Natsuyume Nagisa – Natsuyume

It’s here. This is the final ending of Natsuyume Nagisa, so beware of spoilers.

The final ending was rather sad, but the overall story was so well-written. I’m really, really impressed, especially at the surprises the game offers us.
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Natsuyume Nagisa – Nanase Ayumu

Ayumu’s route is the beginning of the whole game, so it’s not connected to the other heroines’ routes. In her route, Nagisa was a normal boy who had his memories properly in his head.

Nanase Ayumu is Nagisa’s childhood friend and also his neighbor in Himawari Heights. She is weak in the morning, so Nagisa needs to wake her up everyday. Ayumu also practically fails to do any housework, leaving Nagisa taking care of her meals and laundries. She could read people’s thoughts just by touching them. Also likes reading ecchi books to learn about guys.
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Natsuyume Nagisa – Rougi Maki 1

Incomplete. I need to play Ayumu’s chapters first before completing Maki’s route.

Rougi Maki is a 2nd year student in Shiranami Gakuen. Her parents are both scholars. Though her grades are superior, she rarely comes to school. Maki spent her days in the forest researching the penguins. She’s cool and rather cheeky, but weak to being called ‘cute’.
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Natsuyume Nagisa – Tohno Haruka

So far this is the only route that doesn’t get a further explanation. It’s still pretty obvious if you look at the hints, but still.. it left you wondering about the truth.

Tohno Haruka is a sheltered ojou-sama and one year younger than Nagisa. She’s the daughter of Tohno Kousuke, the leader Tohno Group, who owns a large portion of major business in the island. Her body is weak, and she is currently under medical care in a church in the woods with her maid Aria. She had a dream of opening her own shaved ice shop and also likes roleplaying.
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Natsuyume Nagisa – Aoyama Tsukasa

Tsukasa’s route is somewhat less surprising. It focused heavily on Christmas, started on the day of the Christmas Festival and ended before I knew it.

Aoyama Tsukasa is the reliable student council president in Shiranami Gakuen. A 3rd year student, she is Nagisa’s senpai. Learning karate since she was small, Tsukasa often uses her high kick on people if they misbehave. Sometimes unconsciously.
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