Period Cube Quest3 Libera

Period Cube places you in the role of a girl who, together with her childhood friend Hiroya, starts playing the online game Arcadia in order to search for her missing brother. Commissioned by Mitsu.

ピリオドキューブ Quest3 リベラ

While bathing by a spring in the forest, Libera finds you among the bushes, unconscious and covered in wounds. Thinking that keeping you with him will make him more popular among male players, he treats your wounds and decides to take you to Twilight Capital, where he invites you to shop for new equipments. Somehow managing to get away from the players who are after you, Libera runs into some male acquaintances as he takes you to walk around town. Seeing how he’s taking advantage of your presence to get rare items from others, you decide to reprimand him. Unfortunately, Libera is angered by your words and ends up taking you into a forest filled with monsters.

Track 1 – I Hate


*door opening and closing*

*footsteps approaching*

Good morning, Doctor. Yes, I’m fine. Yesterday I only had a slight fever and felt dizzy, and yet I was sent all the way to hospital… That’s not true. The pain has completely gone away today, and my chest doesn’t hurt either. I’m telling the truth! Huh…? Blood test again? But we just had one not too long ago. …No. It’s not a problem, I’m… not scared at all. Don’t treat me like the kid I was in the past.

……Ugh. …This is alright. We’ve done this plenty of times, so I’ve gotten used to it. Ow…! Such a crappy job… Ah, no. It’s nothing. It just hurt a bit when you pulled the needle out.

More importantly, Doctor. Um… when can I leave the hospital? Tomorrow? Or the day after? We’re having parents’ day next week. This time my father has promised to take a day off and attend the event, so… Oh… Yes, I understand. You’re right. There are plenty of other chances for parents’ day, aren’t there? I know. I’m sorry for being selfish. First of all, I have to get well soon and put my parents at ease. Isn’t that right?

Yes. Thank you very much, Doctor.

*footsteps leaving*


(I wonder what Mom is talking about with the doctor… They do that all the time, talking in whispers on the other side of the door. If they have something to say, they could’ve just said it here. Do they think it’d hurt me? How dumb.)

(*sigh* Just by going to school for a bit, I got a fever and felt dizzy… I’m so sick of this. Am I going to be like this for the rest of my life? I wonder how long Dad is staying in Japan this time? But well, not that it matters anymore. He doesn’t even give me a proper visit in the hospital, let alone come to parents’ day… I’m sure he’d planned to cancel it at the last minute again.)

(I know… I’m aware that Dad and Mom feel sorry for me, because I’m a kid and have an illness, so they think they can solve everything by putting me in a good mood. They’re not worried about me. They just love themselves for doing their best to take care of their messed-up son. They actually find it troublesome, and yet they force themselves to put on a smile. First my big brother died, and now they have to look after me… They must be sick and tired of this inside.)


(*sigh* As they wish, I’ll do my best to behave. After all, I just have to bear with it until I return to that world… to Arcadia. Over there, I am free. I can do whatever I want, as much as I like. Then again, dying in the game means dying in reality, but why does it matter? Everyone’s freaking out over it. That’s really stupid.)

(Don’t they know that no matter where we are, humans will eventually die? No matter how many good equipments and rare items they have, it’s all meaningless if they don’t have any intentions of having fun. So I’ll make good use of all of those. Heh, serves them right.)

…I hate them. I really, really hate everyone.

Track 2 – Game: Arcadia LOGIN


Light and darkness. Yang and Yin. On one side, angels who reign the heavens. On the other, demons who forsook the heavens and became conquerors in the depths of the ground. Despite sharing the same origins, even now, an endless battle continues to unfold between the twins who will never be compatible in nature. Both innocently believe in their victory alone.


The land that raised the heavens and held the ground kept silent as it bathed in their blood. People called the land “Arcadia”, the last paradise. At the end of the war, which side will obtain the golden land…? Is it the light, or the darkness? And what could possibly lie beyond this conquest…?


Period Cube, Quest 3: Libera.

Track 3 – Encounter



Eww~ This is so sticky and disgusting. I didn’t expect that monster to explode when you land the killing blow… Next time I’ll make sure to attack when it’s far away.


…Who’s there!?

(Is it another peeping tom…? No matter how much of a cute girl I am, there’s just too many guys who come to take a peek. I seriously can’t believe it… Alright, let’s quietly make my way over… and scare the living daylights out of them.)

(Slowly~ Quietly~ If I heard it right, the sound came from over here… Huh? This is… s-someone’s… arm!?)


(W-What is it? Could it be… a corpse? Ah, no, that can’t be… If you die in Arcadia, you’ll disappear right away. Which means…)

*leaves rustling*

A girl…!? Ahh, such nasty wounds… Hey, you! Are you alright?


*sighs* You sure surprised me! Ah, just lie down for a while. You’re covered in wounds after all. Wait here for a bit.

*foosteps running off*

*sounds of water dripping*

*footsteps coming back*

Here, drink some water. Take it easy. That outfit is the starting equipment for bards, isn’t it? Wasn’t it hard for you to come all the way here? It… doesn’t look like you have party members either. Eh!? You suddenly got thrown into this forest after logging in!?

(Wow, I feel bad for her… but what do I do? There’s an endless supply of water here so that’s not a problem, but medicines aren’t free after all. Hmm…)


Ah, sorry. I got lost in thought for a bit. What is it? Oh, you’re looking for someone…? Hmm, so he went missing… If your brother knew about World V, the possibility is there. I’ve heard rumors that nasty stuff happens if you try to search information about World V in real life.

Who knows? I have no idea what the nasty stuff is. So, did you come here to look for him all by yourself? …Hiroya? Nope, never heard of him before… Is he the friend who logged in with you? I see, so you got separated. But, um… that Hiroya-kun? It might be difficult to meet him and your brother here. The fields are pretty large after all.

Ah, I see… So you don’t know anything. Well then, I’ll give you a brief explanation. This is inside the game. We, the players, are being locked inside the online RPG Arcadia. Who knows? I don’t think anyone knows the reason. In any case, those who logged in are left with no choice. We have to do our best while making sure we don’t die.


Oh, that’s right. If you die in the game, you also die in reality. Aren’t you glad to be alive? Yeah, it’s true. Seems like some people are confirming that. They said their offline friends who died and vanished in-game also went missing in real life. Just like horror, right…?

While I’m not testing it out to that extent, it’s true that your entire character data disappears if you die. When I was playing under normal circumstances before, I would be revived at the nearest town if my HP reaches zero, so there’s no doubt that something strange is going on.

A way to return to reality? There is one. You just have to clear the special quests. The thing is, you can only stay there for a certain amount of time before getting pulled back here.

(Ah, she’s depressed. She’s so easy to read. Is she going to be okay from here on? I get the feeling she’d easily get deceived by bad people. Oh, right! That gives me a nice idea. If I walk together with this girl in town, that might boost our popularity. A party of two girls, and one is a newbie. Yeah, the visual image is perfect! After all, veterans can’t seem to leave a newbie alone.)


Hey. If you don’t mind, how about going with me? There must be a lot of things that you don’t know yet, and this forest is a bit hard for your level. I’ll teach you many things about this world in return. Okay? Yeah, nice to meet you too! Well then, let’s treat your wounds. It’s okay, don’t be a stranger. After all, it’s only natural to help those in need.

(Wow, this looks painful… I can’t stand this. People’s blood and wounds are dirty, just looking at them is enough to send chills down my spine. Let’s quickly get this done and over with.)

(Huh…? This is… a sword cut? Are there any monsters that use weapons in this area? And this one over here… is a burn? There isn’t supposed to be a monster that can use fire in this forest though, is it just a misunderstanding on my part…?)

Hey. Just curious, but… mind if I ask which monster attacked you?


(I thought so. The one that attacked this girl wasn’t a monster, but a player! Could it be that they’re still somewhere nearby…?)

*opens menu*

(For now nothing shows up in the search, but…)

*wind blowing*

Eh…? Ah, no. I thought it’d be bad if the one who attacked you is still lurking nearby, so I looked it up for a bit. Don’t worry, looks like there’s no one around.)

(This girl has been poking questions whenever I fall silent for a bit. For someone who’s absolutely clueless, she seems to be perceptive in a strange way. Is she a cautious one? At the very least, she might not be stupid. Looks like I should treat her really nicely for a while and get her to lower her guard.)


Ah, does it hurt? I’m sorry, bear with it for a bit longer. Once we’re done treating your wounds, let’s go to a town. It’s safe in towns. There are no monsters, are we also have a rule that bans players from fighting each other. Also, I did tell you about the special quests, right? In towns, there are NPC… ah, non-playable characters, and they give us information about quests. In order to return to real life, first we have to accept quests. There might also be players who know the people you’re searching for.

Aside from towns, there’s also the base of the angels, Palace of Glory, and the base of the demons, Twilight Capital. Twilight Capital is, well… a pretty nice place. I’m a demon, so I don’t know about Palace of Glory. I can’t enter it after all. At the very least, you do know that Arcadia is a game in which the players split into angels and demons and fight each other… right? Working together? With the angels? Nope, nope. There’s no way we’d do that. Well, it’s true that this isn’t the time to be playing a game… but that’s not what I mean.

See, take a look above. Can you tell that there’s a huge rock-like thing floating in the sky? That’s called the Ark, the super difficult last dungeon. I haven’t been there either. Right now, only the species of those who can clear all areas of the Ark will be allowed to log out completely. Right. Only one species. That’s why angels and demons are on hostile terms, so much that we might even crush each other depending on the situation.


On top of that, something called the Jaws of Death is eating away at world from the corners, making it smaller and smaller. Ah, it looks like a blurry black smoke, so be careful if you ever see it. The players, too, will vanish just by touching it. Yeah, that’s how it goes. If we waste too much time and fail at clearing the Ark, the Jaws of Death will eat the fields and everything inside of it. Then it’ll be the end. Game over. A pretty impossible game, right?

And we’re done. Do you think you can get up now? Unlike the medicines in real life, the ones here have immediate effect. It’s just that when you feel tired, it seems like you need to sleep and get some rest. Ah, it’s okay, you can stay there. Here, a sandwich. You’re hungry, right? You can eat that. It’s really alright, I’m not that hungry anyway.

Okay, fine. If you’re insisting, then I’ll take a bite. Meal time…! *munch* Yeah, it’s tasty. Thanks! Once you’re done eating that sandwich, we should get going…

*leaves rustling*

Ah… !?

*footsteps approaching*

*sounds of swords being drawn*


Those are dangerous, can you put them away? As you can see, we’re just two fragile girls.

(These are the guys who hurt her… But they’re fellow demons, so why are they attacking us?)

You know, I think PK is super uncool. How about you stop? You’re that curious about this girl? Oh, okay. But unfortunately for you guys, she’s not interested at all, so you should give up. If you want to charm a girl, you have to take a smarter approach. Right?


Oh no. That’s why I told you to stop. I gave you plenty of warnings, didn’t I? That trap magic, you can’t remove it so easily. *opens menu* Okay, I see. Looks like your magic resistance isn’t that high either, so you probably shouldn’t push yourself so hard.



If you struggle too much, the poison will gradually erase your HP just like that, so be careful. Or else you might die a careless death. Ehehe.

Well then, that takes care of it. Let’s take this chance to go! Oh, but before that… *beep* *beep* Party successfully created! Now I’m going to use an item to warp us to town, okay? You ready?

*Libera and you warping away*

Track 4 – Shopping


Are you surprised that we suddenly landed in a place with a lot of people? It’s alright. As I’ve briefly explained earlier, battles are prohibited in towns. Even if we run into more people like that, they won’t be able to attack you so don’t worry. That being said, those guys… they seemed to be after you. Do you know why? Any ideas?

I see. You’re right. You just logged in after all. …Ah, I know! Isn’t it because you’re really cute? *laughs* You don’t have to be that shy. It’s true, really. You’re cute. Huh, me? …Ah, yeah. This outfit is cute, right? I went through quite a lot of trouble to make it. It’s a custom-made item, I gathered the materials and ordered it from a high-level specialist. Not only does it look good, it has nice properties too.

(This girl… is she still under the idea that I’m a girl? It’s surprisingly easy to get my cover blown though, since we can’t turn off the voices in World V. Then again, this girl seems to be an online game newbie rather than Arcadia newbie. She probably would never imagine that a character and its player might have reversed genders. For now the misunderstanding makes it more convenient for me, so I’ll just keep quiet until she asks.)


Once your level goes up, you’ll be able to wear all sorts of equipments too. Ah, but… I see. If you look like that while I’m going all out with my equipments, we… stand out quite a bit, don’t we? Hmm… Alright! Let’s upgrade your equipments a little more! There’s a lot of strong, cute equipments for sale at the market just ahead. Wearing cute clothes will psyche you up, and you’ll also feel more reassured if you have more defense, right?

Besides, those guys from earlier might not recognize you if you’re wearing something different. A perfect idea, don’t you think? Right? Let’s go! Don’t worry about the money. Despite how I look, I actually have quite a lot. It’s about to hit the cap, so it’d actually be a waste if I don’t spend it. …Wow, you sure are upright. In that case, you can pay me back later. Also, let me coordinate your outfit when we go shopping today. Then you won’t mind, right? Okay? Please!

Hehe, yay! Come on, let’s go!


(Heh heh. This is what they call prior investment, isn’t it? If all goes well, it might be so much easier to get the guys who hit on us to give us money and help us with special quests. This girl will need money and item too in order to do well in Arcadia, so it’s not a bad idea for her either.)

Here we are! This is the shop. Let’s go inside.

*bell chime*

It’s pretty spacious inside, isn’t it? They have all equipments you need from head to toe. Huh? What’s wrong? The equipments for girls are in the back. Eh, monster…? Where? Ah, I see… it’s just Poyopoyo. It’s true that he’s a monster, but it’s alright. While it’s unclear whether he’s a PC or an NPC, he’s a pretty nice guy and…

(Oops. If I told her that Poyopoyo is an informant, I get the feeling she might get distracted by her search. My plan to make her cute and do nice things would go to waste. Let’s keep that a secret.)


*bell chime*

*door opening and closing*

Ah, he went outside. Did he also come to shop? Well, he’s always roaming around nearby so if we get the chance to see him again, let’s try talking to him next time. More importantly, come on! Equipments, equipments!

Oh, here we are! Let’s see, the ones for your level… are in this section, I guess. Isn’t this gilet cute? Look, it has ribbon lace-up on the back side. Ah, but… you won’t be able to see it when combined with a jacket… We also want to raise your defense while we’re at it, so maybe something else would be better for layering…

Hmm? Ah, of course accessories are also a type of equipment. Want to try putting them on? …That looks nice! It has elaborate craftsmanship around it, and it also increases your magic defense. Oh, they also have matching earrings and rings! What do you think? Does these earrings look good on me? Hehe. Well then, let’s buy these along with the necklace. In addition, let’s also get the rings so we can have pair rings. It’ll make us look like best friends.

Here, give me your hand. I’ll put on the ring.


Your fingers are so pretty. They really suit this ring, it makes them look slender. For some reason… I couldn’t help but be fascinated. …Eh? You’ll put the ring on my finger too…?

(Why does this feel like a wedding… I might be feeling a bit nervous right now. …Ah! What am I thinking? Right now we’re both girls, and it’s completely normal for best friends to wear pair rings. …Not that I know much about it though. Maybe. I feel like the girls in my class often stick and cling onto each other…)

Thanks. But my skin is tanned, so I think it looks better on your fair skin. Ehehe. Yeah, we match. Still, we’ve been spending so much time at the accessories we haven’t chosen your outfit at all. Oh, that’s right. It might be interesting to coordinate an outfit that would suit the accessories.

Let’s see, then… how about this? Ah, so you were thinking of this one too. Yeah, I can see why. This jacket has a nice color, isn’t it? The materials for the threads and the dyes are probably special. The embroidery on the hem is lavish, but the simple design makes it elegant. I think it really suits you! Try putting on the set’s vest and shirt too. Okay? Please! I want to see you wearing them. Will you show me?


Okay! The fitting room is this way.

*footsteps moving*

*curtain sliding*

Here, come in!

*curtain sliding*

Well then, let’s get changed. What’s wrong? You’re embarrassed? Why? We’re both girls so it’s alright. I’ll do the buttons at the back of the vest for you. Alright…? Come on. *chuckles* You leave me no choice. Shall I undress you then? You don’t have to do anything. Just stay still.

(Wow, she turned red all the way to her ears. Heh heh. Feels like she’s worth teasing.)


*clothes rustling*

Ooh… Are you the type who look slimmer in clothing? No, I was praising you for being so cute. Let’s see, after the bolero we have… Ah, so the one you wear underneath isn’t a vest but a dress. In that case, you’ll have to take the skirt off too. *laughs* It’s alright, really. I’ll help you find the skirt later. Okay? Take everything off, won’t you?

It’s fine then. You can hold the skirt like that. In the meantime, I’ll take care of this.


Shhh. If you’re being too loud, the shop’s staff will come over. Wouldn’t that be even more awkward? I’ll unbutton the shirt for you. Here, you should at least take off the sleeves yourselves. Do you feel like undressing anytime soon? Take a look behind you. See your reflection in the mirror. Your dress’ zipper is open, and your shirt is halfway unbuttoned. You look really erotic.

*clothes rustling*


That’s right. I see. Just as I thought, you’re really cute. You have absolutely nothing to hide. Your skin reminds me of a marshmallow somehow. …Hey, can I touch you a little? Ehh, why not? You look so fluffy, I think it’d feel nice to touch you. Alright? Let’s touch each other, okay? Hmm. You should touch me too. That’ll make it even betwen us, right?

But…? But what? I can’t hear you. You don’t have to be that shy, we’re both girls after all. Okay? That’s right. This is no big deal, so come on.

Wow, your skin is so smooth. Not to mention it’s white as snow. You’re really cute. Besides… *sniff* You smell so sweet and nice for some reason. Ehehe. It’s weird since we’re not supposed to have any scent. We’re inside a game after all.

Someone said this before, but things like the food we taste or the nice breeze we feel in Arcadia, they’re all the reproduction of our past memories. For example, when you imagine an umeboshi, you’d drool upon remembering its sour taste, right? It’s something like that. They said it’s an illusion created by our brains, making us think it’s the real thing.


That whole thing might be a lie though. It’s not like they have proof. Besides, I… don’t know anything that smells this good before. Ahh, for some reason… I’m getting kind of dizzy.

The sound you made just now, it’s really cute. Also, you’ve turned deep red… from your ears and all the way down to your neck. Does it feel good? I’m glad to hear that. After all, it’d be unfair if I’m the only one who feels good. Yeah, it does. Your fingers have been touching me for a while, and even though you’re just touching my skin, it feels really warm somehow… It’s kind of tingly, or should I say tickly…? It’s a bit weird, but it feels so nice. I wonder why.

Don’t. Your voice is so loud! Keep it down a bit more, they’ll hear you. *chuckles* If such a sexy voice is heard from the fitting room, all the people shopping outside would be surprised. Or… shall I show off this cute side of yours? Is it okay? Sure. Where? Tell me, where is it? Where would you like it to be?


*door slamming open*

*footsteps rushing in*

Huh? What’s going on?

*curtain sliding*

(Those guys…!)

*curtain sliding*

It’s the demons who attacked you in the forest. They were glancing around, like they’re looking for someone. It might be bad if they find us. We should stay here and keep quiet for a while. Let’s wait until they’re gone!

(A little imp and a woman… I see. Just as I thought, they’re looking for us. But why?)


(Hm? Divine Sword… Are they talking about that Divine Sword? The one said to be helpful in clearing the Ark… But neither me nor this girl have such a thing, so why? …Eh!?)

*opens menu*

(It’s true. Her species status says the Divine Sword Amadeus! She said the friend who logged in with her is a demon so I just assumed that she’s a demon too, but… what is the meaning of this? Angels are demons are the only species in Arcadia’s settings, and players can’t overwrite their species status either.)

*footsteps leaving*

(Who on earth is this girl…?)

*bell chime*

*door opening and closing*

(They got her ID. I see. That’s why they can track down our location. This is bad. I have to do something!)

Track 5 – What’s Wrong With That?


*bell chime*

*door creaking*

(So I had her ID set to private for now, but… what am I going to do next? That reminds me, didn’t we get a system message about the arrival of a new item? Let’s check it out.)

*opens menu*

(Let’s see… Oh, here it is. The Divine Sword… the last one of the Three Swords of the End, following the Holy Sword and the Demon Sword, huh? They even made sure her ID is written so clearly, no wonder people are chasing after her. That being said, I didn’t realize it since it’s a sword, so I just assumed it was an item. I never thought it’d be a player instead. Those who are aiming to clear the Ark must be wishing to obtain her at all costs.)

(But then again, it’d be inconvenient for me if they clear the dungeon so easily. I want to stay here for as long as possible. Well, I refuse to die in a game though, so in they’ll have to clear it in the end… I guess the best option would be to wait for the right timing, then negotiate with a demon player who looks promising and hand her over?)

(The point is that a demon party clears the Ark, it’ll automatically allow the other demons to log out. There’s no need for me to fight and expose myself to danger, right? After all, it’d be meaningless if I die while trying to clear it myself.)


(Still… rather than clearing the Ark, can’t we do anything about the Jaws of Death? If only the fields aren’t vanishing, I’d be able to play in World V forever.)

Eh? …Ah, yeah. Looks like we managed to avoid the pursuers, didn’t we? Hmm, I wonder why? Isn’t it because they’ve taken a great liking on you? It’s so creepy to stalk you all the way to a fantasy world, isn’t it? But I’m sure you’ll be fine now. You have different equipments now, and we’ve changed your settings too.

There’s no need to thank me. Every player who are enjoying this game know how to change the settings, so it’s not just me. This is a rough time for us, so we have to help each other as much as possible. Yeah, me too. I’m really glad to have met you in that forest!

(Ahh… This girl has absolutely no idea that she’s being targeted. If I leave her be, it’s only a matter of time before she gets caught and taken advantage of. If I remember right, isn’t the Demon Sword in the possession of a super strong dragon named Radius? The Holy Sword is with the angels, and compared to trying to steal the Demon Sword from such a high-level player, catching this girl would be so much easier.)


(Now, let’s see. I had her set her ID to private, but pretty sure those guys know she’s still in this town, so I’ll have to act wisely. For now, no one knows that I’m holding the key to clearing the Ark. Heh heh, that feels nice somehow.)


Ah. Onii-san! Hello, long time no see!

*whispers* This person is a little acquaintance of mine. No need to be nervous.

Thank you very much for last time. That warp stone is really helpful! If you ever find another one, it’d be nice if you can hand it to me… but since it’s a rare item, would that be difficult? …Really!? Wow, I’m so happy! I rea~lly love you, Onii-san! Huh? That person over there, I’ve never seen him before. Onii-san’s friend? Hello!

Ahh, that bracelet is so cool! Eh, you made it yourself? That’s amazing! Oh, this ring? I bought it at a shop earlier. It’s a pair with hers, isn’t it cute? Yes, the status isn’t anything impressive, but I don’t have much money… Of course it really scares me when I think about how we might get killed, but… Eh? Are you giving that to me!?

*opens menu*

Wow, it has so many bonus status! Ah, but… I can’t accept this. I’ll give it back. After all… if I’m the only one equipping such a nice item while she stays like that, I would feel really bad for her.


I met this girl just recently. She said she got thrown into World V the moment she started the game. She’s not even familiar with the controls, and yet she’s all alone… It seems like she got separated from the friend who logged in with her… Right? Being all by yourself is hard and fills you with worries. I know that feeling really well, so… I can’t leave her alone no matter what! That’s why I decided to take her with me.

Eh? Is this for her…? Is it okay? Really? But this has a really high rarity too… Thank you! I’m so glad for you! This will help raise your chance of surviving! You will surely be able to go back to reality. From now on, too, let’s do our best together! Yeah. Thank you very much, both of you!

*footsteps walking away*

*huff* Eh? Well, isn’t it fine? Just take it. If it’s a bracelet, you can equip it without having to remove all the other accessories, and you don’t have to worry so much about it. Once you reach that level, you’ll have a large number of that kind of item. It’d be better if we put them to good use than have them sleep in the storage, right?


(But for that level, this is kind of crappy… Well, it might lead to a lucky find in the future though, so I guess it doesn’t hurt to put on a sweet face.)


Yeah. It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m not going to equip it anyway. I’ll go sell it at the item shop later. After all, I have a better one. Being friendly means you have to accept what’s being offered to you, right? By doing that, you’ll also make the other party feel pleasant. Let’s see, the next place is… the plaza, maybe? Come on, let’s go!

*footsteps walking away*


*sounds of water flowing*

Yes, I’m planning to take some quests now. It’s to help her gain some levels, because even if it’s only for a short amount of time, I want to send her back to real life… Wow, there’s so many of them! Okay, I’ll do my best!

*Libera coming over*

Sorry to keep you waiting~! Look, I got so many items! This one is a potion, this one is an antidote. This is an ether. I’ll share them with you too, bit by bit. Also… this! Ta-dah! Ice cream! They look so delicious, don’t they? The accessories we got earlier sold for a pretty good price, so I couldn’t resist buying them! Here you go.

Huh? What’s wrong? Here, take it quickly. The ice cream will melt. Eh? Why? What do you mean by not good? Those stupid men just supplied us with money on their own will. It’s not like I use brute force to steal it, and not that I extort it from them either. They take the liberty of giving it to me when I talk to them. What’s wrong with that?


Look, do you even know how hard it is to earn money by yourself? There’s no way you’d know. After all, you’ve never ever had a proper solo battle before. Let’s see. With the small fries you can fight alone, I guess you might be able to buy one potion after defeating several dozens of them. Tell me, how are you going to keep on living in that condition? Or rather, who do you think helped you get all the way here? Don’t get cocky.


*bottles clinking*

What the… What do you mean enough? Hey! Where are you going!? *grab* Wait up, thief.

But you are a thief, right? I’m the one who bought all those equipments you’re wearing. The jacket and the vest, the skirt and the boost. They’re all mine.


No way. Your ulterior motive is so obvious, you’ll run away the moment I let go of your hand.

*rustling sounds*

There’s no way you can beat me in terms of power. Are you still thinking of me as a girl? That’s right. If you insist so much, try taking the special quest by yourself. If you can clear it, you’ll be able to go back to real life too. I’ll take you to a battle field and watch from the side.

Watch and learn just how powerless you really are.

Track 6 – I Hate You


*Libera and you warping in*

Well, here we are at the quest area.

*opens menu*

Alright, the special quest begins now. I’ve arranged everything else for you, so do your best, okay? After all, even the item we used to teleport isn’t free. Well, I did get it for free from a skirt chaser though.

*birds crying*

Huh~? What’s wrong~? If you don’t move on, you won’t be able to go home. You okay with that?


*footsteps slowly treading forward*

There’s no need to be that nervous. You have the knife from your starting equipments, right? I chose the appropriate quest for your level, so no matter what’s going to come out, I can beat it easily. Ah, but… you don’t want my help, do you?

(She’s forcing herself. She should just admit that she’s scared and ask me for help. Well, whatever. Why don’t you do your best? You’ll only end up giving up along the way anyway. It’s about time for a monster to show up too.)

*sounds of monster spawning*

Ahh, you failed to sense danger. That’s so weird. There should be a warning on your window, did you not notice? If you don’t get away soon, that vine will give you constant damage. See? That thing will melt anything and everything you give.


Come on, make it quick. If you’re taking your time, all of your equipments will melt and you’ll end up naked. Is that okay with you? The vine is gradually creeping up your legs though. Ah, your tights are already looking like this. You look so indecent. Hey, if you apologize for what you said earlier, I don’t mind helping you out. What do you think? Oh, fine. Do what you want then.

*stabbing sounds*

(What’s her problem? I was offering to help her and all. I don’t care anymore. It’s not my fault even if she gets hurt. It’s all her own fault!)

You’ve stopped attacking. What’s wrong? Fidgeting like that won’t help you get away from that thing. You have to beat it quickly. Are you embarrassed to have me looking at that appearance of yours? *chuckles* Ahh, this part here is completely melting away. Your skin has turned red too, it looks like it really hurts.

Ah, or are you possibly a pervert who loves pain?


*stabbing sounds*

Why are you taking it so seriously? Can’t you see your own parameters? Or can’t you read numbers? Your HP already dropped to half. Just say it already, tell me that you’re sorry. I’m saying that you only have to say that one line and I will help. Is this the time to get all stubborn and put up with this? Don’t underestimate this thinking it’s just a game! You’ve gotten yourself in a really rough time, yet do you still not understand how weak you are!? You’re going to die at this rate! If your HP reaches zero, you’re going to die in real life too!

Huh? Worried? No way! There’s no way I’d worry about others. I’m warning you because you’re really stupid. The only way for the weak to survive is to be really, really patient and obey the strong…! What’s wrong with taking advantage of those who act all high and mighty!? If anything, it’s their own fault for getting themselves fooled!

*warning alert beeping*

Say it quickly! Say “I’m sorry for being cheeky, please help me”! Do it!



*beep* *beep*

Flames, return everything to ashes! Cornu Ignis!

*monster roar*

Damn, this thing’s tenacious for a small fry! Come on, what are you spacing out for!? Quick, take this chance to come here!

*stabbing sounds*

Hey! You don’t have to attack it! I’m telling you to come here!

*stabbing sounds*

Stupid! You’re in the way if you stay there! Move! I can’t use magic!

*warning alert beeping*

Your HP’s already…!




*monster roar*

…No way… She defeated it by herself… Ah, hey! Are you okay? Get a hold of yourself! Hey!

*sigh* …I seriously cannot believe you…! Stupid! Of course! I helped out, so of course you can beat that kind of vine! …Not “thank you”. Why did you do something like that!? Do you understand? You nearly died! If I didn’t help, you would’ve been dead by now! Be more terrified! Think about what would it mean to die!!

Everything will disappear and it’ll be the end! Even that important person you’re searching for, you won’t be able to see him anymore! Why… don’t you understand something so simple!? *sob* …I hate you. I really, really… hate you! People who can throw away their lives easily… are too strong, too beautiful… I hate them!


…!? Hey… W-What is it…? Stop it… Don’t treat me like a kid. That’s because… I helped you in the forest because I thought I could take advantage of you… That magic spell earlier was, uh… just because I got bored of toying with you and wanted to get it done and over with… What are you saying? It makes you happy? That’s absurd. You can only say that because you don’t know me…

Listen, you were all alone and I was only taking advantage of you! I even know why those guys are after you. I know, and yet I kept quiet. In order to keep you with me, I didn’t let you do your search either, even though it was possible. It was all on purpose! Calculated! I did it all for my own sake! Now that you know… can you still say it makes you happy?

I’m telling you… don’t treat me like a kid! You’re making a fool out of me… No way. I don’t want to see your face, and I don’t want you to see mine either. After all, I… look really, really lame right now. Shut up. Even if you call me cute, that doesn’t make me happy…


E-Even if you say I was cool like it’s just an addition… I won’t believe it. I definitely won’t believe it! Ah. H-Hey…! Don’t stick too close to me. Not when you look like that…

Ugh, what are you laughing at!? I’ll… never help you again!

I… really… hate you.

Track 7 – See You Again


Effect active!

*beep* *harp melody*

Switch your mindset, attack right away! See, look at the counter. The recast is almost over. Don’t push it too far, prepare for the next skill!

*harp melody*

Alright. Ah, wait! Step back once!


Good, good. It’s not going to attack for the time being, so it’s okay. Take this chance to attack it all at once!

*monster roar*


*relieved sigh* Does it make you that happy? I told you that you can definitely defeat it, right? It’s true that bards are powerless parameter-wise, but as long as you remember how to use the skills right, in early game you should do well in battles even when soloing.

Now, let’s see. Ooh, it dropped a pretty nice branch. Lucky. …I see. It’s better to beat these with blades, isn’t it? I completely forgot. I always use magic to defeat them after all.

*footsteps coming over*

You should pick up this branch as much as you can. When you go to town, you can bring them to the shop and sell them. They can be used as materials to make weapons and equipments. Looks like this thing drops nice branches for its level.

Oh, right! Maybe it’ll be a good idea to bring these to town and turn them into a weapon. You can make a nice bow with this one. A knife is nice too, but bards are more compatible with long-range attacks. If you play it well, you can defeat enemies without taking any damage. Besides, isn’t it nice that you can make weapons from battle loots? You can really feel that you’ve defeated the enemies, and you’ll also grow attached to the weapons.


I guess this should do. Put the items into this pouch. You can put them in regardless of the size, so give it a try. See? The sceneries might look real, but this aspect somehow does feel like a game, doesn’t it?

*notification alert sounds*

It’s okay, no need to panic. That’s just like a time signal. There’s only the last boss left, so we have enough time to make it by the time limit. Let’s continue after resting for a bit longer. That way, your MP will naturally recover too. There’s a limit to the number of items you can carry, so we have to pay attention to time allocation and conserve our items.

Ah, that’s right. Come here!

*footsteps moving away*


*stretches* While we’re at it, let’s take a break here. The weather is nice too. Come, sit down. Here you go. Chocolate. It’s tasty, and it also boosts your MP recovery rate as a bonus. Eat it.

Haha, that again? Unfortunately for you, I’m not giving that for free or anything. Those branches from earlier, I’m going to sell them too later to earn some money. Ah, but… I guess selling it would be a waste… The two of us obtained it by working together and all, so it’s like turning the memories into money… That’s a little… you know.

Eh…? You’ll form a party with me again? Really…? You had a lot of unpleasant experience after all, not to mention I was being mean to you too… so I thought once this quest is over and we go on our separate ways… then I’ll never see you again. *chuckles* You’re too nice for your own good. I’m seriously worried about you.


Listen. After we defeat the boss, you’ll be able to return to real life for a little while, but it won’t take long until you’ll be back here. When that happens, you’ll be targeted by other players once again. I’m sorry for scaring you, but even if it only helps a little, remember this in order to protect yourself.

Right now, you’ve been set as the essential key necessary for players to log out of the game. I don’t know the reason, but from here on, you’ll keep running into a lot of people who are wishing to get you. Once you return to real life, first look for that Hiroya guy. If possible, I think you should talk to him and decide on a place to meet up in the game. However, there are rumors about how bad it is to talk about World V in real life, so be careful.

But I’m sure it’ll be alright. That guy is originally an Arcadia player, right? In that case, he should know a lot of things and act accordingly. Besides… even if you can’t meet him in real life this time, as long as you’re playing in World V, as long as you’re alive, you’ll surely see him one day.

I’ll help too. I’ll do some subtle inquiries in town about your missing brother as well. So, um… if you come back here and haven’t changed your mind… let’s… ah, together…


Yeah… Thanks. To make it easy for you to find me, I won’t remove this pair ring and earrings too. No, it’s fine. Even if my defense goes down a bit, even if they’re not rare items, these are important to me. They’re my favorites.

Ah… W-What is it…? Don’t stick so closely to me… Girls sure love sticking and clinging onto others like that… Aren’t you embarrassed? B-Back then I thought nothing of you, I only wanted to tease you a little… So, uh… if you’re doing it all over again right now… it’s… embarrassing. Hey, why are you laughing…!? Just a little bit, okay? It’s really, really just a little bit!

…Let’s meet again. Definitely. Let’s shop in town again, and then… next time, let’s have those ice cream. *sigh* I wish I could meet you in real life too… No, that’s impossible. After all, I…



Now, shall we get going? I’ll use magic to defeat the boss, so make sure to support me from the back. This will be the final test to see if you’ve grasped the basics I taught you earlier, okay? Don’t let your guard down.

Alright, good! Ehehe. Well then, let’s go!

*footsteps walking away*


Performance: Libera, Hanae Natsuki.


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