Ken ga Kimi for V – Stellaworth Tokuten SS Booklet


剣が君 for V ・ステラワーズスペシャル特典小冊子

This is the bonus short story booklet if you purchase Ken ga Kimi for V from Stellaworth. Similarly to the one for the PC version, the booklet contains six short stories—one for each main character. The stories, however, take place after the Kimi endings and therefore will contain spoilers for those who haven’t seen those yet. As usual, special thanks to Mitsu for scanning the booklet for me.
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Ken ga Kimi – Rental Bookstore Short Stories

剣が君 貸本屋

These are the books Kayo received from the book lender merchant during the Tokaido journey. Each of the books unlocks a short story for the guards, and you can find them in the game’s “rewards” section. As shown by the icons, the theme for these stories is body swap… or more like outfit swap, actually. It took me quite a while to finish these, but I hope you’ll enjoy! This is a commission for Jess and Yuki.
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