Arcana Famiglia – Normal / Best Route

Luca and Jolly’s route already covered the main plot of Arcana Famiglia, but I made a separate post just for the normal and best endings. Even though Felicita doesn’t get anyone here, she’s still awesome up until the end. Definitely one of the best otome game heroines of the year. ♥

In every single route (except maybe Luca’s), Dante and Jolly are asking Felicita to help Mondo with her second Arcana — “Wheel of Fortune”. She used its power once and it took a really big compensation from her, but what does it actually do? How did she deal with the situation back then? These questions were probably buried underneath everyone’s personal problems in each post, so I wrote a brief explanations behind the cut. Major spoilers ahead! ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ
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Arcana Famiglia – Jolly

The last route. Everyone seems to either hate or be scared of Jolly, but I actually like him a lot. He’s my second favorite in Arcana, and he’d be first if only he turns デレデレ a little sooner. :3

Jolly is the family advisor and Mondo’s right hand. He holds the second highest position in the family, and he’s in charge of giving out commands whenever Mondo isn’t available. Everyone in the island are scared of him though, since he can make cold-hearted decisions and shows no mercy towards other people. Despite this reputation, the family members respect Jolly for his top-notch skills. Jolly is also the best alchemist in Regalo, but he doesn’t care and spends most of his time researching in his dark lab instead. His age is a mystery.
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Arcana Famiglia – Dante

I know what you’re thinking, but Dante is a nice man.. so give the poor guy a chance lol. Don’t go for him before Liberta though, since 80% of Liberta’s events are required to unlock Dante’s.

The Executive Head and leader of the intelligence division, 38 years old. Dante was a pirate in the Mediterranean Sea, but currently he’s the most reliable man in the family. Even though he’s well-known as a man with a strong sense of righteousness, Dante is actually quite laid-back and loves humor more than anything else. He often creates various kinds of jokes to entertain everyone around him, and he usually adds “ダーンテな!” at the end of his gags. His trademark is the small beard on his chin. He’s like a father figure to Liberta. His weapon is a bazooka.
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Arcana Famiglia – Luca

The last one in the childhood friend trio. Luca’s fate isn’t as heavy as Pace and Debito, but that actually makes his route even more enjoyable for me. Luca is my third favorite in this game. ♥

Felicita’s attendant. Luca has been looking after Felicita ever since she was small, and he has an extremely strong attachment to her. On top of teaching Felicita how to use knives in battle, he’s also excellent at housework such as cooking or sewing. Luca loves alchemy and spends most of his free time doing experiments in his lab, but for some reason he thinks negatively of his alchemy teacher, Jolly. He even goes as far as building a secret greenhouse in the forest, just so Jolly won’t take his herbs without permission. 29 years old. Uses knives and alchemy.
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Arcana Famiglia – Debito

Just like what I said before, you might want to do Debito first for the childhood friend trio. This route gives more details about their past with Jolly, and things will be much less confusing. :3

The 23 year old leader of “Coins”. Debito has a bad mouth, but he’s really good at taking care of other people. Because of his personality and “dangerous” looks, Debito is very popular with the ladies in Regalo. While he often flirts with all the girls he saw, his real interest actually lies in gambling and seeking thrills. His specialty is to observe people and find even the smallest hints of reaction from them. The members of “Coins” share similar hobbies with their Capo, and they often ask him for hints and tips to deal with women. Debito wields dual guns in battle.
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Arcana Famiglia – Pace

Moving on to the childhood friends trio, I decided to start with Pace. It’s because someone said a bit Pace’s past is shown in Debito’s route, but no.. you should do Debito first for better flow.

Pace is the cheerful head of “Wands” and also the Executive Head Assistant. When Dante is away sailing the seas, Pace takes care of the family members and their relationship with the people of Regalo. He has the wisdom but lacks the knowledge, so in the end he always relies on his fists whenever things get out of control. Pace’s life can easily be divided into three big sections — work, food and fun. He’s a glutton who loves lasagna to death, and he even uses food-related pickup lines to hit on Felicita. An expert in martial arts. 25 years old.
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