Please read this carefully before asking anything. Comments asking for these questions will be ignored / deleted. Do note that I don’t support piracy, so comments asking for download links will be deleted.

1. Do you play these games in Japanese or English?
Japanese. I always state it on my review if I play something in English, but 99.9% of the time I’m playing all the games in Japanese. I never use any English patches, so please don’t ask me about where to get them.

2. Where can I buy / download these games in English?
Most visual novels aren’t available in English, so if you can’t find any patches, you might as well give up because the chances are rather slim for these games to hit the English market. Again, please don’t ask me about where to get games or English patches.

3. Where do you buy your games from?
Amazon JP, HMV, Play-Asia, CDJapan and AmiAmi. For stuff I bought from Amazon JP, I have a friend in Japan to help me with shipping. They don’t ship games overseas, so you might need a third party service to help ordering your goods.

4. Is this blog a review site, a fanfiction site, a dump for your delusions, or a joke?
Please read my sidebar carefully. This is a visual novel blog, which means I post all kinds of reviews / summaries / spoilers in details. I don’t have any intentions to write any fanfictions, and sorry but I’m not delusional. If you think this whole blog is a joke, then something is seriously wrong with you.

5. Do you play these games on emulator or console?
For PSP games, I’m playing them on my PSP-3006. My PS2 died a long time ago, so I can only play PS2 games on PCSX2 now. As for the games, I ripped the ISO directly from the DVDs. If your PS2 is still working, I recommend playing them on PS2 directly because it’s much more convenient.

6. Can you upload your games and share it? Please?
No. Please support the developers by buying their games.

7. Can you please review ______?
I’m sorry. I’m not taking any requests at the moment, and I doubt I ever will. Unless you can stop time for me, because I already have a hard time managing my otome time / work. ヽ( ;∀;)ノ If you’re requesting for an otome game review, most likely I’ll get there eventually.. but for non-otome or BL games, never.

8. May I use your translations / reviews for scanlating / reposting / etc.?
Yes, I don’t mind as long as you CREDIT ME. (。・∀・。)ノ Please don’t take anything without crediting.

9. Why are you so slow?
Because I have work and real life to take care of. I started this blog as a hobby, a place to share stories and information regarding visual novels, so I’m doing my best not to treat it like a chore. I don’t want to finish games out of “sense of duty” to keep posting quick updates. Please understand.

10. Why you only post shortened summaries? You should translate the whole thing!
Sure, but freeze time for me in return so it won’t take months or even years to get it done. Deal?

11. I can’t trigger scene ______! Help! What did I do wrong? Do you have a guide?
Check the “Otome Game Guides” section on the sidebar. All you have to do is look for the game’s title and you’ll find a detailed guide. For BROTHERS CONFLICT please refer to the previous comments, as most likely it’s been answered before.

More questions might be added later. Thanks for reading!