BWS Bloody Nightmare – Guillan Guinor

After spending around two months reading the epic story of this game, I finally reach the last route in Bloody Nightmare. You need to clear both of Rath’s ends to unlock Guillan, and it’s worth the effort since Guillan is unbelievably cute. ❤

ギラン・ギノー (CV:谷山紀章)

Guillan is Arles’ confidant, as well as the one who gathers information through torturing people. He’s extremely agile and has the power to kill people with one single blow, but is also sadistic and violent. He enjoys murdering things as if it’s a fun game, and he gains pleasure from hurting or torturing others. Despite the hint of madness in his soul, Guillan respects Arles a lot and constantly asks him for praises. His weapon of choice is a chakram.
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BWS Bloody Nightmare – Rath Vogart

Rath’s turn! ❤ This young wolf is supposed to be the main guy of the game, but since Bloody Nightmare is focusing on the cats… Let’s just say his route here is quite short and empty, just like some of you have mentioned in the comments.

ラス・ヴォガード (CV:梶裕貴)

Rath is a young man from the wolf race, which is believed to be an endangered species in Weblin. He has beautiful silver hair that glows like the moon, a pair of wolf ears and a tail. One of his ice blue eyes is covered with an eyepatch, and he wields dual main gauche in battle. He’s not used to interacting with people, and he rarely talks as well — thinking most people would only reject him for being a wolf. Instead, Rath tends to show his feelings through his actions.
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BWS Bloody Nightmare – Arles V. Felnoir

After the family path, it’s finally time to join the wolves. (v´∀`)ハ(´∀`v)ヤッタ☆ I wanted to save Rath for last, but since you need him to unlock Guillan’s route… let’s just start with Arles. He’s so big and fluffy with a fabulous crimson cravat. ❤

アルル・V・フェルノア (CV:森川智之)

Arles is Rath’s older brother, and also a former knight of Weblin. After a certain incident, Arles and the entire wolf race became victims of the wolf hunt. He lost himself in the same incident, and now he’s leading the remnants of the wolves. Together they attack towns and villages all over Weblin, murdering everything in sight. Arles is hoping to create a beautiful world by eradicating humans and the other races — leaving only the wolves to exist.
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BWS Bloody Nightmare – Zara Skeens

I’m still shocked by Nesso’s good end, but let’s move on to Zara. This is also the last route on the family path. If you’re worried that Zara might go insane like the others, then don’t be. He’s completely, thoroughly 100% normal and devoted.

Zara is the Galland family’s butler. When he was small, he lost his family in a war. He was taken in by Edgar — Fiona’s father — and grew up together with Nesso. In return, he pledged his absolute loyalty and serves the Galland family as their butler. Despite his past, Zara is gentle and has a soft demeanor. He has a broad range of knowledge and is very skilled in pharmacy, often making medicines for Fiona when she falls sick. He also loves teasing her from time to time.
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BWS Bloody Nightmare – Nesso Galland

Next up is Nesso. Why yes, it’s our manly leader of knights who just happens to be a blatant siscon at the same time. 。:+((*´艸`))+:。 That side of him can either be creepy or entertaining, depending on your taste. For me, it’s the former. 8D

Nesso is Fiona’s older half-brother. He’s the strongest knight in Weblin, and he leads a division of knight called Greif Ritter. Nesso is cheerful, lively, honest and treats everyone nicely. He loves Fiona dearly, and he’s really protective or her. While Nesso seems like a perfect knight who comes out of a fairytale, he turns into a fierce demon upon entering the battlefield. He never shows this side of him in front of Fiona, and so she’s not aware of his real strength.
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BWS Bloody Nightmare – Julian

After the cats, now it’s time to move on to the family path — starting with Julian. Not sure if it’s the best choice order-wise, but I can’t help it because I really like his appearance. That, and because Hosoya’s voice acting is flawless. ゚+.(*ノェノ)゚+

Julian is the gardener working in the royal palace. He takes care of the hanging garden, and he’s talented enough to maintain it alone. Quiet, soft-spoken and gentle, Julian isn’t the type of person who can fight with a weapon. Rather than working as a knight, he prefers having a peaceful life in the hanging garden. He was ordered to take care of Fiona as a part of his job, but they grow closer over time. Julian is also Fiona’s first friend in the royal palace.
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