Kago no Naka no Alicis – Maximillian

Finally! This is the last route of Alicis. Max looks awesome with all the black and purple, but honestly I didn’t expect anything. Alicis has too many disappointing routes, so.. (´・ω・`A;)

The king of Noir. A cool and collected young man who rarely shows any signs of panic. Max was the lover of the previous Alicis. Her death caused him to hate the Alicis system, and now he’s planning to destroy it. He will do anything to reach his goal, even if it means killing people in the process. He’s always followed around by his leopards, Orthros and Cerberus.
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Kago no Naka no Alicis – Francis

Sorry it took quite a while to post this. I was busy taking care of my foot during the weekend. I’ve been eyeing Francis ever since Alicis got announced, and he has the best route so far.

Roachrist no. 5. Francis is serious, polite and sincere to everyone regardless of age and gender. He’s a perfect example of an honor student. His support is his own older sister Vivi, who loves beating him up whenever she gets the chance, but he’s always smiling despite the constant abuse. Francis is 19 years old and originally comes from Luce, unlike everyone else.
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Kago no Naka no Alicis – William

William has two things I can never resist. First is that princely looks, and second is Namikawa Daisuke’s voice. He’s a prince on a white horse and I was hoping his route would be good.

Roachrist no. 10. Innocent and straight with nothing to hide. Also a little airheaded and has a relaxing atmosphere around him. William was a 18 years old third prince before he came to Luce, so he has good faith and treats everyone kindly. He’s smart and perfectly educated, even though he might not look like it. His assistant is Alastair, his servant back in their world.
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Kago no Naka no Alicis – Kaito

Since I’m a big fan of Suwabe Junichi, I had high expectations for Kaito’s route. Not to mention that I absolutely love his looks. (。・ω・。)ノ♡ Too bad this route and Kaito himself disappointed me.

Roachrist no. 2. Playful, simple-minded, and never thinks too deeply about things. He says things lightly and often has unfortunate slips of the tongue. Kaito lives in the moment and hates unnecessary effort. As long as his life is good and easy, he’ll be satisfied. Kaito isn’t honest with his feelings, but he always helps those in trouble. Best friends with his support, Effy.
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Kago no Naka no Alicis – Harvey

Thankfully Harvey brings back the motivation I lost in Darren’s route. He can be a bit annoying at first, but he has really cute moments too. Especially when the romance starts. (*´∀`*)♪

Roachrist no. 1 and also the leader. Cheerful, easygoing and nice to everyone. Harvey’s way of speaking and attitude may seem rough, but he can be a calm tactician as well. Though he might not look like it, Harvey takes pride in being a Roachrist and takes his job very seriously. He was 24 when the gods stopped his time. His assistant is Gerald.
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Kago no Naka no Alicis – Darren

Why start with Darren? Because I like him the least out of all the guys. He’s a standard Yusa character, flirty and a little bit dangerous. This route only worsened my impression though..

Roachrist no. 8. A feminist gentleman who is kind to the ladies, but he loves seducing and touching them as well. Runa thinks he’s dangerous from the very first time they met. He loves all beautiful things, thinking Alicis is the most beautiful and innocent existence in the whole world. Darren was 22 when he was taken to Luce, and his assistant is Gerald.
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