Hanaoni – Kitou Kaki

Kaki has two endings, and his second route has a different flow from the first. I’m putting both routes into this post. Kaki’s attitude annoyed me at first, but his true ending route is great. ♥

Kaki’s family name literally means “head of demons”, just written in different kanji. He’s a 3rd year student in Kigasato High School, as well as the Student Body President. Unsociable and quiet, Kaki avoids people most of the time and prefers to move alone. He’s the demon who made the mark on Kanna’s chest, and yet he’s trying to kill her for some reason. 18 years old in human age, 92 years old in demon age.
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Hanaoni – Shizuma Mitsuaki

When I first saw Mitsuaki on the official site, I didn’t like him. I thought he’d be the stereotypical megane in this game, but I was really wrong about that. His weird kansai-ben is cute. ♥

Shizuma Mitsuaki is one of the three wings who brought Kanna to Kigasato. He’s a third year student and is the head of the student executives, who runs most of the school events. He’s been visiting so many places that he mixed lots of dialogues into one, which resulted in his weird kansai-ben. Loud and cheerful, but is actually a sympathetic hardworker. 221 years old and appears 18 in human age.
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Hanaoni – Hayasaki Minaha

I’ve been extremely curious about Minaha since the first time he appeared in the game. Just because he’s voiced by Kaji Yuuki and his voice is really similar to Erik the sexy bunny. 8D

Hayasaki Minaha is one of the three wings protecting Kanna. He’s classmates with her and spends more time with her compared to the other two. He doesn’t mind his small stature or cute face, and is very outspoken in both words and actions. Reiji and Mitsuaki are always watching over him since he’s the youngest demon ever chosen to be the three wings. He’s 15 years old in human age, and his real age is 33.
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Hanaoni – Mitsugi Kuniichi

Next up is Kuniichi since everyone’s saying he’s really cute. That, and because I love his eyes a lot. A friend on MNR warned me not to expect too much from his route though.. (´・ω・`A;)

Mitsugi Kuniichi is a new transfer student in Kanna’s class. He was one of the three wings serving the previous head and thinks Hibiki would make a better head than Kaki. He believes that Kaki’s weakness is his bride, and so he works with Hibiki to target Kanna. Serious and stubborn, but clearly draws a line between what’s right and wrong. He’s 18 years old in human age while his real age is 221.
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Hanaoni – Horikawa Hibiki

Reiji’s route was meh so I need more motivation to keep me going. Since everyone’s raving about Hibiki’s sexiness, I decided to do his route next. And he doesn’t disappoint me. 8D

Horikawa Hibiki is a 2nd year student in Kigasato High School, a year older than Kanna. He’s aiming for Kaki’s life and believes that the bride must be his weakness, so he started attacking Kanna as well. Hibiki is good-looking and strong even among all the demons, but is also cruel and malicious. He never shows any mercy to his enemies. 131 years old though appears to be 17 in human age.
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Hanaoni – Takatsuki Reiji

My first target just because I like his looks lol. Usually I don’t like long-haired guys, but for some reason I really like Reiji’s face.. and clothes. Oh, and I know nothing about the novels lol.

Takatsuki Reiji is the infirmary teacher in Kigasato High School, and is also one of the three wings. He’s extremely popular as “the beauty of the infirmary” among the students, both male and female. People say his beauty has surpassed gender, and he’s proud of it. Soft-spoken and gentle, though sometimes shows a scary smile. He doesn’t show any mercy to those who wreck the infirmary too. He’s 24 years old, though his real age should be around 500.
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