Asuka! – Kuraoka Tohru

What? ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Yes, if you’ve finished both Daichi and Ren’s route, you can go after Tohru. This route is super short since he moves away, but it’s also the sweetest. At least for me.

Kuraoka Tohru is the current captain of Seitou High’s baseball club. The members are only Sena and him, but that doesn’t stop them from training. His family owns the electronic store in the shopping district. At the beginning of the game, they had to close down their shop due to the difficult business there. Despite his short remaining time, Tohru tried to work hard with everyone to reach Koshien.
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Asuka! – Kamiji Minato

Here’s Minato’s route. I honestly hate this type of character, and my opinion of him only got worse as I went deeper into his route. I’ll skip some of the repetitive details in the first half.

Kamiji Minato is the son of the barber. A year older than Asuka, he went to a baseball champion high school. Last year he suddenly came back to Seitou High for a certain reason, though people noticed that he’s harder to approach now. Minato smiles all the time, but he’s actually a ドS whose words are sharper than any razor. It seems like he doesn’t like dealing with people either.
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Asuka! – Narumi Sena

This route is so slow. Like super slow. Sena’s a nice character though, and this route gives off that youthful mood to me. If only I like baseball maybe I’d be able to enjoy the game more..

Narumi Sena is a member of Seitou High’s baseball team, and is also classmates with Asuka. He’s a hardworker who would do anything to make the team better. Sena’s family owns a bookstore in the shopping district, so he loves reading ever since he was small. His taste in manga is similar to Asuka’s, making them good friends who can talk about their hobbies. Spends his free time in the school library.
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Asuka! – Kazamoto Nanami

LOL I don’t know what to say. There’s a very unexpected surprise in this route that makes me wonder why they’d put such details here, considering the main guys are Daichi and Ren.

Kazamoto Nanami is the son of the cake shop owner in Seitou’s shopping district. He’s classmates with Asuka, though he often skips classes and gets into fights with other schools. Nanami loves to make weird cakes, such as udon cake or vegetable cake. Since Asuka’s sense of taste is completely off, she loves eating his cakes. A bit flirty and is super popular with the girls at school.
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Asuka! – Minase Ren

Next up is Ren. Both his baseball and romance parts of the story are basically the same as in Daichi’s route. Only we get to see them from Ren’s point of view here. I like his 立ち絵s a lot.

Minase Ren lives in a Buddhist temple next to the Homura shrine, also across the road from Sky Blue. Just like Daichi, he’s also a year older than Asuka. Ren is a slightly narcissistic ore-sama when he’s not fighting with Daichi over her attention, which proves that he’s actually just as stupid. He also likes to daydream about his romance with her, but his delusions are often negative and makes him feel down.
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Asuka! – Homura Daichi

Just by playing the general route, I guess we all can tell that Asuka is as dense as a stone. Most visual novel protagonists are usually donkan, but Asuka’s one of the high-level ones lol. Anyway, I decided to follow the character list in the official site and started with Dai-chan.

Homura Daichi is one year older than Asuka, but since they’ve been close ever since they were small, she called him Dai-chan. Daichi lives in a shrine owned by his family across the road from Sky Blue. He’s very cheerful and bright, though not exactly smart. It’s obvious right from the start that he likes Asuka, often having stupid fights with his neighbor and rival, Ren to compete for her attention.
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