspiciously due to my sudden fangirl squeal //slapped.

        and Hooray for the next updates! you’re the best rin :D

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