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    • I have it on my backlog, so I’ll play it eventually. But I’m taking your request into consideration and will start it once I’m done with the games I’m currently playing. :3

      • Currently playing Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku but it’d take some time before I can write the summaries. :D After that I still have Clock Zero and Desert Kingdom. I wanna clear my PS2 backlog since the ISO I ripped from the DVDs are eating up my harddisk. xD

      • Yeah I know, I was talking about Corda 3 too.
        I’ve finished Corda 2 and Encore years ago, minus forte and forte encore since I didn’t have a PSP back then.

      • well good review takes time to write, cant wait to read them though
        i like Nadeshiko in Clock Zero, she is like Tiana, both arent a damsel in distress
        cant wait to read them :)

    • I don’t know as I play them in Japanese. Otome games rarely get translated into English.
      There are a few English titles, but so far the only one I’ve played is only RE:Alistair.
      If you wanna enjoy otome games I suggest you learn Japanese, just like what Fumi said.

  1. Usually or maybe always otome games don’t get subbed (have yet to have an exception that I know of) because the developers have decided that there isn’t really a market here in North America, therefore I suggest u try learning jap and make do with what they give u

  2. Yay!! I love reading Clock Zero and Desert Kingdom the most! Reading the reviews, i mean :D. I’m not good with Japanese that much.

    • On my way of finishing Clock Zero. Summaries will be up when I have the time to finish writing them. :)
      But it’ll probably take a while before I can touch Desert Kingdom..

  3. is it okay if u can do a game review that i like after you r done with the game review u r about to publish

    • You mean like a request?
      I can’t promise anything since my backlog’s piling up like a mountain, but tell me the title. Maybe I have it on my to-play list. :D

    • Actually I already did D.C.G.S some years ago.
      I probably will do the portable version someday, but I can’t say when.

  4. well thank u you r like a close friend 2 me because i hardly ever talk to my friends and my dim-witted of a’s nice talking 2 u rin :)

    • lol you can’t tell? xD
      if you read my about page it clearly says I’m a girl.. and I don’t think the way I write is that manly either lol

    • err.. I’ve said it above, but you can see it on my sidebar..
      that way people can easily see what game I’m playing now

    • No I won’t. It’s been quite a while since I played LE2, I don’t remember much details.
      ..and again, I’m not interested in the other two. Why don’t you try looking in other places? ._.

  5. Hey there Rin! Love the reviews you’ve been posting so far, it’s nice to know what otome games are worth buying (thanks to your review I was able to buy Hanayaka, Moujuutsukai and will get Clock Zero) and I was wondering if you could do a summary of Musketeer?
    I see you’re doing Takuyo games lately, but if you have the time, you should really try doing it since I heard it was good.

    • Hello, glad to hear that my posts help you in buying games. :)
      Everybody’s recommending Musketeer to me, so I’m thinking of doing it after Kaerubatake’s fandisk. Or before. Depending on my mood. But yes I will do it. xD

  6. hi rin.
    once again thank you for your super useful reviews.
    i’m really sorry if that’s a bother but i didn’t really knew to ask who.
    you know that some games have multiple versions, for example, has PSP and PS2 and PS3 versions.
    all of games require a notable amount of money to purchase them, especially otomate and idea factory ones.
    i was wondering if other versions of same games contain a different story, like if PSP version and PS2 versions are different? i wouldn’t like to miss the story you know…

    • No, if it’s the same title then they’re exactly the same game..
      The PSP version is usually the portable version, sometimes with new scenes added. Hakuouki and Hiiro no Kakera got a PS3 version too, but it’s basically the same.. just with enhanced graphics. If you have a PSP then I’d recommend getting the PSP version instead, for new scenes and CGs. You won’t miss anything from the PS2 version and get extras instead. The only drawback would be smaller CGs, but if you can tolerate that then go for PSP. :)

  7. Hi ^^ Love your reviews! Thank you so much for them!! I was reading the UtaPri one yesterday, and I saw that you changed the CGs! The new ones are soo better than the others!
    Btw, will you do a review for Amazing Aria and Sweet Serenade? If you won’t, do you know if there’s any place that have them? I saw the CGs and OMG I must know the stories!!!! Syo all shirtless on top of Haruka! XD And It was a big surprise Ringo’s route and Mitsuo’s route…

    • Hehe yes I changed the CGs. I don’t think I have enough time to go through Repeat (since it’s basically the same game) so I’ll just take the CGs. Now things look so much better with proper CGs, they really should have done this from the start. xD

      I’m planning to do AA and SS in the future, but I can’t say when since I’m currently flooded with new games.. and I can’t point any sites with reviews either because I’m not reading any spoilers before then, sorry. ;_;

      • I agree, they should have done that from the start XD And don’t worry, take your time and thanks anyway ^^ OMG! Sorry if I gave some spoilers!

  8. I’d like to ask for a game recommendation. ^^;;;;
    I’m looking for a PC game set in modern time (or something not really complicated to understand). It’s neither really short nor too long. I’m not sure if every pc game is fully-voiced but it would be best if it is. PC games other than Starry Sky and Love Revo. Sorry if it’s too picky. ^^;;

    • Definitely Hotokenser! :D
      But since it seems like you already put it into consideration, how about Bloody Call? It has a thick plot, but not too hard to understand. The action scenes are cool and the heroine can fight too. Other than that, Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru is great too. :3

  9. Cool~! Bloody Call is just my type of story. I love action scenes and a strong heroine. The art is pretty too. :D Dare ni Demo Ura ga Aru looks good as well. I’d love to play the teacher route. :D But for now, I’ll go for Bloody Call. Thanks for the recommendations! ^_^

  10. Hi Rin. i just won a 10000 yen prize and is searching for a nice PSP otome game.
    i scroll through internet for some interesting games but i couldn’t find any… except that Arcobaleno! game. it’s kind of old, 2009 or something? the plot seems stupid. some chef girl serves together with guys bla bla bla… but the idea is rather unique. and the art is really awesome! i wonder if these games are any good? i thought you might now something.
    so other then this game do you have any suggestions? doesn’t matter if it’s expensive. and i don’t mind but it’d be good if it wasn’t mystery and action and gore and bla bla… just saw someone asked above and i asked as well lol!

    • PSP? Then I strongly recommend Hanayaka Nari, Waga Ichizoku. It has a great balance of romance, comedy and drama. The game has some actions, but the main point is the drama, so yeah lol. I feel sad that there’s only a few people who knows about this great game. ;_;

      As for Arcobaleno, it’s a cute and light game focused on cooking.. but the plot is rather shallow. The routes are pretty short too, even though the romance scenes are cute. But yes it’s drawn by Miko, who’s also the illustrator for Beastmaster & Prince, so the art is pretty. xD

      • whoa… is Hanayaka Nari in 3D? OMG…
        thanks for the help!!! i’d be bored quickly if the character routes were short, and shallow games really aren’t my type. Hanayaka Nari seems pretty. RPG type, right? lol i’m a big RPG fan! thx for the advice xD you’re my favorite otome game reviewer you know that? lol thx again!

        • LOL thank you. xD
          HanaIchi isn’t an RPG, but it’s an interactive stat raiser. You can go around the mansion and town, do quests for people and such. The heroine is a maid, so it’s a really nice change from all the princess / high school girls we often find in otome games. It’s really fun. :D

  11. hey Rin! is your backlog SOOOOOOO crowded right now? cuz i was gonna recommend you one game! ever heard of Storm Lover: Summer Love!! ? i borrowed my friends and it’s sooooo nice! though… i have to say it’s a little complicated. you can have a love triangle or chose your boyfriend from the beginning like Amnesia. or even use a classic method… just chose and get your boyfriend. the art is awesome and the publisher is D3 Publisher. i thought i could recommend a thing ;D i hope you don’t mind?

    • Oh it’s on my backlog actually, both Storm Lover and Natsukoi. I gave it a try and got a boyfriend an hour into the game. Then another 30 minutes to become a バカップル.. lol. I don’t know when I can play it though, since I’m planning to do Gekka Ryouran, Death Connection and maybe Towa no Sakura next. But thanks for the recommendation, I’ll play it eventually. :D

    • Actually I’m interested in the story and concept, but it’s not otome is it?
      I might give it a try after I’m done with Death Connection and Towa no Sakura. :)

  12. do you have any otome game titles for the PSP you can recommend that’s in English? or has an English patch maybe?
    I’m learning Japanese, but I still have a lot to go :3
    so for now, I’m wondering if you can recommend anything?

  13. Hello~! First, wow lots of post since the last time I’ve been here. ^^;; I’m still in the middle of reading Death Connection lol.

    Anyway, I’d like to ask a really trivial question. I’ve started playing Bloody Call and I need a walkthrough for it. I know you’ve already listed some links but I’m not sure which one to pick. ^^;; And I would also like to ask if it’s advisable to play it in this order: Wataru -> Kugami -> Cain -> Reimei -> Shirou -> JIn.

    Sorry for the bother and many thanks! :)

    • For Bloody Call I used La Primavera‘s guide. My order was Reimei → Shirou → Wataru → Kugami → Cain → Jin, so I was gradually moving from Freikorps to NEDE and it was fun. You should leave the NEDE guys for last before Jin, because despite the cover art and all.. Reimei and Shirou are not the main guys. xD

  14. Thanks a lot for the guide! :)
    Uwaaah, I thought they are one of the main guys other than Jin. ^^;;
    Many thanks for the help! ^^

    • Yes, but I don’t know when will I have the time to play it.
      Especially since there’s a lot of exciting releases in 2012.. orz

    • Due to Rin having internet problems at the moment, I’m the one who’s going to reply for you. She’s not into Hetalia so most probably she won’t make a review out of it.

  15. Hi rin, sorry to bother you… can I request Wand of fortune and Wand of fortune 2? The japanese language in there are so hard,I cant even undestand whats going on (expecialy in WOF 2)…

    • Hello! Like what I said above, Rin is having internet problems and because of it she can’t open WordPress, so I’ll be the one answering for her. She’s not taking requests anymore due to her work plus she has a lot of games in her hands.

  16. Hi Rin!

    How are you doing? I hope you’ll get plenty of time for otome games during Chinese New Year. Even though it’s still too early, Happy Chinese New Year aka Happy Holidays!
    – Um, do you get any holiday? –

    Actually, I read some of your HanaIchi Kinema reviews recently and must wholeheartedly admit, I am truly captivated by the brilliant character interaction!! It gives off AF vibes, which I’m loving to pieces. .<

    Anyhow, I am still a student and import games are luxury investments, at least for me. Other factor like time should also be considered *sigh*… I heard that SYK also has good character interaction + development. Before I proceed, I would like to ask for your sincere opinion hehe.

    Either of which would you recommend for best chara interaction + development? HanaIchi / SYK?

    Thanks in advance! I will eagerly wait for your feedback ^_^

    • Hello. :D
      Yes, I get holiday for Chinese New Year. Happy Chinese New Year to you too!
      I hope you can spend quality time with your family, or maybe get a lot of red envelopes. :3

      HanaIchi and Kinema are actually really similar to Arcana, in the sense that they don’t have narration / description — they’re all dialogues. That’s why the interactions are so awesome, because they’re building the story purely on dialogues. S.Y.K was great too, but I’d pick HanaIchi + Kinema any day. They’re way more voluminous compared to S.Y.K, and they have deeper storyline too with a lot of dramatic twists. So yes, I recommend getting HanaIchi. Kinema too if possible. xD

      • Thank you for your feedback, Rin. :3

        I think HanaIchi is a nice pace of change instead of the regular supernatural otome games. Furthermore, Mirinda (S.Y.K) irked me with his typical playboy antics. Adversely, HanaIchi looks promising in character selection as none seems to faithfully follows common archetype.

        May I know what’s a Twin Pack? Does it include both original and FD games?
        I was thinking about buying HanaIchi Twin Pack but I am uncertain of the contents, though.

        P.S: I hope it is not too much to ask you to continue writing detailed reviews on Kinema. I saw your reviews on it and was amused in a good way at the insanely looong reviews, so please write them more! LOL. ^_^
        I don’t know anyone else who could translate it for me here. And most girls around my age here are more interested in learning Korea language haha. D:

        Lastly, thanks for the detailed reviews on HanaIchi and your feedback. (-_^)

        • Yes, a Twin Pack = original game + fandisk. Since you don’t have the first HanaIchi yet, I’d say get the Twin Pack because it’s much cheaper compared to buying them separately. I hope there will be a Twin Pack for Arcana and the fandisk too so I can get both. xD Oh, and don’t worry, I will continue writing detailed reviews for Kinema. They’re insanely LONG because that’s just how long the fandisk is lol. I think they can call it a sequel instead because that volume just don’t fit a fandisk’s. 8D

          • Thank you. Indeed, Twin Pack is much cheaper compared to buying them separately. Oh, you’re buying two copies for Arcana? XD

            Yes, I never thought Arcana will sell very well in Japan market. If I know a FD will follow sooner, I would rather wait for the Twin Pack as well, so I could save up more money. *laughs*

            I guess HanaIchi is best enjoyed as a slice of life drama? I was wondering, how long does it take for you to finish a single route in HanaIchi? *Trying to juggle my time prudently LOL*

            AF took me days to finish a single route because I need to keep referring to the dictionary. But nevertheless, the reward is worthwhile as I understand more Japanese now. *proud with her achievement*

            Let’s see how many otome games I can stuff in a single year. I have yet to start CZ and Peter Pan, too. C:

            Um, Rin you’re not doing Peter Pan reviews right? I see that you are doing marathon on mostly Otomate games. ^_^

          • Back in HanaIchi, it was one day per each guy because I didn’t take detailed notes like with Kinema.. but for Kinema, it’s taking me around 3-4 days to finish one guy since there’s no general route lol. HanaIchi might feel like a slice of life drama between important events, but most of the time it’s both dramatic and funny at the same time. :3

            Actually, I did quite a lot of QR games in the past. I just haven’t touched them ever since I started blogging, and I ditched Mahoutsukai to Goshujin-sama New Ground because they have like 17263256238 endings and I just don’t have enough time to get all of them.. orz I’m planning to play Peter Pan though! It’s just I’m currently flooded with a lot of games lol. Most of my reviews are Otomate’s games since they’re the one releasing most games. 8D

  17. Wow! Thank you for your impressive conscientious work, Rin! I didn’t know you’d have to sacrifice enormous time, just to write out detailed reviews for Kinema. But rest assured, I’m sure you’re slowly enticing more people to buy HanaIchi, just like me! XD

    Dramatic + funny are just my cup of tea. I’m sure HanaIchi will keep me occupied for several months since my Jap reading + listening abilities are slow, plus school!! D:

    Yeah, Peter Pan shall mark my milestone on QR, since I’m particularly not interested in their previous games for its tedious system + character design. The reason I bought Peter Pan is because I heard that QR started to abandon their RPG style system, and sharakael just remarked how awesome that game is. :3

    Glad to hear you’re doing Peter Pan as well. I guess I won’t be rushing to start PP then. I’m taking the safe path with CZ, since your reviews on CZ could help me to conform my vague ‘guess’ on what’s happening in the game. XD

    Until then, I’ll be eagerly anticipating your upcoming reviews on HanaIchi, and Peter Pan as well LOL. (^_-) *Stalks your blog*

    Happy Chinese New Year! Last time I wished it too early… And let’s eat those Mandarin oranges and oishii lasagna!!

    • Happy Chinese New Year!

      Nah, it’s not a sacrifice because otome games are a part of my life. I’ve been otome gaming for 10 years now. 8D I hope these uber-long reviews are convincing though, since we do need to support the developers. With Hanaichi, you probably don’t want to end it too quickly. I keep thinking of replaying because I didn’t want the game to end, and with Kinema I’m just taking my time lol.

      If you wanna see Peter Pan first before playing it, Yume at chocolatemix is posting the reviews. :D

      • HI Rin!

        How was your holiday?
        I went back to my hometown and unfortunately, there are no Internet connection there. D:

        I’m sorry to hear about your PSP. Though I believe it is not exactly a pain to replay Kinema? XD

        I’m replaying AF though since I didn’t get a good grasp of what’s happening before since I just skipped the dialogues most of the time without referring to a dictionary. *Initially I was elated about the CG. Let’s hope I won’t do it again for CZ and PP*

        Thanks for the link, Rin. I just check out the link that you gave me, and Yume did post some awesome PP reviews! Thank you. :3
        In fact, I’ll be checking every links that you put in your blogroll. (^_~)

        • Hello! I spent my holiday at home. 8D
          Well.. otome games have skip functions, so that really helps a lot. I was happy to play Isami and Kisuke’s route all over again, though I wish my new MemStick won’t die anymore lol. I’m going to replay Arcana again after I’m done with Kinema. :D

          Oh, if you’ve played Peter Pan, do share your opinion about the game!
          I’ve been hearing good reviews about the game, but if it’s long then I don’t think I’ll play it soon. I need a break after plowing through Kinema. xD

          • Yay for a second Arcana replay!! XD
            LOL yeah I don’t mind replaying fun game with lots of tasteful comedies, though. A few good laugh is what I need after a long stressful day at school.
            And that’s what I expect HanaIchi to deliver. ^_^

            Yeah I was planning to start PP soon, too. But I’m not sure about the span since my ‘long’ is probably ‘short’ for you LOL. What’s your average in Arcana?

            I did take a quick peek at Yume’s review and spoil myself quite a bit. From her reviews, I must say the whole premise and character selection is stellar by fairy tales standard. I’ll let you know the rest when I beat the game. XD

            I guess I might as well start a blog some day since I got a lot to talk about RPG and my new-found otome interest. ~_~
            Do you play RPG as well, Rin?

          • What do you mean by “average”?
            If you’re referring to completion time, I finish one route per day while writing notes at the same time, so it’s pretty short. Too short actually. I want more. :3

            Oh, and yes I play RPG too. I just don’t blog about them because it’d take a lot of time lol. Recently I haven’t been playing other genres than visual novels / otome games, but there’s a high chance of me pausing otome games to play RPG someday. So if you don’t see me updating regularly, that means I’m occupied with other genres.. though probably I’ll put up their banners. xD

  18. so i was stalking your blog and i was wondering if you are going to play tokyo yamanote boys sweet jelly beans.i am curios about the ‘scary guy’s route and jesus one XD i was planning to buy the game but i found only one site that shipps to my country and it’s kinda expensive ; – ; really looking farward to the game

    • I don’t think I can play Sweet Jelly Beans anytime soon.. ;__;
      But don’t worry, I will play it someday and write a review for it.

  19. Hi Rin! : D I’ve never bought/played an otome game before, and I’m sorta waiting for Black Wolves Saga haha (Will you play that if it comes out? I hope you could, because I don’t know any Japanese xDDD), but in otome games, the companies seem to sell two different editions. o-o One’s like, $60 and the other would be $80. I’m wondering why the other is $80 and what the difference between them is! Sorry for being an annoying newbie >< I hope I made a right choice in getting BWS XD

    • Hello! :D Yeah, I’ve been keeping an eye on Black Wolves Saga for quite a while now. I’m definitely going to play Bloody Nightmare when it comes out next month. As for the price, it’s different because most games have regular and limited edition. The limited edition is obviously more expensive, but it has bonuses like drama CDs, artbooks or posters. Limited editions usually come with a pretty box too. Oh, and no you’re not being annoying at all! :3

      • Oooh! The limited edition sounds really tempting ! XD The cast for BWS seem to be really great and the art is so beautiful! Hehe thanks so much! <3

        • No problem! Bloody Nightmare has violence and blood though, and some of the routes (like Mejojo’s) sound like pure madness.. though you probably already know this. xD;;

  20. Hi Rin :)
    I was just wondering have you tried Hakuoki: The Demon of the Fleeting Blossom? It came out in English so do you think this might be a start for otome games to be localized? > v <)

    • Hello. I’m not playing English Hakuoki because I’ve already played the Japanese version, but it would be nice if it can open the door for more otome games to be localized. I’d like to see them improving their translations though, since to be honest I’m not impressed by the amount of curses / swears in Hakuoki. xD;

  21. Can you upload cgs of hanaichi and cinema mosaic so I can download it. I try to find it but I didn’t get it, I always like this game, because the story is about maid and her lord, and there’s little history and politic. I want to play it but I can read japanese, so I’m so happy cause u wrote their story in very detail :)
    I always waiting for you update, I like your blog so much, I can’t wait for your update to brothers conflict, good luck

  22. Hi Rin,

    If you don’t mind, can you tell where I can get guide for Atelier Elkrone ~Dear for Otomate~ ? And btw, do you know if there’s going to be 2 Black Wolves Saga game? (Last Hope & Bloody Nightmare)

    Thanks : ), and sorry if I’m being annoying.

    • Hello! For Elkrone, I’m following this guide.
      Oh, and yes I know BWS will be split into two games. I haven’t played Bloody Nightmare yet, but I hope Last Hope will be milder. :3

  23. Hi,

    I need some opinions here, what otome game (psp or nds preferably) that you would recommended for first time buyer? I have some backup games for my psp and nds.. But i really like to own some of the real copy so i can enjoy it as a true otome game player..
    What would you recommended?

    Also i really enjoyed Brothers Conflict novels that you post, i’ve played Subaru route in psp, and totally agrees that Subaru the most pure one, eventhough he likes to hugs Ema when she sleep over (and when he called himself pathetic is so cute).. XD
    Can’t wait for vol.7 come out.. I’m thinking to buy all the copies, even though i hardly can read kanji.. Hopefully they’ll turn it to an anime soon..

    • Hello!
      Since you mentioned that you can hardly read kanji, I’d recommend otome games with school themes. They have easier language level compared to the fantasy / historical ones. Do you have problems with stat raising? If not, I’d recommend Tokimemo GS or Love Revo. Tokimemo GS 1 and 2 are on NDS, 3 is on PSP. Love Revo is on both NDS and PSP, but get the PSP one since they have extra contents. Brothers Conflict is good too if you don’t mind its buggy system. :3

  24. Thank you for your reply!

    I can’t really read kanji, but understand almost 70-80% if its full voiced. I can understand Japanese by hearing but not by reading.. Tehehe
    Tokimemo GS and Love Revo pretty great (though i used cheat XO ) I have to admit, when it come with Tokimemo GS and Love Revo style, that you have to raise with balance, kinda hard for me.
    Fantasy/historical i give up upon hearing their themes.. T_T
    So much words i can’t understand, make my brain shut down..

    Owh yeah about Brothers Conflict buggy system.. I played Subaru route, i do notice some bugs, like when Ema wear furisode, Subaru voice stuck at lines that he used when Miwa gave Ema her bouquet..
    What kind of bugs do you notice? Since i’ve only played Subaru for the moment.

    Have you played Renai Banchou and Lucian Bee’s on PSP? Pretty hard for me to play (Vitamin series, renai and lucian bee’s) but the artwork is so irresistible..

    • Yeah, the bugs in BroCon are mostly voice / dialogue bugs. Other than that, I only noticed that the park disappears from the date spot list every once in a while LOL. I haven’t played Lucian Bee’s, but I did finish Renai Banchou. It’s not hard if you use a guide, so if you need any help feel free to check the guide links on my sidebar. If you don’t like stat raisers, then how about pure VNs like D.C. Girl’s Symphony? :D

  25. Whoaa! Awesome!! definitely will check it out!d(^□^)
    I haven’t play it yet, so i will looking forward for pure VNs and D.C..
    Thank you for the recommendations! ★-(ゝ∀・` Thank You!´ゝ∀・)-☆

  26. It’s been a long time since i’ve visited this site, and still I love your game reviews!

    Anyway If you have time (which I know is very hard especially for fangirl gamers), can you please make a game review of Hakuoki: Demon Fleeting Blossom??

    I really can’t take my eyes of it since i’ve found out that it had it’s anime version.

    Oh and also Heart no Kuni no Alice, and it’s installments.

    Thank you ad more power and love of a fangirl to your site!

    • Hello, thanks for revisiting me! ゚+。:.゚嬉(pq・∀・`◎)シィ゚.:。+゚
      I can’t promise anything for Hakuouki since I already did the game last year, but I couldn’t take notes since I was playing it while traveling. I’d love to return and write summaries when I have the time though! As for Alice, I’ve been thinking about doing the PSP ports actually.. I did the original Heart and Clover, but it seems like QuinRose made a lot of additions and improvements for the PSP version. Not sure if I can play them this year, but just so you know that they’re in my backlog. :D

      • Oh i see…

        I’ll Still wait for you to finish all of your game reviews!

        Anyway, I love HanaIchi already, after reading your reviews about the game.

        Also, I became a fan of Brother’s Conflict as well.

        I Started sharing your blog site so that I could drag more fangirls into gaming. XD

        I’ll read your newest reviews once i’ve finished my midterm exams.

        Thank you once again and more power to your blog site!

        • Hanaichi is a great game, and so is Kinema Mosaic. The series is getting a new game called Tasogare Polar Star, which will be released in 2013. I’m looking forward to it since the previous two games are awesome. :D

          It seems like I’ve dragged a lot of people into Brothers Conflict.. and I’m glad if this blog can get people into otome games. Good luck with your exams and thanks for the support!

  27. Hi there! If you don’t mind would u care to make a review about the psp game CUSTOM DRIVE? Well what is your opinion about this game? i saw there is one blog writing negative review…..but i really interested >.< and i cant find any guides to cg or routes~ Anyway,your post are great to read, helps alot ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

    • Hello! I’ve played one route in Custom Drive actually, but I think it’d be hard to write a detailed summary… so the best I can offer is a brief summary of the events, would you mind that? People generally have negative opinions for this game because it’s really hard to get the CGs, and the events get repetitive since the only change is the guy’s personality. If you need a guide for the CGs, D3P has one. You can choose your guy at the very start, so you don’t have to worry about getting into the wrong route. :D

      • Ooh! Of course i woudn’t mind~If u can write a brief summary its great!! If u don’t mind u could include some cg guides….cuz some people said that some cgs needed some specific clothes or what….as the D3p guide is not that detailed.Thank you for considering my request :D

  28. Hiii ! ^-^
    i’m new to visual novels…
    so i’m a bit confused… are some of them or all (especially psp) available in

    P.s very nice page! =3

    • Hello! :D
      So far the only English otome game for PSP is Hakuouki. The rest are mostly in Japanese, but some of the popular PC / NDS otome games have English patches.

  29. Hello. Just wondering do you have any plan to play Brothers Conflict ~Brilliant Blue~ whenever it gets released? (。◕‿◕。)


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    • For some reason, WP failed to notify me of your comment. I’m sorry for the super late reply, and thank you for keeping up with me. I’ll do my best to write summaries for new releases. :D

      • Ah no, it’s fine. I’m a bit busy nowadays to go onto WP as often as I did before. Btw I’m currently reading a manga called Crimson Empire and heard it was based on an otome game. Have you heard/played it before? (PS. this isn’t a request, I just want to know since it’s quite interesting :) )

        • Oh, yeah! I was really into QuinRose back in 2008-2009, so I was eyeing Crimson Empire and Crimson Royale. It’s a part of their continent series with Arabians Lost and Mahoutsukai to Goshujin-sama, but sadly I only did those two and haven’t played Crimson Empire yet. The system is a bit complicated, so it’d definitely take a long time for me to finish… but from what I heard, it’s really good. :D

          • Oh thanks for telling me! Your blog has inspired me to learn Japanese, though I have been eying some courses before, but could never be bothered to look into it more. It also means I would be able to read more manga, instead of having to wait for English and Malay translations :)

          • Oh, glad to hear that!
            Good luck with Japanese. It’s not that hard as long as you use it often, and you’ll learn more by reading manga and / or games, so you can learn while enjoying them too. :D

          • Thank you, I’m going to need it! I’m studying a few languages at the moment, but another one won’t hurt. Good luck with your blog! :)

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    • Hello, thanks for keeping up with me. (人´∀`)アリガトー♪
      I do have Last Hope in my backlog, so I’ll get to it eventually… but i can’t promise when. I’m planning to do lighter games for a while since I’ve been doing long / heavy ones, but just to let you know that I’m planning to play it. :D

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    i’ve been following you blog for a while now. i’m a really shy girl and dont comment on blogs very often. i love you reviews since they’re so detailed especially Utapri and Glass Heart Princess! Just asking what games do u plan to review next? i hope to read your next review soon :)

    • Hello. Thanks for commenting and keeping up with me! :D I’m planning to do OZMAFIA next, but taking a break for a few days to do The Night of the Rabbit (non-otome) right now. OZMAFIA is kind of hard to blog because of all the additional scenes and endings, but I’ll do my best. (ง •̀_•́)ง

      • good luck with OZMAFIA! i hope you finish your break quickly so that we get to see new reviews! I’m pretty excited to see a review of UtaPri:AA and SS in the future too, but i completely understand how there are like mountains of otome games to play. Also, reading your reviews motivated me to start learning Japanese too!

        • Thanks, but I don’t think the break will end that quickly LOL. Writing summaries can be rather exhausting after a while, so please let me rest for a bit before going back to otome games. m(._.)m Also, I’m sorry but I don’t think I will play Utapri anytime soon. I was never THAT interested in Utapri to begin with, so other games will always take priority over it. :C

  33. Can you play diabolik lovers ? I am sorry if i am bother you .
    But it hard to find diabolik english novels , like english novel you do .
    Thank you .

    • I played Laito’s route. I just didn’t blog about it.
      If you want English translations, you can find them on the fan translation wiki.

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    First: Will you be playing and thus reviewing Polarstar? (I just mean to ask if it’s in the possibility of happening.)

    and Second: While looking at the menu of Hanaichi and Kinem Mosaic I noticed an option right below the options menu which allows me to download something which then allows me to turn something on in the options select. Do you know what it does?

    • Hello, thanks for the nice comment! *。☆:・’ヽ(*・ω・)ノ*:・’゚☆゚・*:
      I already have Tasogare Polar Star in my hands, so yeah I’m going to play it. I can’t promise when, but I’m planning to do it as soon as I’m done with my current games. As for the one from Kinema… can you give me a screenshot / picture of said option? My game is all stored up, and I don’t remember which option it is since it’s been more than a year.

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    They’re a lot of fun to read, and I’m always looking forward to reading your new ones. Thanks for the great work. C:

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    I saw your BWS: BN and here’s an advance gratitude for dedicating your time posting complete summaries (or is it essays lol) for us. I’d like to buy BWS: BN but one thing, I come across its SOUND Official Website and there’s this beautiful instrumental played in there, I’d like to know if it’s included in the game (BN)? Or should I buy along the Song Collection and OST stuff to get it?

    I ran into Last Hope’s OST someone posted on the net but there was no such track in there so it made me wonder if the instrumental played in SOUND Official is limited to BN only.

    Thank you!

    • Hello, thanks for commenting!
      Nah, I only write summaries. I’m not good at writing analysis, so I don’t write essays unless it’s to defend someone LOL.

      As for the music on BWS SOUND site, it’s the acoustic version of Dear Despair. It is included in BN. Once you’ve finished a route, you’ll hear it all the time on the title screen. I think it’s not included in LH’s Song Collection because Dear Despair is BN’s opening song. :3

      • oh okay :)) thank you very much

        I really like you style of writing, which doesn’t include much bias towards any character so please keep it up!

        • Thanks! Yeah… I don’t want my opinion regarding characters to affect the readers’, so I’m keeping my thoughts separate at the bottom of each post. :D

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    • Thank you! It’s going to take a while, but I’ll get back to Brothers Conflict once I get the novels and the time to play Brilliant Blue. :D

  39. Have you played dandelion-wishes brought to you? Although it was a korean otome game but i heard that it was good and voiced too :D

    • I played the demo, but not the full game since I’m not a big fan of digital-only releases. ;__; From what I’ve seen in the demo, it is indeed good. The system looks fun and the art is pretty. :D

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    FIRST : Thanks for ur AWESOME review !! TOTALLY LOVE THEM!
    SECOND : Can u plz play DIABOLIK LOVERS ~More Blood~ and make a review for that too?
    THIRD: I’m currently playing NORN9 myself, Just wanted to tell u U HAVE TO PLAY IT!!
    Well I like it myself A LOT, awesome plot, awesome characters , 9 BOYS!! THREE HEROINES ! Kuudere and Tsundere heroine too!
    And also SUPER AWESOME seiyuus !! ^,^

    • Sorry, I’m not taking any requests. Too many titles in my backlog and not enough time to play. I’m planning to play both DiaLov MB and NORN9, but not sure if I’m gonna blog them or not. ;_;

  42. hi there! i’m sure you’ve heard this a lot but your info on brothers conflict is just awesome! thanks so much for sharing. i actually just finished passion pink today and am planning to buy brilliant blue plus maybe one more game. i’m curious, what are your top 10, or maybe top 5 recommendations? thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment! :D
      I can’t recommend games properly without knowing your taste. What kind of games / stories do you like? I play both fluffy otome games and the depressing ones, so I wouldn’t want to give you a title that doesn’t suit your taste LOL.

  43. Great blog! I wanted to ask you, I’ve watched some reverse-harem animes (I just fiinished Brpther Conflict) and.. the thing is.. they always tease you and mostly nothing happens, so can you reccomend an anime where there is more action? XD Thanks!

    • Sadly, I think most otome game adaptations / reverse harem anime went for an open ending where the heroine doesn’t end up with anyone… which means nothing really happens LOL.

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