Welcome to Love-colored Sky! This blog is mainly filled with eroge and otome game summaries, usually written in the format of individual routes. Occasionally mature contents will be included as well, if it’s relevant to the plot. The frequency of updates will differ depending on Rin’s gameplay pace.

The author of this blog is Rin, a translator who will never grow up no matter how old she gets. She enjoys any kind of visual novels with good story and clean artworks. Initially interested in eroges, but her 乙女心 makes her lean towards otome games more. To put it shortly, she’s just an ordinary girl looking for a good romance and good suffering. Loves KENN and Ohsaka Ryouta. Also a big fan of RPGs, so if she disappears for a while, it means she’s busy adventuring and kicking monster butts in another world.

Love-colored Sky was opened in December 25, 2009. Rin used to write all of her summaries and reviews along with the CG packs on her LiveJournal, but decided that it’s better to have a separate blog specifically dedicated to her visual novel logs. After months of thinking about the title and the host, Love-colored Sky was created using WordPress.

Link exchange is always welcomed. Feel free to leave a comment below. It’s even better if we share the same interest in otome games / visual novels in general.

URL: https://koiiro.wordpress.com

Brushes and patterns are from Marielle‘s wonderful stock.

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  1. So, do you prefer all-ages VNs or 18+ eroge?

    Have you played Otome games illustrated by Toujou Sakana? Two of them I’ve heard about are “Ijiwaru my Master” and “Under the moon.” I’m not normally interested in Otome games myself, but the art in those two seemed exceptionally good.

    I have to wonder whether you prefer Otome games or eroge more. I know the quality of a game’s writing is more dependent on the writers on staff rather than what genre it belongs to, but since popular wisdom goes that “females like their romance more than the 18+ scenes,” I wonder if the writing in Otome games in general is more to your liking.

    • Actually I don’t really mind whether it’s all-ages or 18+. As long as it has a good storyline (and artwork too, preferably), I basically play everything. It just happened that all of the VNs I’ve played are all 18+, except for otome games.

      Since I’m a girl, honestly I like otome games more. Though I have to admit that the bratty heroine of “Under the moon” annoyed me to no end, thus I gave up midways. I didn’t give “Ijiwaru my Master” a try because I’m afraid the heroine would be similar to UTM’s heroine, but I’m going to play the upcoming “Riddle Garden” which is illustrated by the same artist. :D

      It’s true that most females like the romance aspect more than the H scenes, but from what I saw there are many girls too who likes both equally. Though when compared to eroges, I feel that the 18+ scenes in most otome games were a bit lacking.

      • Well, maybe you can still write a detailed review of “Under the Moon” sometime. How exactly did the heroine of that game act bratty?

        What is it you consider “lacking” about h-scenes in otome games? I think one of the major ways an eroge can excel or fall flat on its face is how plausible or believable it can integrate its h-scenes into a coherent–after all, h-material without appropriate justification from the story is pretty pointless and can be had pretty much anywhere else.

        I also notice that you don’t write too much about when h-scenes happen in an eroge/otome game route. I would like it if you did mention when they happen and whether or not they were believeable to you, for the aforementioned reasons–you don’t have to go into excruciating detail. I just think it’d be more revealing of the characters and the true quality of the story that way.

  2. Your blog will definitely go on my favorites! It’s nice to know the story of games that I don’t have time for. And the trait of romance is certainly a huge difference from the other bloggers.

    No offence to those bloggers, they know who they are.

    • Thanks. :)
      It’s an old habit actually, since I used to summarize the stories of the otome games I played for my friends who don’t understand Japanese. Now whenever I try to write a review it’d turn out to be a summary instead LOL.

      It’s nice to know people who appreciate romance as much as I do. xD

  3. Hello. I stumbled on your blog while searching for Starry☆Sky (well, more of discovering this site through your LJ). Anyway, I’d like to ask for some recommendations on otome games. I’m kind of a noob when it comes to otome games since I’ve started playing my first one (TokiMemo girl’s side 1st love plus) two weeks ago. ^^” I’d be more delighted if it’s in DSi. Thank you. ^_^

    • Hello. Have you tried playing the sequels? Tokimemo GS 2nd Season and 3rd Story are both on NDS, and they’re my all-time favorites. The 3rd one is especially good with enhanced systems and such. If you like stat-building games like Tokimemo, give Love Revo a try. It’s funny and have nice characters. Then if you’re also into visual novels, Sangoku Rensenki is good if you don’t mind a little history. Starry Sky is also one of my favorites, but since the series is split into four games.. it depends on whether you like the guys or not.

      You can also see my list to see the games I’ve played so far. :)

      • I’m currently waiting for the patch of 2nd Season and 3rd story. :) Looks like Love Revo is interesting, I’ll try it too. Uhm, are the games Sangoku Rensenki and Starry Sky only available in PC format? I’ve read on your blog after Starry Sky After Spring, is it also in PC?
        Thanks again. :)))

      • Sangoku Rensenki is only for PC for now, but I heard it’s going to be ported to PS2 / PSP this year. Starry Sky is also available for PSP. But if you’re looking for otome titles on NDS, try: Hiiro no Kakera DS, Hakuouki DS, Will o’ Wisp DS, Saikin Koi Shiteru?, Kurayami no Hate de Kimi wo Matsu. The last one is thriller/mystery otome, so it’s pretty interesting if you’re not scared of horror like me. xD

      • Aww, too bad I don’t have a PSP. :( But then again, PC games will do. Thanks for the list! I’m looking forward playing those games you’ve mentioned especially Hakuoki.. XD

  4. Thank you very much for your great VN blog :D ! I can understand the Asukimi story much better after reading some of your characters review one by one. I would like to make some comments on your Wakamiya Asuka review section just now, but sadly instead I pressed the like button below the review by accident :( . Anyway, it helps me a lot to understand and get closer to each character there, as my Japanese comprehension skill is still ongoing now. Millions thanks! :D

    • You’re welcome. Glad to hear my reviews help.
      VNs rarely get translated into English, so I hope this blog can be useful for those who wants to understand the story. :D

  5. I love your blog!!! I don’t know Japanese but I love VN and it’s great to read all about the games here. :) I just have one question, do you buy all of your games? I know only of PlayAsia where I can find a lot of VN.

  6. hi rin. me bothering you again :P while surfing on idea factory game list i found this game based on somewhat popular manga: “Are You Alice?”
    from what i see this is not an otome game or something, neither a eroge game or stuff like that. it seems more like a simple story, kinetic novel type :P
    though the art looked pretty good and story seemed interesting, but if it doesn’t have pilot, then i wouldn’t wanna waste money on it. and do you know a good place where i can get a review based on it?
    i know this is not related but i didn’t knew to ask who since your reviews are always awesome! thanks for your help!

    • Yea Are You Alice? was made into a game by Otomate, but I’m not interested since it’s not otome. I listened to the Drama CDs too, so.. xD None of my friends played the game aside from 29nights, so you might as well check her review here.

  7. Hello! I’ve been lurking around for quite awhile, so I thought I should at least thanking you for providing great reviews! … And thank you for making me feel like playing otome games again, lol.

    PS. I just want to ask this out of curiousity, but are you Indonesian? If you don’t feel like answering that non-important question, that’s completely fine :D Anyways, please keep up the good work!

  8. I saw your profile on your LJ, and I was surprised (in a good way, of course) since I’m Indonesian myself :D

    Oh, and, I’m just wondering, do you have any kind of intention to review Hakuouki Shinsengumi? :3

    • Ahh I see. Nice to meet a fellow Indonesian. xD
      Actually I’ve finished Hakuouki back in January, but since I played it on the go I didn’t take notes and my head was empty when I tried to write a post LOL. So yeah I’m intending to go back and review Hakuouki. I just can’t say when.. *looks at her backlog piling up*

  9. wait is this a spoil website anime or just your visual thoughts on what’s going to happen in the future……? i don’t get it…

  10. oooooooooooooooooh RIN!!!!!!!! i see you posted up a guides section in your homepage!!! this is soooooooo soooooooooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much you’re so awesome!!!

    • Yea a friend put up a directory for guides, so I followed her footsteps before somebody ask me about it lol. I used have the guide links up on my “List” page, but since I took that page down.. I’ll just put them on my sidebar. xD

  11. Hey, it’s alchemy5mage. S.Y.K Shinsetsu Saiyuuki and its fandisk came in and I just want to know who do you recommed to do in order? I know you have a review on the game, but I don’t want to read it yet, just to avoid spoilers. Thank you ^^

    • I’d recommend going with the order I played it:
      Hakkai → Gojou → Gyokuryuu → Gokuu → Suou

      It’s a good idea to start with Hakkai, since his story is unrelated to the main plot. The same goes for the fandisk, except the last one should be Youzen / Jirou Shinkun. :3

  12. Just want to say I love your reviews. Been reading them religiously for more than a year now.

    I also wanted to ask….I commented on your most recent review with a game recommendation, but it then occurred to me that giving a game request in an irrelevant place was kind of spammy. So I wanted to ask, for future reference, where I should post comments about game requests or questions? Here?

    Probably a stupid question.

    • Thank you for always reading my posts. :D
      No, it’s not a stupid question at all! You can post recommendations anywhere, I don’t mind at all. But if you ask about which place is more relevant, then you can write it here or on the review index page. :3

  13. Hi.

    Wanted to tell you that I really love your blog/ game review. I stumble across it by chance when I was browsing for something. And since then I’ve been coming here few times a week XD

    I hope you dont mind, but I wanted to ask you, if you know where can I buy Bloody Call online? I tried to find it on YesAsia and CdJapan, but there was none. I really want to play the game though >w<

    • Hello. I bought my copy from Amazon JP, so I don’t know if it’s still available in other online shops. It’s been a while since the game’s release date after all. If you can’t find it anywhere, try looking on auction sites.

      Oh, but do you have a PSP?
      If you do, it might be better to wait for unENDing Bloody Call instead since it has more contents. :)

  14. Yup, I have a PSP, correct me if I’m wrong but that is for the PSP,
    not PSP Vita right? .

    Yeah, I saw that on icingCandy web. But what I’m not sure of if that is a continuation or the same as Bloody Call (storyline) but with more contents. If if is a continuation then I would want to have Bloody Call first ._.

    • Yes, it’s for PSP. It’s not a sequel, but a remake / port with extra contents. They add in more scenarios, epilogues and CGs, so you might as well get the PSP version. Unless you want bigger CGs on PC. xD

  15. I know you already know but:
    キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!! AMNESIA FANDISK WOOHOO.
    2012 is looking good in the otome game side! TMGS 3 for PSP, Kannou, Diabolik Lovers game, Snow Bride port, Bakuhan, Renai Banchou 2…
    (゚Д゚;≡;゚Д゚) 2012 needs to come sooner, like nao.
    ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪┏ ( ) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪

    orz sorry for ranting, I just wanted to share my excitement with someone,

    • YESSS AND SEXY IKKI IS SEXY ||電柱||q**´∀`*】。o○(.+゚*萌ぇ。:゚+)
      Once that FD comes out I’m gonna throw everything else away and play it 24/7.

      Have you heard about the room stalking mode in TMGS3 Premium? LOL I wanna know what Ruka does in his room at night. *shot* 8D Aside from the games you mentioned, I’m looking forward to Jyuuza Engi and Atelier Elkrone too.

      ..is it 2012 yet? (´・ω・`)

      • OMG RIN, RIN! I was like, reading Otomate’s blog and randomly decided to click the Hanaoni fandisk post and WE CAN GO FOR WATASE.
        /jumps of the ecstasy cliff.

        Ahhh, yes, “Boy’s live” or something like that orz. I would probs set an alarm like, late at night just to stalk them *shot* I don’t know why but I can’t get myself hyped for Elkrone (probs cause I failed so miserably at the first Atelier I ever tried *brick’d*)

        2012 I command thee! Come, now! …Please? I want my Brothers Conflict too ; A ;

        • OMG LOL. Really? Watase? DO WANT. BRING THAT FD HERE NAO.
          I actually liked him a lot since he’s really supportive, so this news makes me jump in glee like a crazy fangirl that I am. Thanks! 8D

          It’s been a while since they announced Brothers Conflict too.. at first I thought they’re going to release it in 2011 lol. Must be a hole in my memories. xD

          • Bye bye Kaki, you’re not my main target anymore. I’m ditching the Demon Head this sexy man ;D /shot.

            Brothers Conflict was scheduled to be released on 2011 summer and winter, but then Otomate sneakily changed the date like, a week or something ago orz

  16. Hi there Rin! I’ve been a fan/follower of your blog ever since I discovered it early this year. I’ve been a troll till I finally decided to post a comment on your blog! Sad I know >..> was wondering if you know anyone that’s an avid fan who’s played this particular game for some tips.

    GAH, I’m so sorry for the long winded post aka digression! I absolutely LOVE LOVE your reviews and your blog! Thank you for always posting awesome reviews!

    Cheers Rin!

    PS Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hello! Thanks for keeping up with me~ x3
      It’s okay. Seems like WordPress eats your comments if you use > and < at the same time, so try avoiding them when you use emoticons. Which game were you talking about? :D

      • Hi again =)

        Oh dear, I had no idea word press does that! I was actually talking about Uta No Prince-sama albeit in the long paragraph that got eaten up. I was wondering if you’ve reviewed Uta’s FDs which are Amazing Aria as well as Sweet Serenade. I do agree its a so-so otome game but the characters and the awesome music totally got me hooked on it lol.

        Also, I just bought (got seduced) by the newest addition to the franchise which is Uta no Prince-sama Music on the PSP. But its ridiculously hard to play rhythm games on hard mode. Yes I confess I only bought it just to get the pitiful scenarios from the boys. So yea that brought me to my question of whether you knew anyone that has played it and knows some tips lol.

        Another random thing is I’m Indonesian too. Well part Indo-Chinese but born in Malaysia xD

  17. Riiin! This is suri from Twitter. ❤ I made this blog for all the gaming that I’ll be getting done in the upcoming weeks, so I wanted to drop by and ask if you’d like to exchange links. Would you mind if I put Love-colored Sky on my blogroll? (*・人・*)

    • きゃースリちゃーん(*ノ∀ノ)❤
      I think you also tweeted about this earlier? Sorry I wasn’t paying attention to twitter.. il||li_| ̄|○il||li Of course I don’t mind exchanging links! I’ll add your blog to my blogroll too. :3

  18. りんさん、りんりんさん♪ヽ(*・ω・)-oo-(*・ω・)ワーイ
    Of course, please don’t worry about it! I was going to make rounds anyway since that seems to be the etiquette. ❤ It’s lacking in a lot of ways but I’ll try my best! Let’s party it up in here once you get to BtF. /o/

    • スリちゃんε=ε=(ノ^0^)ノガンバァ☆☆
      At my current pace, most likely I’ll do BtF in January. You’ll probably finish the game before then, but if you don’t mind fangirling with me.. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ I’ll keep stalking checking your blog. ❤

  19. Hi Hi! I saw your reviews and summaries and it really hyped me into playing a few – like Amnesia, and Corpse Party.

    I wanna ask, coz I noticed you finished another game. Will you be playing Kami naru kimi to?

    • Oh, but I haven’t even played Corpse Party yet. I haven’t found the time and courage. xD
      Yes, I’ll be playing KamiKimi someday.. though I can’t say when. I’m pretty moody when it comes to choosing games, but I can say for sure that it’s on my to-play list. :3

  20. Ohh my goodness your blog is a paradise for me. ;-; I absolutely love otome games but I can’t play them… and even if I could, I wouldn’t understand any of it… orz. Thank you so much for taking the time to write these reviews and summaries! :’D

  21. Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a while, and have recently decided to make my own. Would you like to exchange links? Actually, I have no idea how to add you to my blogroll…if it’s not too inconvenient could you please tell me how to do that? I’m totally lost…

    You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but it’d be appreciated!


  22. Actually, I was going to ask you how to download/install WordPress. I’ve hunted everywhere in the internet, trying to figure out exactly how. I tried at the website itself, but every time I downloaded something, I needed something else to work that particular file. o(╥﹏╥)o

    What exactly do I need to download WordPress? The programs, I mean. You don’t have to answer the question if you don’t want to, but I really need help. I’m asking you because perhaps people who have a WordPress already could help.

    By the way, I really love your otome game blog, because it describes so much about the games themselves. (●´∀`●) I really wish I had the money to buy more otome games.

    • I’m sorry, I have no idea how to install WordPress because I’ve never used their commercial program. (´・ω・`) I’m only using their free blog service. If you want to make a WordPress blog, you just have to visit wordpress.com and register for an account. Then you only need to pick a layout and start posting, so you don’t have to download / buy their program. :3

      Also, thank you for reading my posts. <3

      • Thank you so much! I think that’s exactly what I was trying to look for! So, you don’t need programs or anything, huh? o(╥﹏╥)o Looks like I wasted two hours yesterday. But thank you so much for replying, I’m really so grateful!

        No problem! I find them really awesome, so I’ll continue to read them!

  23. Hi! I was lurking around your blog with that wild idea for some months and now I have a little courage to write it to You. (a moment of dramatic silence) Now I just have to force my fingers to tap these words on my keyboard…

    I want to translate posts on your blog (about otome games) into my language and post it on new blog (on our most popular local blogging platform) so people in my country could have a chance to get to know otome world! So I beg you on my knees for permit to translate!
    >(*o* )<

    Pfff, I did it. (-o- )

    In Poland there are many, many kids (11-30 yrs :P) who love manga&anime and Japan with chopsticks, yukatas, samurai' swords, bento and all that stuff. xD Just kiddin', there are people who really enjoy japanese culture with its history, but our market is just not prepared for japanese games like those. Just few know what VN is and it's because of our critics who don't want to open for new experiences, and stay with things that THEY liked.

    I'm a girl who'd love to play otome games, but like I said earlier it's hard to get them even from "close" abroad (and I don't know japanese…) so I decided to introduce this type of games to my country with your POV's help and permission, of course.

    It's hard to me, writing in English since our language is really difficult to translate into English – but it's so much easier in the opposite direction! (like always…) So me and my friends who'd love to help, we can spend our time and share with the polish internet these reviews in our language.

    I write not only to You but also to Ilinox from yumemirusekai.wordpress.com, Hinano from http://breadmasterlee.com, Sandeian&Domshiki from sandeian.wordpress.com. Hope everyone can understand what I've written. :D

    With the permission of all it might look something like this: One post – one character's route – and different views of different authors – signed of course.

    I'm waiting and my heart beat so loud. ;)

    PS Yeah, copy-paste, almost creepypasta. ;D

    • Hello! It’s so nice of you to ask for permission. Please don’t be nervous, I won’t bite. xD
      Regarding translations, I don’t mind if you want to translate my reviews as long as you credit me and link back here. (。・∀・。)ノ Also, would you mind giving me your blog’s URL when it’s up and running? I’m interested in your idea, so I want to see how you guys would translate / sum up our reviews. (*´∀`*) Hopefully the reviews will be able to help spreading the otome love to Poland too. Good luck!

  24. Yaaaaay!!
    Now I see how many mistakes I’ve made, but I hope it doesn’t matter if I’ll try not to do it in my own language. Forgive me, I started learning English 4 yrs ago…(・_・;)

    But I got a lot of enthusiasm and can understand almost everything. (*^0^*)
    Woohoo! So it’s already two “licenses”! (Ilinox) Thank You soooooo much! Of course, we were thinking about banners and link to every “mother-post” in your language and about encouraging people to enter your website. My, my, it makes me so happy, I can’t even think properly. \(●^o^●)/

    Right, right. Now I just have to wait for others. Then I create a blog on our platform – blog.onet.pl or Google’s Blogger. I’m thinking about wordpress too. We’ll see.
    Sure you’ll get an address! It’s your and other guys’ work, I won’t forget about it and always will mention in posts – although I don’t think you could understand anything. xD Polish is really difficult language.

    Just thinking about address…Something unconventional but catchy…:P Suggestions are appreciated.

    Thank You once more! If Hinano and guys from 4Shiki will reply during this week, I think we get to work in weekend when everyone has the time.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!

    • Don’t worry about making mistakes, since English isn’t my mother language either. I’m sure there are grammatical errors scattered all over my reviews, the readers are just too kind not to point them out. 8D;; As for blogging platform, I’d personally recommend WordPress over Blogger. Maybe you can try making an account in each site to see which one is more comfortable? (*´∀`*) It’s true that I definitely won’t understand a single thing, but I still want to link you for all the hard work you do by translating our posts. x3

      As far as I know, both Sandeian and Domshiki are currently busy with school, but I hope you receive replies soon. Thanks for taking the time to translate my reviews too. :D

  25. Seriously, You surprised me. I can’t believe Your’e not native English speaker, You write really well, clearly and it seemed plain to me that you’re an American, Canadian, etc. Uh, I envy You, it’s a whole different level. (T▽T)

    I got next answer so everything goes fast. :) You should receive an address in a few days.

    Fak, that hit me pretty hard, you’re really good. (T.T)

    • Thanks for the compliment. (*´∀`*) It makes me happy when people praise my English / Japanese, but I think your English is really good too! Especially since you’ve only been learning English for 4 years. I learned English a long time ago, but never really improved until I started talking to natives. xD I believe you’ll become even better as you talk / chat in English more, but you don’t have to worry really — you’re good. :D

      Glad to hear you’ve received another reply. I hope everything goes well. :3

  26. Hot News is that cirlce is complete. :3 S&D team approved and now we have capabilities so we can start. Or I can start, as the work of others will mainly consist in correction of my posts (one is half-American, other is lazy IT, next is otome-like blogger who’s into otome world’s news – but lazy also) and taking care of the blog (moderating). So as a self-proclaimed leader I’ve decided to WP platform, so I have to wait for Lilmer to put me into wordpress’ world. :P
    Thank You again!

    PS I still think you’re lying and you’re native. :P

      • No way. :D

        OK! So I got to work!

        I have “outline” here: http://translatorod7bolesci.blogspot.com/

        Well, it’s Blogger. (._. ) I know, but someone kicked my a** to do that because of “linguistic limitations of colleagues”. Well, I’m not so happy with that. I had blog on WP and it was almost done – what took me a few hours. And that looks so primitive, but I guess I can’t win this time. (.____. )

        As you can see there’s your banner which I found here – it’s just a start and that’s what I wrote in first post.

        I hope this eyesore will change. (ToT )

        • Thanks for informing me! It’s not an eyesore~ Don’t worry. :3
          I just google translated your intro post, and I think I’m going to do that when you start translating / posting reviews. xD Just a suggestion though, since Ili doesn’t have a banner maybe you can link her simply by using text link? :D

          Oh, and I linked you back. :3

  27. I asked both Ilinox and S&D if they want me to do banners for them or if they do it their way. Waiting for responses. :>
    Thank You for link, but I don’t think it’ll work in English-speaking world. xD

    Well, in my country is almost 10 PM and this is my time to drown in the bathtub. :) So, good night from my side. \(^▽^)

    • Nah, it’s okay. I want people to know your hard work, even though they might not understand Polish. I’m going to bed too, so good night! :D

      • There’s first translation on blog. I’ve decided to Hakuouki, because I was “voted down” by my colleagues. (o.o ‘) It’s S&D’s POV and first is demonic Hijikata. :P You can compare their wersion with mine, and have some idea of how your reviews will be done. Greetings!

  28. I’m just wondering Rin, have you seen the game coming out in August? Isshouni Gohan xD It looks like another cooking game has come out! What I’m worried is how they never put a picture of the heroine inside the characters page !!!(OoOlll) I have suspicions of this being a yaoi game /shot LOL jk. If Otomate is behind it, surely it has to be an otome game? ;v;
    Anyways, just pointing out since I remembered you wanted more cooking games from Otomate. Art seems pretty lovely too, I hope the game won’t get delayed. さあ、「いっしょうにごはん。」はやくリリス!xD; Japanese fail OTL I’m excited though!! (。・∀・。)ノ

    • I have! It has Shimono in it, so I’m definitely going to play it. xD
      You don’t have to worry, it’s 100% an otome game. The latest Dengeki GIrl’s Style actually has a picture of the heroine. Her name is Mugibata Akane, and she looks cute with long flowing hair. :3 The art looks nice and colorful, and it’s going to be released on September 27.. if there are no delays, that is.

  29. Hi! Sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier. I’ve been so focused on playing HanaIchi, lol. I just recently became obsessed with otome games, since May of this year when I bought the English version of Hakuouki. I used to play a lot of RPG games in the past but stopped after my son was born… now that he’s older, I have more free time.

    Thank you for all the great reviews! They are fun to read and are a big help in deciding which games to buy in the future. :) So far, I plan to buy Kinema Mosaic and then probably Storm Lover Kai.

    Would it be okay to exchange links? Actually, I added your blog to my blogroll a couple of weeks ago. :) My blog started out focusing on shoujo and josei manga but otome games are starting to take over, lol.

    • Hello. Sure, let me link you back!
      Glad to know you’re interested in otome games, since a lot of them have good stories and / or characters. I used to play a lot of RPGs too, but I don’t have enough time to do hardcore leveling anymore thanks to work. You’re the first person I know (aside from Japanese bloggers) who have a child and is still actively gaming, so that’s nice to know. :D

      Kinema Mosaic is a nice sequel / fandisk to HanaIchi, and Storm Lover Kai is a lot of fun. The latter is way lighter than the former though, so it’d be a nice change of pace if you do them in that order. Also, thanks for reading my reviews! It makes me happy if they’re useful for people. :3

      • Thanks for linking me! :) Yes, I’ve always loved playing video games… I think we have almost every game system in our house, except the Vita and 3DS. I’m probably a bit older than the average gamer… my son is almost nine… but it keeps me young, lol.

        I’m placing my order for Kinema Mosaic tomorrow. Then it’s either Storm Lover Kai or unEnding Bloody Call next month. Have to limit myself to buying one game/month… otherwise I would be out of control. Since Storm Lover Kai sounds like such a fun game, I’m leaning towards buying that one next.

        • Ahaha, I’m in the older group myself. Sometimes when I chat with other otomes, I feel so old LOL. Bloody Call is a good game, but it’s on the serious side while Storm Lover Kai has a light story. They’re very different games, so you can decided based on what kind of game you wanna play next. Storm Lover Kai might be a nice choice though, since Kinema Mosaic is quite heavy as well. :D

  30. Hi Rin! I always love reading your reviews, they’ve made me end up playing a lot of games like Moujuutsukai, AMNESIA, and Arcana Famiglia, and I plan on playing some others you’ve reviewed! Thanks so much for all the effort you put into the reviews!\

    So, quick question. Since you’ve played Bloody Call, do you know the PSP game unENDing Bloody Call? Is that a port of Bloody Call to the PSP, or is it a fandisk? I’ve tried to look up information on it but I couldn’t find anything.

    • Hello! Thanks for reading my reviews too. :3
      unENDing Bloody Call is a port with extra contents, so it’s like the original and a (short) fandisk in one game. I heard they didn’t add new scenes to the original storyline, so it seems like the new contents are just the extra / after stories.

      • Oh, I see! Thanks for the info, I’ll be playing it soon…whenever I finish playing Vascello Fantasma. Keep up the good work on the reviews! :D

  31. Hey Rin. I saw that you only play japanese Otome..well I found something that might interest you (or you might even know it already) there are two new otome games coming out this year from korean teams. Even though it will be translated into english I just thought because you like playing otome games just like me you want to try them out anyway.

    One is called Wendy’s adventures in Neverland (link here: http://wendyneverland.com/main/)
    And the other one
    is Dandelion (link here: http://dl.cheritz.com/home)
    For the second one they have a special Event that will expire this month.
    Maybe you want to take part: http://dl.cheritz.com/event

    So thats everything I wanted to say…hehe
    I love you side (even though Im pretty read-lazy someimes and just look at the CGs… D: xD)

    • Thanks for the links! I can’t read Korean, but I’d love to give them a try if they get translated into English. Wendy’s Adventures in Neverland especially looks fun. :D

      • Well the Event is in english…you just need to put their banner on your site…or something like that..xD

        Yeah I think so too. I love when they make Disney movies otome like…just awesome hihi xD

  32. Hi there~!
    I wondered, if we could exchange links, since I started to blog about otome games too.
    I’ve stalked your blog since quite a time ago and I never grew tired of reading your texts walls, they are so amazing! So biased towards long and detailed post.. LOL

  33. Hello, Rin-san! I just wanna tell you that you’re the source of my inspiration to writing a blog. (We’ve exchanged some opinions on Brothers Conflict PP if you can remember.) Whenever I finished any route, I’ve come to get the whole story from your blog. Thank you so much for your wonderful reviews.

    I’ve also come to ask for your permission to have the link to your page on my blog. C:

  34. Hi there!
    I’ve been reading your reviews for the last few months now and I absolutely love all of your reviews! I live in England so it’s really hard to get otome games over here…but I heard that there’s a Hakukoi game releases in USA for PSP so I might beg my parents for it ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ My Japanese is ok, I only know simple phrases! I’ve got my own blog which I started last month, I think I may have followed your blog? I’m not too sure xD

    • Hello, thanks for linking and reading my posts! :D
      I noticed that I’ve got some hits from your blog, and I’ve linked you back so I hope you don’t mind. Just like you, I live in a country where otome games aren’t available in stores. Sadly most of them aren’t available in NA, so importing is the only way to buy them.. but yeah, Hakuouki has been localized. Hopefully more games get localized in the future, so it’d be easier for us to purchase them. :3

      • Hehee, well…I really do like your blog so I’ve been reading it alot (^^) I’m really gutted that there aren’t many otome games available in English, let’s hope they translate more in future! Thankyou for following my blog, it’s absolutely fine with me \(^o^)/ I’ve been busy with school recently since it’s my last year before I go off to college so my posts have been a bit late recently. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  35. hi

    i have a question

    in otome games they add FD to some games but what does FD means?
    i’ve googled it but i couldn’t find a good meaning

  36. Hi! I found your blog through the English Otome Games tumblr after seeing the latest post (the announcement of Otome-Jikan), which calls for people able to moderate comments/proofread articles, etc. Because I don’t have a tumblr account, I thought I’d try contacting you to see what the list of requirements is to apply for a position, whether it’d be compensated or fall under volunteer work, etc. I’m interested in contributing to the site, if I can!


    • Hello! Otome Jikan always needs more help, so the more contributor we have, the better it is. The site is entirely volunteer-run, and you can read how to join us here. If you want to contribute, you can e-mail us your registered username and we’ll give you the contributor status. :D

  37. Hello, excuse me. I know this isn’t a question about otome games ; m ; but can you tell me how you added stuff on the category section? We have the same theme but I don’t really know how to do it.

  38. Dear Rin-san,

    Hello, I’m Ryuta, a member of Think Pink, the otome game team for SEEC (former Dual Solution). My company creates visual novels for girls, and one of our accomplishments is MoteMote, released in December, 2011.

    We just released our latest work, Shinsen Renki, and we’d like to kindly ask you to take a little to play it.

    Here’s our app:

    ・App description


    In lternative reality EDO and Shinsen-gumi!
    Who would you choose to work with?

    The Shinsen-gumi is an organization to protect EDO.
    And you are going to be the deupty commander of
    the shinsen-gumi!

    You’ll start a new life with strong,
    unique and attractive team members.

    This is a historical-fantasy dating game.
    Each character has a ten chaptered story.

    The ending will change depending on your answers!


    (iTunes) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shinsenrenki/id562139438?mt=8

    Please check out our Facebook page!

    (Think Pink)https://www.facebook.com/pages/Think-Pink-xoxo/284444894999362

    We hope you like our latest production.
    Thank you!



    • Hello Ryuta, thank you for offering me the chance to play Shinsen Renki. Unfortunately, I don’t have iOS / Apple products and so I can’t access their app store… but I have played MoteMote on Android, so if Shinsen Renki is available on Google Play, I’d love to give it a try!

  39. HI RIN! It feels weird being able to talk to you and I want to thank you a lot for all of these otome games that you have translated because due to you I fell in love with black wolfs saga and cried so much i didn’t think it was emotionally possible. OMG I CANT BELIEVE IM WRITING THIS TO YOU! Anyways I really wish I could understand Japanese and play otome games but I’m stuck in Bulgaria, this small developing crappy country with barely any anime, no card shops and about 0 otome games so your site really helps me out with knowing what i’m missing in these games. I hope its not troublesome but i have one small request and one question. My request is if possible for you to sometime in future play “Glass Heart Princess” because your story explanations are always so detailed and when i tried to find the stories of the characters on other otome sites they basically give me a 3 paragraph explanation with no emotion which causes my mind and way of thinking about the character go blank. And my question is, on your master’s page, what is the name of the blond boy on the image above the game names and from which game is he. Sorry if I am in any way causing you trouble, I eagerly await your reply, also …. CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?!

    • Hello– OH GOD YOUR COMMENT JUST MADE MY DAY. ポポポ(*゚Д゚(*゚Д゚(*゚Д゚*)゚Д゚*)゚Д゚*)ポポッ

      I’m so happy to hear that these posts help you to understand the story better, because I do understand how it feels. I live in a country that doesn’t have otome games either, so importing is the only choice. Also for your request, it’s not troublesome at all! I’ve finished GHP back in January, so I’ll go back to blog about it after finishing Hana Awase and Double Score. Hopefully that won’t take too long. ;;;

      As for the guy on my master list, it’s Lucia from Beastmaster and Prince. He’s a cutie. .。゜+.(´▽`)。+.゜+・

      …and I’m not a celebrity hsghfks but THANK YOU. ゚+.(*ノωヾ*)ャン♪+゚

  40. Dear blog owner

    Hi, this is ThinkPink.

    Thank you for taking up our ShinsenRenki on your blog before. This has been a great success owing to your passionate review and sincere devotion to the game.

    Now we are proudly announce to you that ShinsenRenki is now availble on Google Play!

    Since we launched Renki on this February in ios, we heard a myriad of voices from all over the world that wished for the Android version of it. And finally, Soji, Shinpachi, Hajime and Heisuke are coming on your screen!

    Thank you so much for your patience and undivided support for us, and we hope you will enjoy our Otome game on your Android smartphone :)

    If you hve anything to say please feel free to contact us on our facebook page.


    Thank you


    • Hello, thank you for informing me.
      As a person who doesn’t have access to iOS, I’m happy to hear that ShinsenRenki is now available for Android. I have installed the game and will play it when I have the time. :D

  41. Hello! I love your blog ♥-♥ I was wondering if you could help me with something, I’m thinking about buying the game “Brothers conflict” but look on ebay I get two models … or something ….. get the Brothers Conflict Passion Pink [Regular Edition] and
    BROTHERS CONFLICT Passion Pink (Limited Edition).
    What is the difference between these two?
    What played yourself?
    I’m new to this world of otome game

    • The limited edition has more contents. It comes with a special book and drama CD of “Detective Tsubaki”, while the regular edition only has the game itself.

  42. Hi Rin! I found your blog when I was searching about Brothers Conflict, since the anime has been coming out and I got really excited to know the story. I know that it’s a game and visual novel before the anime comes, and I know nothing about those two world (games & visual novel). and there your blog give me detail reviews about brothers conflict. It seems that Brothers Conflict -Passion Pink- is the game version and Brothers Conflict volume is the visual novel version (am I right?). since there are so many reviews about it and I can’t read it in a day, I saved all your pages about brothers conflict in order that I can read it anytime I want (may I?)

    by the way, I’ve watched the Amnesia in anime version. I’m still confuse how it would be played in game version. since I don’t know much about games, I prefer to watched it. Actually, I want to try playing the games, but I don’t know how to start, and I read your comments etc that the games are in japanese. I don’t know much about japanese. hehe.

    Overall, thanks a lot for your reviews. hope that I can know about this kind of games and visual novel more from your blog. がんばって! xD

    • Hello, thanks leaving such a nice comment. (o´∀`o)

      You’re right. Brothers Conflict is originally a novel series, and it’s been made into two games. The first one is Passion Pink, while the second one, Brilliant Blue, is still in the making. Ema still has a problem choosing one of the brothers in the novels, but you can get a happy ending with each of them in the games. Of course you can read / save my posts anytime. I’d be flattered if you do so, actually. xD

      As for AMNESIA, the game offers in-depth exploration for each guy’s world. The anime covers the basic plot, but you can see more development in the game. But yeah, the game is in Japanese. Due to the alternate universe and the entirety of Ukyou’s route, I think it’d be hard to understand if you don’t know much about the language… but the game has been out for a while, so there should be a lot of route summaries on the internet. :D

      • you’re welcome xD

        ooh there is Brilliant Blue too. do you plan to play it if it has been release?
        yeah the novels are seems still ongoing. but hope it will has a good ending xD
        I got it in the games. first of all, I thought that it was the ending (when I saw ema married in masaomi route) but then I got it that it was reviewed in each route. hehe.
        sankyuuu~ xD

        so the games are still ongoing for amnesia?

        *by the way, I’m glad to know that you reply my comment. thanks rin xD

        • Yeah! It’s coming out in September. :D
          I’ve been waiting for BB for more than a year, so I’m planning to do it as quickly as possible.

          As for Amnesia, it has three games so far.
          The first one is the base of the anime. The second one, Amnesia Later, is the fandisk / stories taking place after the first game. The third one is Amnesia Crowd, which takes place after Amnesia Later and explores more possibilities the plot can offer. I haven’t played Later or Crowd yet though. xD

          • I’m glad to know that xD

            hoo wakatta :D

            by the way, could I contact you besides from this blog? :)

          • I have a Twitter account (@kumagorin), but it’s mostly for blog updates and such… so I’ll respond faster if you contact me through Tumblr instead. This is my Tumblr, btw. /o/

  43. Hi, sorry to bug you here but I couldn’t find anywhere else to contact you ^^ I just got linked to these novel summaries for Brothers Conflict on Fanfiction.net– they’re identical to yours, and the name didn’t appear to match any of your stuff (e.g. no “Rin” and no “Koiiro” or “Love-colored”), nor did it link to your blog…so I’m guessing it’s not you. Here’s the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8678107/1/BROTHERS-CONFLICT

    Just thought I’d let you know. The ‘author’ also has your Passion Pink summaries posted to FF.net and a bunch of other otome stuff that I’m betting are yours too…

    • Ooh, thanks for notifying me!
      One of my friends on Twitter pointed this out too some days ago, and yeah that author is not me. She also posted my Uta no Prince-sama and Death Connection summaries as “fanfictions”, as well as detailed Diabolik Lovers run-through written by Ili. I saw that some people have told the user not to post people’s stuff without permission, so I can only hope that she takes the down soon. Writing summaries consumes a lot of time and effort after all, so when someone takes your work without credits it’s just… :|

  44. Hi there!
    Just finished one more review from your blog and this time couldn’t help myself.
    I only want to say one real, big “THANK YOU” with all my heart!!! THANK YOU for all the time and effort you put in your summaries! They are so detailed and complete! For fans like me, that don’t know the language, nor have the time to play themselves, it’s a way to experience the charm of the otome games.
    I came across your blog as I was searching for some CGs about two years ago, and from then onwards I am a regular reader.
    So, let me say it again: Thank you, Rin-chan, for letting me peek in the amazing world of the VNs!!!

    • Hello! Thank you so much for the nice comment, it makes me happy. ヾ(´∀`○)ノ♪
      Does that mean you’ve been here for about two years? Because wow, thanks for always keeping up with me despite my moody updates. ;___; Glad to hear I was able to introduce you to otome games / VNs too, since I always feel that people don’t appreciate them enough because they’re “just dating sims”. I’ll do my best to keep you updated from now on!

  45. Hey there~ :D

    First of all, thank you sooo much for putting in effort to summarize all these otome games/visual novels for us. Since I can’t read Japanese, it helps me relieve myself of my extra… fangirlness. ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

    Ermmm… so, how long did it take you to learn enough Japanese to play otome games? Also, how did you learn (classes, self-study, ect.) ? (I’m sorry for all the questions… (TT-TT) I wanted to be able to play otome games as well. ^^’ )

    • Hello! |・∀・*)ノ ィョゥ
      Thanks for commenting. Glad to hear you find my posts fun. xD
      I answered a similar question on Tumblr before, you can read it here. As for how long it takes, I’m not quite sure since I’ve been playing visual novels ever since my Japanese was still abysmal LOL. I think it took me about 3 years or so to fully understand what’s going on, but you’ll learn much quicker if you use the language often. So don’t give up even if it’s difficult at first. :D

  46. Hello!)
    Many thanks for the review novels “Brothers Conflict”)
    And also ask your permission to translate your reviews on the russian language. They will be placed in a group http://vk.com/brothers_conflict (link, an indication of who translated – is as laid)
    Regardless of your answer thank you! *-*
    PS. I love your blog (*з*)
    P.S.S. sorry for my english, please :’D

    • Hello! :D
      Sure, I don’t mind as long as you credit me.
      Thanks for keeping up with my Brothers Conflict posts. (*ゝω・)ノ アリガ㌧♪

  47. Hello there! I read your post about closing comments, however it seems you’ve forgotten this page! But I’m somewhat glad you did, because I just want to verify something. Do you write fanfictions or post anything to fanfiction.net under the account siennahime-sama? If not, well I’d like to bring your attention to her “story” which is pretty much, word for word, your playthrough of Passion Pink. (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8678376/1/BROTHERS-CONFLICT-Passion-pink). I didn’t see any credit given to you for it, but I figured out that this might be yours partially because of the emoticons used throughout the “story”.

    If this account is yours, well I’m entirely sorry about that! But nothing in the fanfiction.net profile made any connection to this site.

    Just a friendly stalker making sure credit is given where it is due.

    • Hello!
      This page and the master list are still open for comments, just in case someone needs to contact me. :D

      As for those “fanfictions”, I didn’t. That account is not mine. The owner of that account also posted my friend Ilinox‘s Diabolik Lovers summaries as “fanfictions” as well. We have reported it some weeks ago, but since the “fanfictions” are still there… we can’t really do anything to take them down. (´・∀・`;)ゞ I think most people in the otome game fandom know where those “fanfictions” originally come from, so if the owner refuses to take them down… Oh well. I’m a bit sad that they wouldn’t respect our wishes by crediting though, since that’s basically the only thing we ask for LOL.

      Thank you for notifying me, I really appreciate it. ❤

  48. Hi Rin :D i love reading your reviews and i’m consistently looking at your new updates! (that’s right i’m a stalker)
    I was wondering if brothers conflict season 2 volume 2 has come out since you haven’t reviewed it yet and i cant seem to find it since my Japanese is crappy. Hope it is so that i can read a review from one of my favourite bloggers! ^_^

    • Hello! (。・∀・。)ノ
      Ahaha, I’m on a break right now so I don’t update much. If you’ve subscribed via mail, that should inform you whenever I post something new. :3

      BroCon Season 2 vol. 2 already came out since the end of June. It’s just I ordered the book along with vol. 3 to cut on shipping cost, so I won’t receive it until late August or early September. I can’t say when I’m going to post the summaries, but no worries. You should see it pop up eventually. Hopefully somewhere in September. xD

  49. rin-samaaa!! /o/
    thank you for your detailed review of every game you play,,,ESPECIALLY BLACK WOLVES SAGA!! since it has a good plot but hard-to-read kanji for the term etc etc ;;w;;
    i can understand that good plot thanks to you~ ;;w;; #hug

    btw, do you have any interest of making review of tiny x machineguns? since it really has a great plot too~ <3

    ah, once again, thank you for your great review,,,,,,thank you~ TwT

    • Hello, thanks for reading my posts. ヽ(´∀`*)ノ
      I’m not too sure about Tiny×Machinegun because my backlog has evolved into a blackhole with way too many stuff in it, but Allison is reviewing it right now! Her summaries are very detailed, so I’m sure they’ll help you understanding the plot better. :D

  50. Hello!
    I just want to thank you for your translations on Brothers Conflict. I’m planning to write stuffs about Masaomi and Ukyou, so these help me quite a lot! Thank you very much! (♡˙︶˙♡)

  51. hello :)
    I just wanna say that i read all of summaries for books and otame and just one word for u FABULOUS :) i liked ur writtings and i really appreciate ur hard work ur doing a great job ^_^ dont let others underestimate ur hardwork because we all here to support u,we dont care how much time do u take to update it depends on u :) just keep up the goodwork we adore it and in the end i am really ur fan after reading all of ur summaries :D

    • Hello, thanks for the kind comment! (*ゝω・)ノ アリガ㌧♪
      It’s really encouraging because sometimes I feel that people only want me to update ASAP, but it takes time writing a detailed post… so I feel relieved reading your comment. I’ll do my best to post more summaries once my break is over! (p・ェ・)p♪

      • Take as much time u want :) i understand u i read ur recent blogs and i see how much painful and demotivating it was for u that people saying update soon,ur slow or add more sumary etc. its really sad to read all these things.Your also a human u also need rest and soothe ur mind ur not a machine who can work non stop without taking a break even mangaka and novelist takes break at some point to relief stress and calm their mind so they can write better u also need break so u can think calmly and write a summary ^_^ and u started this blog with love best work is done when we do it with love not as a burder or chore so dont worry what other say to u just do ur best as u can :) i specially made this account to tell u that ur a good writer what other says shouldn’t effect u ;) keep it up we love ur job and we all love u sis ♥

        • Ahh thank you! ♥
          To be honest, it’s really depressing when people keep asking about when I’m going to post new stuff (especially regarding Brothers Conflict) because I don’t always get novels / games right after release. Just as you said, writing takes time too if you want to include details and make it nice to read. I don’t want blogging to become a chore because once it does, it’s just a matter of time before I lose interest. (´・∀・`;)ゞ So your support means a lot to me! Once again, thanks for understanding.

          • :) no dont quit it ur right is so inspiring i wish i could be creative like u.Regarding brocon i think most of the people around internet read ur summaries because they cant understand japanese they rely on u ^_^ , but still it is wrong to push someone to write asap , i say u write the summary once novel is over lol :D everyone can wait just dont over do or push yourself :) remember there r more fans like me out there who are inspired by u but dont say anything :)

  52. hello, **~_~*~_~*~_~**
    I would just like to thank you for your posts, especially those related to Brothers Conflict * – * I’m from Brazil and I could not find anything about brothers conflict novel in Portuguese, but I found your blog! :) I love your summaries, continue doing this great job!
    bye ***
    ***sorry if I made ​​any mistake in English hahahahaha*** ‘:

    • Hello, thanks for the comment! :D
      Yeah, it’s rather hard to find non-manga books in other countries. I live outside of Japan too, so I know how you feel. Importing is always an option, but it gets quite costly when you want to buy a lot of stuff LOL. Oh, and your English is fine. It’s not my first language either, so don’t worry about it. :3

  53. Hi Rin – Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all your time and effort on your game reviews and short story summaries. Thank you very much!!! I will always be 16, giddy and happy because of generous people like you. Thanks a lot!! Brother’s Conflict is such a guilty, guilty pleasure!!

    • Hello, thanks for the comment! :D

      Glad to hear that my posts make you happy. Brothers Conflict is indeed a nice series to follow, even though new conflicts seem to be popping up among the brothers. xD

      I’m having a hard time finding BroCon 2nd Season vol. 3 since it’s sold out everywhere, but hopefully it’ll be available again soon so I can continue with the summaries. :3

  54. Hi !~
    Thank you for the summaries of Brothers Conflict and reviews of the game and the others games too ! :D

    Would you do Brillant Blue? x) Just to know x)

    I’m one of your fan, I visit your blog every day ! :D
    There is something I want to say, but I don’t know how to say it in English XD
    (I’m French x’)

    Sorry for my English ;A;

    I really like your blog ! x)

    Have a nice day ! ~

    • Hello, thanks for always visiting! :D
      Yes, I’m planning to do Brilliant Blue. I just can’t say when since I’m flooded with real life stuff at the moment, but I’ll definitely do it once things have settled down.

      • ^^ I want to say, good luck in your real life ! \O/ :D
        I’m impatient to read your reviews even if it takes one year ! XD
        I never comment your reviews, but I read them :)

        • Thanks! :D
          I’m starting on Hanayaka Tasogare Polar Star, so I’ll do Brilliant Blue after that. Hopefully the system / event requirements aren’t as complicated as Passion Pink’s so it won’t take too long. xD

  55. Hi Rin! Thanks for doing such great game reviews! To tell you the truth, I wasnt interested in anime and stuff, but you inspired me, and now im loving japanese games( otome etc..) I am currently learning japanese (currently im stuck because i dont know where to start or how to be more fluent besides watching animes) one day, i would like to make reviews just like you (hopefully!) Oh and btw, how do you crate those banners? What programme do you use? Its very nice and i would like to make one too >.<
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Hello. Thanks for commenting!
      When learning a foreign language, it’s very important to get used to it. As long as you use it often, you will eventually improve. :D

      By banners, do you mean my blog headers? I edit my headers with Photoshop CS5. /o/

  56. Hello,i love your blog especially for the brother conflict passion pink review you have done.just wondering are u going to review for brilliant blue as well? ><!!!!!!

  57. Hi I loved ur summaries you’ve written about almost all of my favorite games thank you for that :) i was wondering have you have played diabolik lovers haunted bridal ? i heard its cool but didn’t got a chance to play it

    • Hi there! I’ve played Diabolik Lovers actually. I just didn’t blog it due to lack of time. It’s a good game, but only if you’re not expecting romance. Otherwise you might not like it because the relationships portrayed in the game are by no means healthy.

      • What no romance :O no way i thought it would be like dot kareshi or amnesia or brocon having very deep love endings :/ but what’s the purpose of otame game if there is no love and only violence :O lol :D anyways thanks for the tip now i wont buy this game :D stay blessed :)

  58. Uh hi, I was wondering if you also post on Fanfiction? I found some posts with your summaries in it and they didn’t link back to this site or anything…

  59. I discovered this just a few weeks ago and I can’t stop reading!! Ahhhhhh. Thank you so much for this!!! =))))

    I can read Brother’s Conflict whenever I want. Your summaries are great!! Plus the reviews on the game and the different routes. (Have you played Brilliant Blue yet? I CAN’T WAIT!! KYAAAA!!! *no pressure*) lol

    Keep it up!! <3

      • No worries or pressure about playing and writing the summaries for BB. It’s understandable that your work comes first and also general well-being (like getting rest and being healthy) d=(´▽`)=b I’m subscribed here (*hope I don’t sound like a total stalker ((*゜Д゜)ゞ” so hopefully when the updates comes I will know. Good luck with everything. ⊂((・▽・))⊃

  60. Well, recently I found your blog and really like your posts, so… sorry for this but some days ago I came to play BROTHERS CONFLICT Passionate Pink, and I am trying the Masaomi’s route but I can’t access to the 2nd event (agoust 13th), Can you help me? D: Really, I want play the Masaomi’s route but I can’t, please help me.
    PD: I have passed the 1st event, I don’t know what to do now ;v;
    PD2: I have tried to pass that event 4 times, the first with 1 heart, the second with 3 hearts, the third with 2 hearts and the fourth with 1 heart again.
    PD3: I really love your blog! greetings :)

  61. Hi Rin, I want to thank you so much for those beautifully intricately detailed summaries for the Brothers Conflict light novels & Passion Pink, and Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku.
    I also like to say that you shouldn’t feel bad/guilty when you write very long summaries; I love them because you skilfully detail everything and it helps me to understand better the characters and storylines. I don’t know Japanese so I wouldn’t be able to read the BroCon novels, but thanks you I have a good knowledge of the series and characters. I always believe that the original work rather than adaptation (anime, OVA, film, etc) is quintessential in truly getting a better understanding about characters and storylines. Due to budget and time constraints, sadly adaptions have to leave out a lot of important details and this can also lead to some viewers having some misconceptions/prejudices against characters and storylines. It may sound silly but I don’t like it when some people start to bash mercilessly characters without even trying to understand the character first. I know there will always be characters that will be bashed for some people’s unfunded and superficial reasons, but at least in defending them I try to get people to see the character in another light and possibly emphasize with them. Sure, I wouldn’t expect anyone to agree with my character analyses but I don’t think it would hurt anyone to give it a try to understand misunderstood or bashed characters. One particular case, is Fuuto and Tsubaki (and Azusa later on the novel). The “BroCon” tag in tumblr & other blogs was quite poisoned and filled with hate towards Fuuto especially after his attempted assault. I mean it was really bad Fuuto went with those intentions but what matters is that HE DIDN’T DO IT. Some people made it sound as if he was some real serial rapist. ヽ(#`Д´)ノ I wish to share with you this analysis about Fuuto http://bijou156.tumblr.com/post/60798127039/fuutos-behaviour-episode-10 I tried my best whole-heartedly and honestly to understand Fuuto’s character as best as I could. (´艸`)
    Here is also another brief comments about Subaru vs. Natsume (and that punch) since so many were angry at him :( http://bijou156.tumblr.com/post/60977672741/i-know-that-most-if-not-many-people-are
    Now that’s the end to my shameless self-promotion (´艸`)
    Here are some links to good analyses about Ema’s character.  another one constantly bashed :/ http://bijou156.tumblr.com/post/61142564828/i-know-that-there-are-so-many-misconceptions-and

    I read above that you may be reviewing/summarizing Hakuoki Shinsegumi, if you do that would be wonderful (I would look forwards to it :P ) but it’s alright if you can’t too. ^^ I’m just too happy and grateful to you that you write these amazing summaries and share them here with everyone.
    It is recent that I discovered by chance your blog, and I love it, especially since you also pay attention to detail in your summaries. There a few things I would have wished to be able to comment in some of your past posts so I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it here. What I wanted to mention is that I find it hilarious that in Masaomi’s lovely fluffy ending, Azusa is surprised at Ema’s pregnancy xD what did he expect? Lol
    I’m also sad and disappointed in those people who try to pester you about ‘when the next update is going to be?’. Just to tell you that you can take whatever time your need, there’s no pressure in seeing how fast you write your next summaries (it’s not a competition) The amount of effort and time you put into each of your summaries is what makes the wait worthwhile and reading experience (plus fangirling) all the more delightful and unforgettable. I still be your fan (though quite a new one, I discovered you this summer n///n ).
    I also read in one of your post above that you are having a hard time finding BroCon 2nd vol.3, I hope you are able to find it. d=(´▽`)=b

    I also love the little detail of kaomoji scattered all over the place! They are adorable! (I didn’t even know what they were called until you mentioned it in one comment above u///u )
    I also wonder for your permission to provide link to your blog from my personal blog in tumblr and this other blog I co-run about BroCon?
    http://bijou156.tumblr.com (my personal blog ⊙﹏⊙ )
    Sorry for this long comment ⊙﹏⊙

    • Oh my God, I’ve read your analysis before! xD
      I found your Fuuto one and thought it was such a gem among the hatred he’s getting, and I see that you’ve linked my tumblr too. “kokoronodamu” is me LOL. But yeah, I agree. The anime did a REAL GREAT JOB altering Fuuto’s infirmary scene which ended up making him extra creepy, and I knew he’d get intense hatred for being such a “rapist” or “creeper” or other names people call him. In the original scene, Fuuto undid Ema’s uniform tie because she was sleeping so defenselessly in the infirmary. He did it thinking he’d teach her a lesson, but as you said, the point is he DIDN’T do it. It was mainly because the AC cooled him down, but he could have continued if he wanted to… and I’m not gonna start on Subaru since I’ll end up making a tl;dr rant, but I pretty much agree with your analysis. (。・ω・。)ノ Unfortunately, I don’t think we can convince people who are so dead set about hating them. Because sometimes people just can’t put themselves in others’ shoes.

      LOL I remember that scene from Masaomi’s route! I guess it’s because Masaomi is always so gentle and relaxed, so people find it surprising that he can do the deed and make Ema pregnant. Kaname totally noticed though, since he always said Masaomi is surprisingly strong—in a lot of ways. 8D

      As for Hakuouki… it has drowned in the depths of my backlog. ;_; There’s just too many otome games coming out, so it’s hard to dig up the ones that’s been thrown into the backlog LOL. I want to at least finish HanaIchi Tasogare Polar Star though, since it’s one of my favorite series ever. Thank you for understanding my slow updates too! Despite the notice I put up last month, people keep on asking me questions about next Brothers Conflict updates / summaries and it’s just so stressful to answer the same question over and over again. You’re right about blogging ≠ competition, because most otome bloggers write stuff to share the love. We enjoy the game, so we want people to enjoy it too. Your comment makes me feel so appreciated, so thank you! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

      Oh, and sure you can link me. I’ve followed you as well, I hope you don’t mind. :D

      • Aww thank you (*´∀`*) I’m very flattered that you liked my Fuuto analysis. I’m following back to in tumblr d=(´▽`)=b

        Sorry, what’s the “AC”? ( ・◇・)?

        I don’t mind rants (´∀`) I’m all ears if you ever want to go into that d=(´▽`)=b
        I think that the anime did a relatively good job in introducing BroCon but it would have needed some more episodes and an improved planning production because they should have allowed ALL characters to have enough screen-time to develop them more. (at least, the triplets, Subaru, and Fuuto got quite a lot of chances to show the different facets of their personalities) Oh well, we could have a shimmer of hope that the producers may do a second season. (v^_^)v

        True, sometime some people can’t be helped if they are dead set in hating ‘x’ character. ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

        When did I miss Kaname’s comment about Masaomi being “surprisingly strong”was that in the light novels or game? ∑(;°Д°) I bet that Azusa (and some of the brothers) may have envisioned them making some bunny plushies? (o;TωT)o

        It’s alright about Hakuoki. (●´∀`●)

        OMG don’t get me started on ‘Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku’. I totally love that series too (。♥‿♥。) . When is that game coming out? (I think I read that it was expected to be release in January 2014?) I discovered it by chance this summer (the period drama aspect and art design quickly caught my attention) and just love it so much. I really like the Miyanomori brothers’ relationships with each other and others (especially Haru), it’s quite amusing and interesting to watch. I think that one of the things the producers did good is how realistic they showed the relationship between the brothers (where they get on well, when they pick on each other, when they work together to achieve their common aims, when they watch out and care for each other.) In the last week, I managed to read your summaries and it made a world of difference because the series is not really very popular or mainstream so there’s very little information out there and I was confused with the OVA. I think that I pretty much like all the brothers, especially all their banter lol I felt a bit sorry for Haru in OVA1 when Masashi trips her up and she falls on Gen’s lap, Isami quickly goes there to kill her. Poor girl, she must have being very close to having a heart attack. Despite intimidating harsh demeanour Isami does have a fun mischievous charming side x3 I like Haru’s character too because (unlike almost all reverse harem heroines) she does troll the brothers too in a couple of occasions, though she can be a bit naïve, dense and oblivious when any of them make romantic advances on her (though it is expected somewhat since she has no romantic experiences and there is always that forbidden element too.) I think that the only reason why those brothers allowed Haru “permission to ask questions” is due to the fact that despite their harsh and condescending attitude and actions towards her she still resilient and optimistic to work as a maid. As the series progresses in each of the brothers’ routes, they start to show their more chivalrous, gentler and real side of them.

        Do think that there might be even the smallest possibility that ‘Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku’ will be taken again? Ideally it should be made into an instalment of OVAs ^^

        Also if you have any other reviewers for BroCon, Hanalchi or DiaLo that you recommend I’m more than happy to check them out. :D

        Also if I were to create wiki page for ‘Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku’ would you mind if I put your summaries from the games provided with the appropriate links/credits?

        I’m also curious to ask you if you will be writing summaries for ‘Diabolik Lovers’? I recently started watching it (putting my reservations aside to the Sakamaki brothers’ serious psychological issues and sadistic nature) and found it ‘interesting’ ∑(O_O;)

        Also about “blogging ≠ competition” I agree that otome bloggers should enjoy the game too without feeling the unnecessary pressure to “update” their blogs else it would make the whole affair mundane and monotonous; it should be fun and relaxing. O(≧∇≦)O
        Thank you for giving me your permission :D Both blogs are undergoing serious updating so it may take a while till you see it but I can let you know if you wish?

        Thank you for following me. \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

        • Air conditioner! :D

          If they ever do a second season, I hope they won’t alter scenes so much it becomes so different from the original in a bad way. The brothers might have their down moments, but they’re not beasts who are ready to eat Ema as soon as she drops her guard. Sadly, people seem to misunderstand them because of how the anime portrayed them. ;_;

          As for Subaru, it’s actually not hard to understand why he gets pissed and punches Natsume in that scene. Not only because Natsume, the brother he used to admire, suddenly quit his ekiden career, but also because Natsume never bothered explaining it to him. So aside from the disappointment, the lack of explanation also led him to believe that Natsume is a half-assed man—which is what he said during that scene. To make things worse, Natsume then started lecturing Subaru on his basketball performance too… and sometimes not in an exactly encouraging way. When Subaru got into a slump in vol. 2, Natsume texted him saying “what’s with your performance today?”. It irritated him a lot because he already got a negative image of Natsume, and yet Natsume kept monitoring his performance and telling him to do stuff. Of course Natsume is doing this because he wants Subaru to improve, but… yeah, that misunderstanding damaged their relationship a lot, even though they actually care about each other.

          I’m actually doing HanaIchi’s third game, Tasogare Polar Star, at the moment. It’s quite long, so I might blog about other things (Dot Kare / Double Score) before posting them because it looks like an editing hell right now LOL. The Miyanomori brothers have changed a lot since the first game, but their relationship and interactions are as amusing as always. The reason why Haru is special to them is because she’s different. When they do something wrong, she calls them out on it—even though she’s just a maid and they don’t listen to her. She also shows reactions / resistance whenever they’re picking on her, and it’s her refreshing personality that eventually got them to open up to her. I really like this series, it’s one of my all-time favorites. xD

          Unfortunately, HanaIchi isn’t very popular in the English-speaking fandom. I’m not sure if anyone reviews BroCon either because I’ve been avoiding the tag, but my friend Ilinox has awesome summaries for Diabolik Lovers! /o/ I’m actually playing DiaLov on the side, but after my experience with BroCon… I’m not sure if I want to blog it, to be honest. ;;; It’s an interesting series though, so I might post my opinions on my Tumblr once I’ve full-comp’d it. Just not here because I feel that I might get more pressure. (´∀`;)ゞ

          Oh, and for the link I don’t mind at all. Take your time. ヾ(✿❛◡❛ฺฺ)ノ~❤

          • AC I see…(゜◇゜)

            I hope so too for a second season. I think that it would be good if they were to do the second season that they do it OVA format so that they have a bit more freedom regarding the darker side of BroCon. I don’t mind waiting as long as it is made, I heard that not all series get second seasons straight away after the first one finishes so my guess is that the producers will wait for to see how the merchandise are doing before they decide to make it or not. Also by doing it in the OVA format, hopefully lots of time and money will go into the planning and making of it (sure, same goes for anime) so that they are able to make the series as loyal as possible to the novels. I think it would be good if in that second season we get to hear more of Ema’s POV and the brothers’ too.
            I agree with you about Subaru and it also makes sense why his relationship with Natsume would be so strained and cold. In a way Subaru gets annoyed at Natsume for criticizing him when Natsume gave up sports. (it’s like who do you think you are to be criticising me?) But it’s not entirely Subaru’s fault because Natsume should have tried to explain himself better to avoid misunderstanding. Or is it that Natsume allowed the misunderstanding to happen because he didn’t feel worthy of Subaru’s admiration for quitting sports? (you know like some sort of self-punishment?)

            Great news about Hanalchi (●´∀`●) no worries Rin you can take all the time necessary with the other games too and their summaries. I will still be looking forwards to all your summaries regardless of how long it takes you to write them. I mean you should be able to enjoy the games and writing the summaries too, without any pressure or worries. I look forwards to that Hanalchi third game. I think it’s a shame that Hanalchi didn’t get promoted to have more OVAs made because then more people would come to see that the Miyanomori brothers are not as bad as they may seem at first and that is why Haru is able to break through their facades and walls. I think that, as you mentioned, the fact that Haru is willing to stand up to them and being upfront honest makes her unique as a heroine in reverse harem series. The more I read your summaries about Hanalchi, the more intrigued I become by them because in a way one can understand better why they all the eccentric way they are. I dare say one of my favourite mothers is Isami’s mom, Toki, she is so upfront about her son’s clumsiness and stupidity but she is very supportive and caring of him too. Shigeru and Susumu’s mom, Shizuko and Fumiko, are also very good moms too. It cracks me that, I think it was Fumiko, that she asks the newlywed couple about her future grandchild xD I don’t know much about Mamoru’s mom, Kazue, but I bet she must have being head-strong and independent to refuse Gen’s offer of taking care of her son. Kazue must have also being a good-hearted woman because she didn’t want Mamoru to hate his brothers (in that she showed him a photo of the younger Miyanomori boys) and she went to great lengths to ensure her son could study. I have being wondering if Masashi’s mom, Chiyoko, may also be a bit of a tsundare? Also why does Shizuko give straw hats to her son in his birthdays? (is she trolling him? xD )
            Hanalchi is now safely placed on the list of one of my all-time favourites too. The heroine’s unique and refreshing personality also makes it more enjoyable to watch. (*^▽^*)

            Thank you for telling me about your friend Ilinox . I’m sorry to hear about your experience with BroCon if these ungrateful people really knew how annoying and discouraging they sound whenever they start pestering you for the ‘updates’ these people forget that this is your hobby for leisure and sharing the love of a series. All these harassing will definitely put you off. The issue with these people is that they forget or prefer to ignore that you also have a life outside games and writing the summaries. ¬¬ I still hope that you may someday be able to write those lovely intricately detailed summaries for Diabolik Lovers not only for knowing about the story and characters but to also read your opinion on it. I always enjoy reading all your summaries a lot. O(≧▽≦)O I hope that I don’t sound like I’m pressuring you to write the summaries, it’s your choice and I will be respectful of your decision. I wish I could help you about regarding those people putting pressure (or who may) on you, well, if there’s anything I’m happy to help you as much as possible.

          • Yeah, I think that’s one of the reasons! Natsume knew Subaru was really disappointed, but then again Subaru was still really young when Natsume started working—not to mention very passionate about sports. Natsume also believes that Subaru can go higher / perform better, so obviously he wouldn’t want to destroy that dream by saying “hey, you might not be able to make a living through sports!” D: Natsume decided to quit ekiden and started working because he felt that it’ll be a more stable path in life than becoming an athlete, but not everyone can understand that. Especially during our younger days, we probably wouldn’t think about these stuff. Natsume himself came to realize this when he was in university.

            For HanaIchi, my favorite mom is also Toki. She’s so much fun. All that she wants in life is to have fun, and despite her snarky remarks, she cares a lot about Isami and (later on) Haru. (*´∀`*) That being said, I actually love all the moms in this series—even Sanae. She was very difficult to deal with and looked down on almost everyone in the first game, but she calmed down and improved a lot in the second one. In the third game, she has turned into a slight tsundere who always complains but plays along with the moms anyway—which is REALLY similar to Tadashi’s personality LOL.

            Shizuko and Fumiko are more understanding towards Haru because they’re commoners, but Shizuko is the smart / sharp type while Fumiko is more romantic. Yoshi is a great person who works hard to make sure women can improve in the society, but on the other hand, she’s actually just as playful as Toki and Shizuko. Chiyoko is definitely not a tsundere like Masashi, but she’s really gentle—the type that makes the atmosphere turn fluffy when she talks. As for Kazue, we didn’t get to see her much because she’s already gone at the start of the story… but from her appearance here, it seems like she was hardworking and strong-willed. She’s the type who doesn’t follow how the world works, and she had no interest towards Genichirou at first—which is what attracted him to her.

            Oh, and I think Shizuko gives Shigeru a straw hat for fashion. Shigeru has always been interested in fashion, so I guess Shizuko bought a stylish straw hat for him to wear. Because back in those days, a lot of people wear different hats for fashion. Like Toki. If you look at that Tumblr post, Toki was wearing a hat too during her younger days. :D

            Also, thanks a lot for understanding! ;_; I keep receiving “when are you gonna summarize ____?” and it’s really demotivating because I’m buried with work too. so your comment makes me feel a lot better and appreciated. For DiaLov I might make a brief summaries (because Ili is doing very detailed ones) and add my opinions instead. I can’t say when, but you’ll know when I do it. (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

  62. Sorry for this very slow reply, but the PC at uni crashed and I lost the work I had done in the last 2 weeks o(╥﹏╥)o

    Here is my reply to where you replied earlier…
    So true about Natsume and Subaru! But Subaru was not the only young one because so was Natsume, I think he never imagined that Subaru’s would treat him so coldly for so long though. I heard that Natsume can also be a bit oblivious at times, so maybe he didn’t think that it would put such a strain on their relationship. (You know like when some people have an argument/misunderstanding and there’s bit of strain but they soon reconcile, I guess that Natsume thought it would have being like this). I think that part of the issue with Natsume quitting ekiden (is this ‘track & running’ in Japanese?) was also that he didn’t have confidence in himself or had anyone who may have given him a bit of a push. There’s also the possibility that maybe his brothers didn’t encourage him either because they thought that a career in sports is very risky and has a limited shelf-life- so if he was going to go for it, he would have had to carry it through all the way. It is this uncertainty that adds doubts to Natsume hence he quitted. The gamble is too risky to take because there’s no room for failure. I think that Natsume is so supportive and caring towards Subaru not only as his closest little brother but also he may have wished for someone in his family to have given him this sort of attention too. I think that Natsume is very passionate about his sports but didn’t have the confidence to carried it through (his issue is not much lack of talent but confidence that holds him back). I agree that part of ‘growing-up’ is sometimes coming to understand these sort of painful realizations.

    Your Hanalchi post, I have no words to describe it I love it! (*≧▽≦) I laughed at you comment regarding Gen the “breeding stallion” so true though! I agree all the moms are great strong women who try to make the most of their disadvantageous positions to help their sons. I found it touching how all the mothers worked together to help Sanae. I think that part of the issue with Sanae is that she is greatly driven by her family loyalty. I liked reading that when Sanae was cooperating with Momoru that when the latter threatened Tadashi’s life, Sanae was quite cooperating. Like mother like son, uh? :D I look forwards to hearing more of the Polarstar game. :D

    They say that behind great men there are always great women behind the scenes helping and being the role model/inspirations to these great men. I think this saying could nicely apply to the Miyanamori brothers and their mothers. (To a very limited extent in Gen’s case because it was because of these great women that Gen had the sons that he wanted). I wonder which of the brothers were separated early from their mothers? I know that was Masashi’ case hence that cold strained relationship with his mom.

    Shizuko and Fumiko are indeed very cool moms and MILs (mothers-in-law), I like that both support their sons a lot and help them when needed. So Yoshi is the suffragette of the bunch, how cool! I guess that’s to be expected from a woman who’s family is closely involved in politics. It’s a pity that we only got 2 OVAs (better than nothing I admit) because I was intrigued by these women when they appeared, my first impression of Yoshi was that she was that man’s assistant. As for Chiyoko, I felt curious and sorry because her own son referred to her as a “hag”. I feel a bit moved by the fact that some of these women did actually loved Gen, I think this makes it understandable why Susumu attacked Gen when he discovered the truth behind Gen marriage to his mother (this can also show the extent of affection and respect Susumu has for his mom). I feel that the OVAs were so unfinished I would have love it to see more of Momuru and his backstory. щ(゜ロ゜щ)

    Thank you Rin for that link, I definitely will do some proper commenting later (when I finish my courseworks and tests) . I would have loved to hear more about Kazue, just knowing these little details about her are quite revealing about the sort of woman she was, I find it sweet that she was a caring and protective mom. I’ve being wondering that since Kazue didn’t want Mamuru to hate the rest of his brothers that she showed him a photo of them but it was Tadashi’s mom harassment and torment that put a strain on Kazue’s health and that’s why Momuru decided to kill all of his brothers? It doesn’t make sense shouldn’t he want to kill only Tadashi’s mom? Why would Mamuru hold a grudge against the brothers who lived comfortable affluent lifestyles? I think that Gen those seem keen to make Mamoru his son officially at some point later after he discovers that he is alive?

    Shizuko has a good sense of humour. I’ve been wondering what year is this series set? My guess is 1921~22 because there are mentions about the Siberia war and Isami lamenting the fact that he couldn’t go to the Great War (1914-1919). I also say this for the fashion some of the women wear and there’s also the little detail that Toki has cut her hair into a bob which is quite a bold move for women back then (especially if their society is very conservative. The hemline of the skirts and dresses is about mid-calf because they haven’t quite arrived at the Roaring Twenties. Actually, it was after second world war that hats began losing it’s popularity because in austerity time everything counts and hats were seen as something surplus so there’s a decline in people using hats (maybe for Vogue magazine o special occasions).

    No worries (*^o^)人(^o^*) . It just gets irritating that people either forget or ignore such simple fact because they only think about “me and me feels” *aurgh*
    I will be looking forwards to you DiaLov commentaries and summaries. . (人´∀`)☆゜’・:*

    • Hello! No worries, it’s good to see you again! ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ♪

      I agree that confidence is definitely a major issue. It’s unclear whether Natsume is confident in his athletic abilities or not, but he certainly didn’t have the confidence to take the risk. In sports, performance is very important and as you said, failure isn’t an option. It’s a career path with great pressure, not to mention you can’t do it forever. Once you grow old, you’ll eventually have to quit being an athlete and do something else that’s still related to the field. It’s really risky, and Natsume has always been sensible (Hikaru said he’s the most sensible person in the whole family) to begin with… so instead of going all out, he settled with a more stable career path instead. Now Subaru is a great example of someone who goes all out in his sports career, and this causes Natsume to feel inferior in comparison. So yeah, it’s more about confidence than actual talent. I’m sure Natsume has great talent in sports, considering how Subaru used to admire him.

      Oh, and ekiden is long-distance relay done on roads.
      Natsume still runs in the morning. :D

      Now for HanaIchi, Chiyoko is actually quite a deceiving one LOL. She looks nice and submissive, but she actually hated Masashi… which is why he came to hate her as well. Genichirou was never interested in her, and their marriage happened simply because her father, Imura, wanted to establish a connection to Miyanomori for the sake of business. Chiyoko herself never desired the marriage, so she didn’t care about their son either. In Polar Star, there’s a section that shows Masashi in the past. When he was about 12, Masashi actually cared a lot about his parents. He was a bit thorny towards Chiyoko, which makes me think that she probably didn’t give him any attention. That being said, he was still excited to see her coming to Teito… but was greatly devastated when he learned that she only came for work. Not for him. It was then when he started calling her “hag / auntie”, refusing to accept her as his mother.

      As for Mamoru, his bitterness caused his grudge to grow into a large scale. There are 3 main reasons behind Kazue’s death. The first was because Kazue had always been weak and sickly to begin with, and her health got even worse due to the second reason—Sanae’s harassment. The last reason was because Genichirou completely ignored this instead of helping her, and Mamoru’s hatred for his brothers came from the fact that they were living nice, wealthy lives while his mother was suffering in the background. So while the main cause was Sanae and Genichirou, Mamoru grew so bitter that he started hating on his brothers as well. I think it was partly because he didn’t know that his brothers were having a hard time either, despite having enough money to make their lives comfortable. Genichirou, on the other hand, found Mamoru’s assassination attempt amusing. He constantly trolls his sons, but he actually does care about them—as much as he wants to deny it.

      HanaIchi takes place in Taisho era, so I guess it’s around early to mid 20s since it ended in December 1926. :D

      • Hello Rin ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ♪

        The more I think about Natsume’s lack of confidence, the sadder I become because I think that this can also go to show that sometimes no matter how much commitment or talent we have if we lack the confidence that would hold us back. This is one of the many aspects I love about BroCon, the different psyches and relationships dynamics they show. I think that while we are not shown a lot about Natsume’s sporting talent, it is strongly suggested that he was and still is very good – note for the fact that he still trains every morning and that he can still run very fast.

        Oh I didn’t know that about Chiyoko ( ・◇・)? I remember now that in one of the summaries it was stated that she didn’t like Masashi. I suppose that it is understandable if Chiyoko couldn’t be an affectionate mom because that pregnancy was forced on her (add to that how pregnancy drastically changes a woman in every level, I bet she would have hated it every minute of it.) so maybe that’s why Masashi was sent to live with Gen where the head maid (I can’t remember her name?) acted more or less like a surrogate mother. I didn’t know that happened in Masashi’s childhood, no wonder he has that harsh and cold attitude towards Chiyoko (though it is suggested that their relationship improves later on) I feel sorry for Masashi that happened to him but it also explains a lot about his personality. I don’t know how tsundare (if at all) Masashi was back when he was younger but he would have felt humiliated that his affections were only one-sided.

        It’s a shame that they only did 2 OVAs (I’m sorry I keep on bringing this back everytime) but the more I learn about Hanalchi the more I love them and wished that they had all a better opportunity on screen.

        I see about the setting of Hanalchi… this reminds me a lot of period dramas set in that early time period and the fashions used are big clues.

        I have also being wondering about Hikaru’s sexual orientation? I ask because when I read one of the volumes’ summaries I noticed that it is mentioned that he cross-dresses for “gathering data material” and that he also “lived with a man”. I wonder if that is to say that they were in a relationship or that they just lived together as friends? I know that Hikaru gets a lot of bashing for cross-dressing and being a “trap” but could these actions reveal that he is just a very liberal and open-minded man? There’s a saying that says that the choices you make reveals a lot about your character? I remember that in back in high school we had a guest speaker talking about, among many other things, how sometimes one can become attracted to other people of the same sex but that is also part of the process of growing up and defining your identity (plus your sexual orientation). Sure, this doesn’t happen to everyone because we are all different but when it does that they shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed of it and to just deal with it as best as we can. I hope that no one has felt offended by this paragraph; I just want to understand better Hikaru’s character. I don’t like it how some people instantly assume that because a person cross-dresses that they are “gay” and start judging them based on that. It sometimes seems that some people are narrow-minded in that they can’t accept that NOT everyone will follow normal social conventions and define that character based on their conceived ideas about what they see as a “man” or a “woman”. ???

        I have also wondered about the fact that since Subaru is not good with girls and how he came to love Ema. Some people argue that this is a weak argument saying that he could easily fall in love with another girl? Does Subaru has a real passion for his sport or is it because of Ema? I have heard some people comment about how he only thinks about her during matches and how that helps him to win? I have always being under the impression that Subaru is socially awkward person who if he doesn’t share anything in common with people he won’t bother too much about them and that he has always being very committed to his sports so much so that he lost ‘touch’ with his own emotions regarding other people. What is it about Ema that appeals to him so much? Is Ema really interested in basketball? Back on my point about commitment, I think it is hard to believe that someone could just lose ‘touch’ with their emotions but sometimes dating or making friends is not in everyone priorities’ list.

        Thank you (人´∀`)☆゜’・

        • Hello! (。・∀・。)ノ♪

          Yeah, Chiyoko didn’t like Masashi. His hatred towards her also fueled her dislike even more, so they were hating each other for a while. For Chiyoko, the fact that she didn’t marry past the “age deadline” probably made it even worse. People treated her like an unwanted woman because of this, and when she actually did get marry… it was simply for business. Masashi gets embarrassed easily, so he often covers it up by being harsh. He already had this tendency back when he was 12, but he was much more innocent. He did his best at school and wanted his parents to praise him, but sadly he never got any attention from them. Ironically enough, despite being an unwanted child for both Genichirou and Chiyoko, Masashi is the ONLY son in the family who inherits Genichirou’s brain. The brothers are all smart in their own ways, but Masashi is the closest to Genichirou when it comes to strategies and schemes.

          Oh, but Chiyoko didn’t leave Masashi because of her dislike towards him. When they got married, Genichirou actually made an agreement with all of his wives. They would be married until she gave birth to a son, and she would stay as his wife until their son is old enough to be independent from his mother. After that, they would get a divorce and the son would be raised by Chitomi instead. All of them agreed to this condition except for Kazue, because she didn’t want her son to be used by Genichirou as a toy to entertain himself. That’s why she refused to marry him and ran away to raise Mamoru all by herself.

          As for Hikaru, he’s 100% straight. Just as you said, he’s very open minded and doesn’t mind going to extreme lengths for the sake of gathering data. There’s actually a story about this in the BroCon Short Stories book, where Hikaru had to face the difficulty of gathering information from criminals. He spent quite some time thinking about it, and eventually reached the conclusion that crossdressing allows him to accomplish that task more easily. That’s why crossdressing is a part of his job, though he really got into it somehow and it turned into a hobby. In the novels, Hikaru doesn’t actually crossdress unless he really has to. Which means he dresses up like a normal, straight man unless he has to go to work. Even then he doesn’t crossdress all the time. It all depends on the target, and I don’t think he did anything questionable by living together with a criminal. Otherwise they’d find out that he’s a man, and he’d get in trouble. If he gets judged just because he crossdresses, then people need to look deeper into a character before bashing them. ._.

          Subaru’s passion for basketball is 100% real. He never thought about anything else, and that’s why he’s not good with girls to begin with. He’s really shy, and he started growing feelings with Ema after they live together. I believe it’s because Ema is really supportive of him, but sometimes you don’t need a reason to fall in love—you just do. It’s similar to how Yusuke fell in love with Ema at the first sight. Subaru falling in love with Ema in a few months doesn’t mean he’ll fall in love with someone else so easily, especially because he doesn’t show interest in girls / dating in general. He was really confused by his feelings at first, which caused his performance to drop for a while… but later on he figured out that her presence boosts his spirit whenever he’s playing, which is a clear sign that he’s in love with her. The fact that Ema asked Subaru to choose basketball over her also made him love her even more, so his passion for basketball and love for her are both genuine. :D

          • Hello Rin-chan (。・∀・。)ノ♪

            Thank you for helping me clear up so many of the gaps in my knowledge regarding Hanalchi and BroCon. I have enjoyed a lot our discussions and hope that we can always keep on discussing our fandoms (●´∀`●)

            Regarding Hikaru, so I was sort of right regarding about the fact that he *is* that passionate about his career and been very open-minded? Hikaru reminds me a bit about actors such Robert DeNiro and Natalie Portman who go to extreme lengths to prepare properly for their roles (example, DeNiro had his own teeth filed and Portman took a year’s ballet training for her role in “Black Swan”). Actually, it’s true people can live together without having to do anything questionable *silly me*. That’s the inevitable issue regarding some people who take leisure at spoiling everyone’s mood by bashing Hikaru for no reason and when you try to explain sensibly more about him those people chose to ignore you. I mean I try to help them understand better x character(s) but if they still don’t acknowledge that their view point is wrong then I don’t bother either.

            I think that Hikaru is really the loose cannon among the brothers because he warns Ema at the end of the first season “to be ready that he will join the second round” but it’s really difficult to judge if he *does* have genuine feelings for her or is just joining in for the fun of it (and possibly annoy his brothers, especially since he *knows* them too well! It’s even worrying to think and see how Hikaru will push his brothers’ berserk buttons and have Ema dragged even further into a more complicated and stressful ‘conflicts’. )

            So true about Subaru(v^_^)v I completely forgot that one doesn’t need to have a reason to fall in love. ^^ I think also that Subaru liked Ema’s sweet, caring and positive-thinking personality – there also seems to be a quiet/hidden strength about her too. Baffling how some people can think it “weird” that Subaru only thinks about Ema during matches? So true too about Ema’s advise to Subaru to follow his dreams because she shows him that she understands and respects his passion for basketball. I think that Ema admires Subaru’s passion for basketball thus she wants him to excel in it without feeling that someone is holding him back. Actually at some point in the novels it is mentioned about Subaru being asked to join a break dance club which he declined but Ema realized that he must have being “*that* good” for being invited to be a member. Subaru has also being among the brothers who hasn’t made Ema feel uncomfortable (read: pursue her or being ‘pushy’) and is always happy to help her wherever he can.

          • Yes, exactly! Hikaru has high ambitions on becoming a noir novelist, and he’s willing to take any effective methods to get information. It’s really hard to explain this to people though. Just as you said, a lot of people are bashing him without looking deeper just because he’s a crossdresser. Not that we can avoid it either, but I think arguing with them would be useless anyway. :c But yeah, Hikaru is the only person in the family whom Ukyou can’t stand. Hikaru is very open-minded and doesn’t mind crossing lines, while Ukyou is a perfectionist who wants everything to be clean and smooth. Hikaru cares a lot about his brothers though, despite his attempts to troll them constantly. The reason why he moved out is because gathering information from criminal is a dangerous activity, and he doesn’t want his brothers to get involved just in case things go wrong.

            That aside, I’m not sure how Hikaru feels about Ema either. It’s obvious that he’s interested, but unclear whether he sees her as a woman… or a toy to have fun with. He moved really quick and used her to troll the triplets in vol. 1 of Season 2, and it worked like a charm because things instantly got ugly between the triplets. Or rather, between Azusa and Natsume.

            In contrary, Subaru (and Yusuke) is really supportive of Ema. They’re not pushing her to give an answer, and they’re always there if she needs help. As for the dance club, it was during a culture festival LOL. The basketball club did a dance performance, and apparently Subaru is so good at dancing that the dance club wanted to recruit him. xD

            Personally, I think Ema has grown to be really strong. She has her flaws, but tries her best to fix them. Even with all of these conflicts going on, she still cares a lot for her brothers and you can see it from her actions too.

  63. Hello there Rin! (: I really love your blog and I really appreciate your detailed summaries. Thanks to your BroCon summaries, I was able to understand a huge chunk of the storyline for the novels. Your reviews of otome games are amazing as well – I was shocked yet pleased at how much detail you put into your route summaries. To be quite honest, out of all the otome/VN bloggers I read from, yours has the highest quality to me. I keep coming back and rereading quite often. xD

    I do have a question – well, more like a request, really. I don’t know if you still do this or have them, but would it be possible for you to send me all of the CGs for Glass Heart Princess? I’ve been searching every nook and cranny for them but I only came up with two Chinese links that were either expired or had files that were corrupt. So yeah, you’re kind of my only hope at this point! 八(^□^;;)

    Anyways, I hope you can get back to me soon on that! Also, I noticed that you’re currently playing Rune Factory 4, how is that game?

    • Hello, thanks for commenting. Sure, I can send those for you. :D
      Is this mail okay? I’ll send the CGs to you via mail as soon as my internet stops acting up!

      Rune Factory 4 is great. Personally, I think it’s the best Rune Factory game so far. ❤

      • Ahh thank you so much! You’re a life-saver hahaha. ;v;

        And yes this e-mail’s fine! c:

        Are there any aspects of Rune Factory 4 that you find stand out to you? Like, say, the battle system, the dating system, story, etc.

        • I’ve sent the CGs to you, sorry for taking so long!
          For Rune Factory, I’ve been a fan since the first game so that makes me biased right from the start. They made a huge improvement for RF4 though, especially in the interactions with the villagers and the bachelors/ettes. They added a dating feature, so you don’t jump to marriage straight after confessing like in the previous games LOL. That being said, my favorite aspect from RF4 is undoubtedly the story. It’s really good, and Ventuswill will be my dragon BFF for life. 8D

  64. Oh! Sorry to be commenting again, but I also forgot to add something. May I also please have the CGs for Brothers Conflict Passion Pink? Thanks! ;v;/

  65. Hi, I just want to say thank you for all your great summaries! You have really excellent dedication. I’m also curious if you plan on playing Arcana Famiglia 2 when it comes out since you’ve summarized the other games. (I’m personally extremely excited for it ><)

    • Hello, thanks for the comment!
      I do have plans to play AF2, but at this point I just can’t say when. Too many things on my backlog. ;___; If you have the patience to wait for me, I should get there eventually.

  66. Hi, I see that you’ve played Starry Sky ~ After Spring ~ ? We’re making an English patch for the game and we would be really grateful if you can help us… (and please don’t worry, we don’t have that much left, we’re just lacking translators to speed up the progress).
    My email is teddybearlove98@yahoo.com and…if you’re interested it’ll be great. Thanks! >_<

  67. Hi Rin!
    Yesterday I came across your Blog for the first time (when I was looking for informations about Hanayaka nari). And I must say I was amazed! Realy! The way you wrote the reviews/explanation for hanayaka nari was perfect. Although the Review for Hanayaka Nari Waga Ichzoku – Kinema Mosaic was realy long, but the stories were well told! I was wondering how you managed to write this long story! :)

    So I just want to say that your Blog is amazing and i will continue to visit it :)

    • Hello, thanks for the nice comment!
      Kinema Mosaic was back when I haven’t rambled as much as I do now, so my posts have gotten even longer since then LOL. Usually I play and write after work, so updates can be really slow when I’m flooded by work and translation projects… but I hope you enjoy your visit. :D

  68. Its simply amazing that you can do these translations for us who can’t read them,thank you so much! If possible do you think you could do Hana Awase hime-hen?(once you’re done with Ken ga Kimi)
    Sorry for my horrible English…

    • Your English is fine and I’m not a native speaker myself, so don’t worry! ;D

      Yes, I do have plans to blog Hime-hen. I just can’t promise when because I’ve queued another game after Ken ga Kimi, and to be honest Hime-hen really confused me LOL. I’m not sure if I can dissect and analyze it properly, but I’ll try. (ง •̀_•́)ง

  69. Hello Rinさん I’ve been lurking on your blog since last year. Your review is amazing @_@ I’m always check yours after finishing the game so I will know something I didn’t understand about the game. I don’t have any blog ID and now I have, so I can follow you XD
    I’m also Indonesian and to know you’re Indonesian and can make reviews like this, that’s really amazing :D
    By the way, I’m doing a translation project for Amnesia, would you like to join us?
    Thanks :)

    • Hello! Thanks for keeping up with me LOL.
      Nice to meet fellow Indonesians here in the fandom. 8D
      I’d love to join in, but I’m currently flooded with work and I’m not sure if I can take on a translation project at this stage… How many people do you have on the team? And how far have you gotten translation-wise? I might be able to join later on but unfortunately it’ll depend on my job. ;___;

      • Oh that’s alright. Thank you for the reply :D
        We currently has six member, and divided into 2 little group. Each group will be translating each route. We still translating Shin and Toma route.
        I am in charge for translating Toma route, and I’ve done about 16% of all his script.
        Okay! I will be waiting a good news from you ^_^
        Then, ganbatte on your job :D

  70. Hello! I love your blog and I’m always excited about your updates!
    This is a little off topic from otome games, but I had a question about your blog in general, like how you got it started and such with wordpress?
    In the meantime, I eagerly await your next update!

    • Hello! I used to blog on Livejournal, but after a while I thought it’d be better to have a separate blog for my visual novel / otome game entries. I actually spent quite a lot of time deciding on which blogging platform to choose, but eventually it narrowed down to just WordPress and Blogspot… and well, personally I like WP better LOL. Blogspot messes up my formatting when I use the justify paragraph alignment too. If you’re wondering how I started, I simply write summaries and post them. It’s always been like that. :3

      • Oh wow thats pretty cool, so you just kinda started doing it ? xD I see I’m glad you keep doing so! are there any games that are on your wait list? like ones you are waiting for to come out? do you have a favorite genre of this kind of game?

        • Yeah, I only wanted a place to dump my VN / otome game tl;dr in… so I made one. 8D

          I’m currently buried with work and since otome games are moving to PS Vita, I’ll just focus on Ken ga Kimi for now LOL. After that I’m planning to go back and finish Tasogare Polar Star, because I’ve done about 30% of the game before putting it on hold. Oh, and by genre do you mean the settings / theme and such? I play nearly everything, but my favorite is historical. Anything that’s set in the past, especially in Taisho, Meiji, and Heian periods. Even more so when they involve traditional legends or myths, like in Ken ga Kimi and Miyako. :D

  71. Hello there! Personally, I love your blog and my opinions are quite the same to yours. (Almost like match.) I personally, like Otome games rather than visual novels but they’re both still quite good!

    Lastly, I would be happy if you could check out my website if you’re free maybe?


    In the meantime, I will be waiting eagerly for your next post!

    • Actually, otome games ARE visual novels. Were you referring to galge / eroge instead?
      I’ve visited your blog before, I’ll make sure to visit regularly from no on. :D

  72. Well, DS Marguerite x Tulip has been released (more like thrown out, base on Amazon.jp reviews). Will you write one of your fabulous reviews on it?

    • M…aybe… _(:3」∠)_

      Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve completed the game 100%, but the game is just so… weak. Especially when you compare it to the previous games. What people wrote on Amazon JP are all true. The game is buggy. There’s a LOT of bugs, tons of sprite errors, missing voices, and animation fails. The plot itself is shallow, the transition is rough, the CGs are bland, and overall the game feels very unpolished. It’s by no means an awful game, it’s just you can tell that they totally rushed the development. You can no longer feel the creator’s love for the series, and as a fan of the series, I found it terribly disappointing.

      So even if I decide to write summaries for it later, they probably won’t be fabulous and will be full of tsukkomi. ( ;∀;)

      • Uhuu, that’s so sad to hear 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。
        I was so looking forward to romancing KENN – err, Tomu. Why couldn't they wait one more game before firing the whole staff! (Or, you know, not rush development).

        I guess it was too good to last, huh. Having not one, but two good otoge from the same company in a row is probably too much to ask this days. (;-_-)/

        • Yeah. They shouldn’t have fired the main staff IMO. Maybe they were behind schedule, but at least the first two games have great quality. I’m really worried about the next installments now, and we can only hope that they don’t butcher the rest too much. =_=

  73. Dear Miss Rin,

    I know you said that you are no longer answering question about Brocon Conflict, and I am sorry if this is wasting your time and annoy you in any possible way.

    I don’t know if there is the right way to asks it… but I am pretty depressed and need an answer.

    I am currently taken by Brothers Conflict and trying to translate it, and if by chance possible, want to try my hand on using it as my final thesis. And I have a real bad habit in which I can’t stand still before I get all the episode/novel or the likes on something I am currently taken in.

    To make things short, I heard you got all Brothers Conflict’s novel–including the impossible to get now ‘BRCN Doubt’, what I want to asks if… if by any chance, can I bought your copy of the doujinshi? I don’t even mind to pay for the scan, I am really interested about the content of that official doujinshi. Of course your summary is very detailed, in which it make even more intrigued about the doujinshi,

    I know it is hard to grant request, and it is alright if you want to say no. I won’t pester you anymore than this.

    Lastly, I am sorry if I bothering or making you offended with this and my poor choice of wording, I really don’t mean to make you angry. And also, sorry for my bad English ^^u


    • Hello.

      I’m terribly sorry, but I can’t sell my copy of BRCN DOUBT. I went through extreme lengths to obtain it, including paying a fortune for proxy, and as you said, it’s not available for sale anymore. If I sell it, I’m 100% sure I wouldn’t be able to get another copy.

      However, I might be able to scan the book for you. If you leave me with your e-mail, I can try sending the scans that way. It will take a while though, and I have to ask you to keep it for personal use only or else I might get in trouble.

  74. Hello~

    I’ve been a pretty long-time reader of your blog, but have never posted anything~ I check the site every so often for new posts; it always makes my day when I see there’s new otome content to squeal about~ As this is my first time commenting, I’ll also take this time to say your reviews are well written, and nicely detailed~

    I’ve seen your different progress status changes since your last post, and just wanted to say that whether it’s because Enishi’s route is incredibly sad or something else, hope you’re alright~

    Take care,

    • Hello! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and also for keeping up with me for so long. Updates are really slow lately because real life is demanding attention 100%, but I’ll do my best to finish Enishi’s route soon.

      God, I’m sorry if the status update made you worry. I’m doing fine, it’s just Enishi’s route is breaking my heart with each chapter. ;_____; After seeing his tragic Ken endings, there are little things spread all over his route that just hits you with maximum irony… so I think I’ll be spending the rest of his route in tears. Hence the “now crying” LOL.

      But yes, please don’t worry—I’m alright. Thanks for the concern. ❤

  75. Hi there Rin,

    I’ve recently discovered your blog, and I’m excited to read through your posts! (well, I’m a little afraid of spoilers, but I’ll try ^^ )

    I had a question I wanted to ask. Sorry in advance if you’ve gotten this question a billion times before…

    But anyways, I’ve always wanted to play otome games so I’m devoting a lot of time to learning Japanese (and it is like climbing a mountain >_< ). I was wondering if you could recommend any otome games that are easier to read?

    I noticed you're playing Ken ga Kimi now. I'm so excited to play that someday. That's like my goal xD But I can imagine samurai themed games would probably use older grammar forms right? So they'd probably be tricky. Maybe school life games would be better?

    Thank you
    – Kaede

    • Hello! :D
      This might sound weird coming from me, but if you haven’t played a game / a route, you should probably avoid clicking on the entries. I really don’t hold back under the “read more” mark, so each entry is full of spoilers LOL.

      You’re right, Ken ga Kimi uses a lot of old-time traditional speech. The language level itself is actually not that difficult and they also provided a glossary, but there’s a lot of specific terminologies regarding the shogunate, martial arts, weapons, and such. It’d no doubt be tricky if you’re still learning, but I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it one day. It’s such a great game. :’D

      For games with easier language level, any game set in modern era will do… but school life games is still the easiest even in that category. Honeybee’s games are great for beginners, like Starry Sky. Or if you don’t mind dealing with not-so-innocent human drama, Dynamic Chord and the Dousei Kareshi series are pretty nice too. There’s also Otomate’s school life games (personally I’d recommend Glass Heart Princess) and the slightly older ones like Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo. I played the latter when my Japanese was still abysmal, and it was beginner-friendly for the most part. Also if you don’t mind having some Italian words mixed in, Arcana Famiglia is fun too.

      I actually want to recommend the Double Score series too, but the team has made no updates regarding the next games the continuation of the series is a bit worrisome. (´;ω;`) If you don’t mind that though, I’d recommend playing at least the first two games. They’re fun. The third one’s not as much, sadly.

      If you have more questions, feel free to ask!

      • Hello again Rin-san~

        Thank you for the recommendations. I’ll add all those games to my list ^^
        I might start with Starry Sky first. I looked at some screenshots of the Japanese dialog, and I could understand quite a bit.

        And speaking of traditional speech, a new version of Hakuouki Zuisouroku was released a few days ago for the Vita. Did you know? I’m debating on whether I should pick up a copy so that I can play it some time in the future (because kyaa~ Harada) ahem, so yea…

        Oh, and there were a couple other games in particular I wanted to ask your opinion on, if that’s okay..

        First, Tokimeki Memorial GS3. I love how the characters actually move and breathe compared to static images, which is why I really wanted to try that one. Do I have to play 1 and 2 first, or does it not really matter? And how is the reading difficulty? If it’s too hard, I might just use the English patch (but then I won’t be learning…)

        Have you played Norn9? It looks really interesting. I was looking at some of the screenshots on vndb and could understand a decent amount of the text. But since the game is set in the future, it might not be as easy to read as it seems. What do you think?

        Lastly, I was curious about the difficulty of the Amnesia series? Apparently, it’s in the same setting as Glass Heart Princess, so maybe the reading level is about the same?

        I’m sorry if I’m asking too many questions at once >_<
        (umm is there a specific page on your blog for questions like these, or is anywhere okay?)

        • LOL yeah, I saw. Otomate sure loves porting Hakuouki everywhere. I liked Hakuouki a few year ago, but now I just wish they’d make something else instead of milking the franchise endlessly. ;_; If you haven’t played the original though, going with the Vita ports would be nice. It’s much more convenient playing on portable console nowadays. :D

          For Tokimemo GS series, you don’t have to play 1 and 2. They’re not connected, but they are set in same town so there are easter eggs / bonus cameos if you play the first 2 games. The language level is easy. Tokimemo GS (the first one) is actually my very first otome game, and I had no problems understanding it at all. The issue is the stat building. Personally I find it fun, while a lot of people have complained about it… but if you don’t mind the stat building part, then I’d recommend this series 100%. It’s really fun and the characters are lovable.

          As for Norn9, I haven’t played it. I did have plans to start it, but I heard the story can get really ? ? ? at some parts with unsolved plot holes… so I kind of left it alone. Oh, and Amnesia and Glass Heart Princess have different settings! They’re not set in the same town. As far as language level goes, I feel that they’re about the same. Amnesia has some mysteries to solve since the heroine has no memories at the beginning, but the language level itself isn’t too difficult. GHP is partly school life with standard language difficulty.

          No worries about the questions. :D
          There’s no specific page for Q & A, so most people just leave questions here or in specific posts if they’re related to certain games.

  76. Hi Rin!

    We just started a project called Purrfectly Ever After, an otome visual novel and it’s live on Kickstarter now. This might be a long shot because you did mention that you will not be doing a review but I’m wondering if you could help with a small press release or even plug the project on your website? It’s an indie otome game so we hope you could help spread the word. We need all the help we could get…

    Presskit: http://everafter.weeev.com/presskit/
    Kickstarter link, http://kck.st/1H5IYst

    Thank you for your time!

    • Hello! What a nice coincidence, I was just checking out your Kickstarter page yesterday. The concept for Purffectly Ever After seems very interesting, and you have great presentation too in terms of graphic and UI.

      At the moment I am unable to write and post new blog entries thanks to my PC’s technical malfunction, but I’ll make sure to spread the word once it’s fixed. In the meantime, I’ll share the news on Twitter and hope it helps a little.

      Good luck with the project, I hope you guys will get all the help you need. :D

  77. Hello, I am possibly wondering how much you charge for commissions with a drama cd? I wanted someone to translate Diabolik Lovers Shu’s Bloody Bouquet, and I saw somewhere that you do translations for a fee?

    • I do, but I’m currently occupied with real life stuff until the end of September… That’s why I only accept translation jobs from friends / acquaintances, with them fully knowing that there might be unexpected delays. My standard fee is ~$10 per 10-minute track but it all depends on the contents, like if the CD uses really easy / simple language or full of pauses and sound effects it might be lower. If you are serious and still interested, knowing that I might take some time to finish, feel free to mail me → frozensweets[at]gmail.com and I will reply with the details. Thank you!

  78. Hi there! I saw your tumblr and I couldn’t help but notice the Summon Night pics you edited. Could it be possible for you to assist me in the translation of some of the games? I have te tools already, and I need a skilled translator to do it. I’ll gladly send you some screens of it, if you want that is. Thanks.

  79. Hi! Are you going to write about Double Score Marguerite and Tulip? Just curious because I was hooked up in reading your blog ever since I read your review on Brother’s Conflict Passionate Pink

    • Nope. If you read the comments on the Double Score posts, I’ve stated that Marguerite x Tulip has way too many bugs and the quality was far inferior to the previous two games.

  80. Hello!! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time but I finally have a wordpress so I can follow you, yay <3 I love your blog!!

    I checked your FAQ but I didn't see a question like this so I wanted to ask, if you don't mind, do you have any good otome recommendations for psp or ps vita that aren't don't have too many complicated kanji? I've been learning japanese for a while now with a teacher and I wanted to try my luck by practicing by playing an untranslated otome that's not too hard for me to understand (though I can always check reviews like yours which are really detailed and great). Thanks in advance!! :D

    • Hello, sorry for the super late reply! If you want games with simpler language level, try going for those set in modern era and / or high school. Try to avoid fantasy and historical otome games, since those tend to be on the harder side.

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