Hotokenser – Doujima Mitsuki

The last route in Hotokenser. I left Green for last since I like him the most out of all three guys, but it turns out that his route contains the “main story” too. This is the best route in my opinion.

The student council’s vice-president. Mitsuki is a bright and cheerful person who gets along with people easily. It’s hard to read his mind, and so people won’t be able to tell whether he’s serious or just joking. But behind that friendly personality, Mitsuki has another side that only shows when he’s gazing at the sky from the rooftop. He loves sweets and giving nicknames to people, calling Kureha “Piyo-chan” from their first meeting. His own nickname is “Lock”.
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Hotokenser – Sumeragi Rikuto

Moving on to Hotoken Yellow now. I love sporty guys since they tend to be so dumb and cute, but Rikuto goes way beyond my expectations. Even though his swimsuit is so distracting. 8D

The lively ace of the swimming club. Rikuto is also the student council’s secretary, though he rarely does any work and would rather practice swimming instead. His eyesight is bad, but he refuses to wear any glasses like Ryuuichi, who is also his childhood friend. Despite Rikuto’s popularity, he can’t tell girls apart since they all look the same to him. In fact, he had to stare at Kureha from up close just to remember her face. His sense of taste is absolutely nasty.
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Hotokenser – Kondou Ryuuichi

Because I used to be a fan of Blue in the original Power Rangers. Ryuuichi is the tsundere of the game, so he gets a lot of cute arguments with Kureha.. though he can be annoying at first.

The smart student council president with top grades, and also heir to an extremely rich family. He’s a perfectionist who hates anything that strays off the right path. Though he has a strong sense of responsibility, Ryuuichi hates losing to anyone and wants to always stand on top. He holds a grudge against Kureha since she kicked him off the leader position, which is why he’s always acting snarky towards her. Loves haiku and always reads one after a battle.
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Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser

This is Power Rangers: The Otome Game. ワーヽ(。・ω・。)ノーイ I’ve been eyeing Hotokenser ever since the teaser site went up, and I’m loving the game so far! Not to mention the art is lovely. ♥

At the beginning of Fall semester, Ohtori Kureha transfers to Mihotoke Gakuen based on the principal’s invitation. She’s dreaming of a peaceful school life with a little romance, but what awaits her is a shocking fact that the school is located right above the boundary between this world and the spirit world. From time to time evil spirits would come out from the other side, so a special rescue team called Hotokenser is formed to fight them. Now Kureha is chosen to be the leader of that team — Hotoken Red!
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