STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!! – Shiina

This is the last route in NatsuKoi!! and I feel sad that the game is over. Anyway, Shiina’s route is probably not what you’re expecting. Rather than the start of a new relationship, romance with Shiina is more like a one summer love instead.

Shiina is the sharp-tongued boy who works part-time at the beach house and the pension. He’s a hardworker, but he’s not exactly sociable due to his harsh words and cheeky attitude. He’s also a cunning penny-pincher, charging Yuna for everything he serves — even dragging her to help out at work. Despite his personality, Shiina is actually good at attracting customers since he’s a brilliant liar. When it comes to food, he’s a picky eater who has lots of likes and dislikes.
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STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!! – Inuzuka Chihiro

Moving on to Chihiro. I absolutely LOVE this エロ teacher, so I walked into his route hoping to see some actions.. but nothing really happens. The route itself is fun, but the ending feels a bit lacking. Especially after seeing his ending in Kai.

Chihiro is the infirmary doctor of St. Louis High, and also Tsukasa’s senior back in college. He’s really assertive when it comes to girls, so he treats every female student with utmost care. As for the boys, they can go ahead and fix their own wounds since he won’t bother taking care of them unless it’s really serious. He might seem like a total flirt, but Chihiro actually cares a lot about his friends and students — including Yuna. He looks and acts younger than his age.
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STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!! – Souma Takashi

Since I’m done with the main guys, it’s time to move on to the sub-characters. Takashi is adorable, and it’s not because I’m biased towards Kimura Ryouhei. It’s not that, okay. (`・ω・´)キリッ He’s also the main comic relief of the series.

Takashi is one of Yuna’s classmates in 2-C. He’s always cheerful, lively and loves anything fun. Even though he’s not good in using his head, he’s very dedicated and loyal in everything he does. He might be overshadowed by all the popular guys around him, but he’s actually the ace of the kendo club — which is a great achievement considering he’s still a second year. Due to his friendly personality, Takashi and Yuna have been good friends ever since her transfer.
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STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!! – Mishiro Takumi

Takumi キタ———(*ノÅノ)———!! I’ve been waiting for him ever since I started on NatsuKoi, and it was hard since he keeps sending adorable mails even when you’re in someone else’s route. Takumi’s still the best, and he’s as sexy as usual.

Takumi is one of Yuna’s classmates in 2-C, but he’s actually one year older than her. He hates summer as much as he hates winter, so he often mails her saying he feels tired due to the heat. Takumi prefers spending summer indoor with the air conditioner on, and he wouldn’t go to the beach if it’s not for Yuna. Or fried prawns. When he’s not watching over Yuna, Takumi can be found underwater, hunting ingredients for his favorite dish. He’s also a good swimmer.
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STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!! – Toratani Rikka

Rikka is one of my favorites in Storm Lover, and I saved him for second to last because I just can’t resist his cuteness. Luckily there’s no sad scenes or endings here in NatsuKoi, so you can enjoy Rikka’s route without shedding any tears.

Rikka is a cute, delicate first year who loves pulling pranks on people. During the trip, he spends his time shooting people with his water gun — Storm Blaster — or hiding poo-poo cushion under Yuna’s bus seat. Rikka actually doesn’t really like swimming, so he makes sure he’s fully equipped with goggles or swim rings when he enters the sea. Aside from Yuna, his biggest enjoyment during the trip comes from the lively summer festival. He also prefers mountains to beaches.
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STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!! – Ikari Mio

Real life is currently consuming most of my time, so updates might slow down for a while.. but I’m finally done with Mio’s route today. He has a lot of adorable moments during the summer trip, so you’ll be happy if you love Mio like me. ❤

Mio is a strange third year who sees everything from a different perspective. He can’t stand the summer heat, so he often texts Yuna about how he’s melting on the beach. When he’s not sleeping, he can be found eating in the beach house, building sandcastles on the shore, or staying away from the “opposite force” of keseran paseran — jellyfish. It might seem like he’s enjoying the trip in his own way, but Mio always has Yuna in mind and does his best to make her happy.
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