Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Harem Route

Finally. This is the last route and includes the Grimm brothers’ new endings. It’s a new addition for the Director’s Cut edition, so it was hard to find a proper guide.. but it’s worth the effort. ♥

To unlock the harem route, you have to clear Ludwig, Wilhelm and Jacob’s routes first. Instead of going to Hessen at the branch, you should go to Polle and see Snow White’s scenario. This will unlock a new scene called “大冒険! / Big Adventure!” along the way, and the game will automatically enter the harem route after the events in Sancto. If you’re not using a guide, pay a close attention to the Grimm brothers’ affection before entering the route.
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Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Jacob Grimm

Plus Woden’s true ending and the Grand Finale. I don’t want to make a separate post for them, so I’ll just put them in this post. My motivation is pretty low, so please excuse me if I got lazy.

The eldest son and the head of the Grimm family. Despite the 13 years age gap between them, Jacob loves Henrietta a lot ever since she was small. He’s mature and kind, though he doesn’t spoil her as much as Wilhelm does. Jacob also loves researching more than anyone else, and he holds a great power that can match his high pride as well. Because of his research, Jacob and Wilhelm are mostly away from their house in Hanau. It seems like there’s something hidden in Jacob’s heart, but it remains a mystery until much later.
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Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Wilhelm Grimm

Wilhelm キタ━━ヽ(*´Д`)ノ━━ョ!! Finally it’s time to tackle Henrietta’s older brothers. I’m not sure what to expect since the big plot is already revealed, and Wilhelm’s story isn’t that deep either.

The second son of the Grimm family. Wilhelm is really gentle and cares a lot about his siblings, especially Henrietta and Jacob. He’s a good researcher with a broad range of knowledge, but he also has an unexpectedly clumsy side. While he respects Jacob and would do anything to help him, Wilhelm is also doing his best to stop the darkness growing in Jacob’s heart. Wilhelm spoils Henrietta a lot ever since she was small, and he even asked her to marry him because she won’t be able to live without his cooking. 23 years old.
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Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Alp

The game refers to him as “Muma / 夢魔”, but I decided to go with “Alp” since that’s what the opening movie calls him. I had high expectations, and this route is even better that I expected.

A mysterious incubus who plays an important role in the story. Alp was the one who put both Henrietta and Ludwig to sleep five years ago, and he keeps appearing to tempt Henrietta even up until now. It seems like Alp is interested in Henrietta’s power, so he’s been trying to lure her into his realm — the dream world. While it seems like he’s an enemy they should be aware of, from time to time he also shows a lonely expression in front of Henrietta. Nobody knows what he wants to achieve, and it’s unclear if he’s a friend or foe.
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Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Ludwig Grimm

Now that I’m done with all the fairytale characters, it’s finally time for Ludwig’s route. He has a new ending in Director’s Cut, but I’ll make a separate post for that since it’s in the harem route.

Henrietta’s cousin. Ludwig is a year older than Henrietta, and they grew up like close siblings even though they also fight a lot. Ludwig’s power is to bring his paintings to life, and he often uses this ability to assist everyone in battle. The objects he summons are temporary and will disappear after a while, but the effects they bring are real. While Ludwig shows a hint of his real power as the third son of the Grimm family, he actually can’t fully handle his own power yet. Just like Henrietta and her magic book, Ludwig carries his magic canvas everywhere.
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Zettai Meikyuu Grimm – Ibara no Ouji

Now this is more like it. I watched a bit of Dorn’s route and ending, but that only made me more curious about this ドS sleeping prince. Sadly this route is rather short and similar to Rosen’s.

Sleeping Beauty’s older brother. His real name is Dorn von Lune, but people calls him “Ibara no Ouji”. Dorn received a heavy curse to save his sister’s life, and so his body remains asleep in the castle. Despite his formal and polite way of speaking, Dorn is a sadistic prince who loves insulting everyone around him. He’s also charismatic and has a high pride, whipping everyone who dares to object with his rose scourging whip. Whenever his sister is in trouble, Dorn will appear from the thorny vines she summons.
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