TYB Honey Milk – Ninomiya Yuuto

The prince of Honey Milk. I saved his route for the last hoping it’d be the most interesting, but all I can say is this route’s different from the other two. Well, maybe it is interesting in a way.

Ninomiya Yuuto is the representative from Shinjuku. He comes from an incredibly rich family and is the heir to Ninomiya Zaibatsu. He has his own MIB: Satou, Suzuki and Tanaka who all serve him wherever he goes. Yuuto is 18 years old, a year older than Chihiro. He’s currently a 3rd year student in St. George Academy, an elite school filled with rich students. Yuuto loves collecting expensive cars and rides, naming them all with his poor naming sense.
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TYB Honey Milk – Momose Ayumu

I have to admit that Ayumu isn’t my type, so I wasn’t really excited to do his route.. but he’s manly. Probably the manliest among the Honey Milk trio, though he’s prettier than Chihiro.

Momose Ayumu is the representative from Sugamo. This pretty forest boy is the idol of the old people there, and he gets along really great with them. He even formed a local vocal unit with one of them — MomoMago. Ayumu is currently a first year student at Shirakame High School. He’s 16 years old, a year younger than Chihiro. Since he spends most of his time with old people, Ayumu prefers traditional stuff rather than the modern ones.
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TYB Honey Milk – Misaki Koutarou

Since this is my first run through all the endings, this post contains most of the spoilers and explanations. I went for Koutarou first just because I like Morikubo, but he’s a funny character.

Misaki Koutarou is the representative of Ikebukuro. He has a lot of friends and is very famous there, earning the title “Love Tiger” since he often hits on girls. He’s currently a second year student in Akagane High School, 17 years old. Koutarou is a very cheerful and positive person who likes street dancing, and he’s also a member of soccer club at school. Most girls see him as a fun person to be around with, but not a boyfriend material.
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Tokyo Yamanote Boys HONEY MILK

I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since I played the prologue CD. Sadly my copy got stuck in the customs office for almost two weeks, so I played RPGs instead. (ノ`д´)ノ〃┻━┻

Tokyo Yamanote Boys is a confession tournament held in Tokyo. This year Chihiro is chosen to be the princess, which means that she gets to spend a fateful dreamlike week with the boys. There are nine participants, each representing an area on the Yamanote Line, but Honey Milk focuses on three of them: Ninomiya Yuuto from Shinjuku, Misaki Koutarou from Ikebukuro, and Momose Ayumu from Sugamo. Which one of them will win Chihiro’s heart?
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