CLOCK ZERO – Kaidou Takato

The final route of Clock Zero. Takato’s route holds most of the answers, and thus contains the biggest spoiler of the game. I also included Rain’s chapter since it clears up everything.

Kaidou Takato is a new transfer student in Nadeshiko’s class. His father is the head of Kaidou Group, and he’s well-known as a genius researcher. He’s very cheerful and gets along really well with everyone, especially with Nadeshiko. He can ignore and go through most things with a smile even when he’s troubled.
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CLOCK ZERO – Hanabusa Madoka

I’ve been waiting for Madoka’s route ever since I started the game. Probably even more than Takato’s, though I’m really curious about him too. Madoka’s my favorite character in this game.

Hanabusa Madoka is a 5th year student in Shuurin Gakuen, and is classmates with Shuuya. His parents own the restaurant HANABUSA. He looks calm and quiet, but actually has quite a wicked tongue and does things at his own pace. Follows his big brother, Hanabusa Nakaba, like a shadow and values him above everything else.
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CLOCK ZERO – Saionji Toranosuke

The last route from the white bunny side. Since Tora never comes to the extra classes, in this route Nadeshiko spends time with everyone instead of just one partner. I love his BGM. ♥

Saionji Toranosuke, or Tora for short, is also a 6th grade student in Shuurin Gakuen. He’s a delinquent who has a short temper and often gets into fights. He spends most of his time sleeping, skipping classes or glaring at people. Most people are afraid of him, but he has a surprisingly straightforward personality.
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CLOCK ZERO – Tokita Shuuya

There are some suggestions that I should do Tora’s route before Shuuya’s, but I did Shuuya first because he’s so cute. His bad memory often leads to hilarity and it keeps me awake. ♥

Tokita Shuuya is a 5th grade student in Shuurin Gakuen, making him Nadeshiko’s junior. He has a pretty face but speaks like an ancient feudal lord once he opens his mouth, gaining him the nickname “Tono”. He looks way more mature compared to all the other kids at school, more like a middle schooler. Works as a popular kid model.
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CLOCK ZERO – Kanou Riichirou

Following everyone’s suggestions, I started the game with Rittan’s route. I also put the intro for the white bunny routes here, while the black will be in Madoka’s route summary later.

Kanou Riichirou is Nadeshiko’s childhood friend and neighbor. He’s cool and keeps a distance away from people except her. Unsociable and blunt, having arguments with Nadeshiko is on his daily schedule. He’s famous in the tea ceremony world and has a teaching license. Also a member of the tea ceremony club at school.
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CLOCK ZERO ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~

Since my eyes are okay now, I’ll resume my Clock Zero playthrough. I found it hard to get into at first.. most likely because I’m spoiled by HanaIchi. But Clock Zero has an interesting story, not to mention the art is incredibly beautiful. Sometimes the BGM scares me though..

Kurou Nadeshiko is the 12 years old daughter of Kurou Group’s head. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up, currently a 6th grade student in Shuurin Gakuen. Lately she keeps seeing strange dreams about a world in ruins. One day a student named Kaidou Takato transferred into her class and they quickly become friends. Her homeroom teacher, Kaga Akira, asked her to join an extra class after school with some other students.
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