Double Score ~Cosmos×Camellia~ – Double Story

For those of you who are into 3P stuff like me, Double Score gives us a really nice route with both Issei and Yousuke. It’s lighter and less realistic than the individual routes, but it’s good if you want to have romance with both men.


As the name suggests, “Double Story” shows Mai’s love story with both Issei and Yousuke. This route will be unlocked after clearing both of their “Good End 1”, so you can’t go for it right from the first run. The flower you choose at the very beginning will influence the endings, and you also get to see Issei and Yousuke’s inner thoughts depending on which flower you picked. Similarly to the individual routes, Double Story has four different endings.
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Double Score ~Cosmos×Camellia~ – Todaka Yousuke

Yousuke’s route is very different from Issei’s, both in terms of development and pace. He moves much faster at the beginning, but he gets stuck and completely stops at a certain point. Mai also shows a different side in front of him. (。・∀・。)

戸高鷹介 (CV:鳥海浩輔)

Todaka Yousuke is a 32-year-old salaryman who’s friendly towards anyone. He has a positive personality, so he’s always cheerful and doesn’t think too deeply about anything. Even though he’s frivolous, he knows how to deal with things and rarely gets scolded for his actions. Yousuke works in the sales department. He’s in charge of business promotions and is highly popular among the ladies. His birthday is November 23, and his birth flower is camellia.
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Double Score ~Cosmos×Camellia~ – Suoh Issei

Since each game in Double Score only has two guys, you’re pretty much free to choose whoever you want right from the start. From the CDs I loved Yousuke a bit more, so I’ll save him for later and do Issei (plus his Tachibana voice) first.

周防壱成 (CV:立花慎之介)

Suoh Issei is a serious, diligent salaryman at the age of 31. He has a very strong sense of responsibility and can be TOO serious, but also kind. As the oldest of five siblings, Issei is good at looking after others, not to mention he also excels at all kinds of housework. He’s used to being relied on, but doesn’t like relying on people in return. He’s an efficient worker in the public relations department. His birthday is October 30, with cosmos as his birth flower.
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Double Score ~Cosmos×Camellia~

Before moving on to new releases, I’m going to write up posts for two games on my queue. The first one is this game, the first installment in the Double Score series. The main theme is “age gap”, and it’s much sweeter than I expected. :D

Double Score ~Cosmos×Camellia~

Shinozawa Mai is a high school student working in Kamizono Shrine, which is famous for supporting and granting love fortunes. Those who are chosen are allowed to enter a special area deep inside the shrine grounds, where a small shrine is standing—surrounded by flowers. These flowers bloom regardless of seasons, granting blessings at all times. Mai’s parents received their blessings in the past, and she’s dreaming to experience a dramatic love like they did. Little did she know that two of the blooming flowers will guide her to her fated one. This game focuses on Suoh Issei and Todaka Yousuke.
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