Sorry for the long wait, but I’m finally done with the first volume of Brothers Conflict 2nd Season. As we saw in vol. 7, Iori and Kaname have left the house. They’re both away in this volume, but Yusuke gets his long-awaited spotlight!


In spring, Ema became an undergraduate student in Meiji University. While the Asahina brothers are still not giving up on her, each of them has grown too as a person. Once again, the brothers begin clashing with each other to win her heart. In this volume, a new school year starts for those who are still studying. Ema goes to an anime’s anniversary event and runs into a problem during a group date, while Tsubaki learns an important thing from Yusuke.
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Before moving on to the 2nd season, let’s take a look at Brothers Conflict Short Stories because they happen during the 1st season. Each character gets a nice amount of story, though the triplets get a bit more focus as usual. (。・∀・。)♪

As the title suggests, Brothers Conflict Short Stories is a compilation of all the short stories that were previously featured on Sylph and Dengeki Girl’s Style. This book contains unusual interactions between the characters who didn’t usually talk to each other, like Azusa and Iori, Subaru and Rui, or even Ukyou and Natsume. The short story about the triplets’ school life—”Early Days”—is also included here. Maybe we’ll discover a new side of the Asahina brothers?
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It’s been a while since the first season of Brothers Conflict ended. They have released three more books since then, and I’m going to start with the official doujinshi—BRCN DOUBT. Official because this came from the staff themselves.

BRCN DOUBT is an official doujinshi made by the creators of Brothers Conflict. This book contains things you’d never see in the main story, including trailing over the “dangerous” line and genderbending. It was only sold at Dengeki’s 20th Anniversary Festival and Dengekiya, which makes it hard to obtain outside of auction sites. BRCN DOUBT contains three chapters. One is for Ema, one for Azusa and one for Fuuto.
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The last volume in the first season of Brothers Conflict. Sorry this took a while to come out, the book was sold out everywhere. I couldn’t order it through HMV, and it was out of stock for a while in other places. Thank God for CD Japan.

For Ema, the Asahina brothers are her important family. They’re also the people who honestly conveyed their feelings for her, and she finally finds the “answer” for their affection. In this volume, it’s time for Ema and Yusuke’s entrance exam. A fight breaks out between Subaru and Natsume, while both Kaname and Iori made their decisions after what happened last time. After telling them how she feels, Ema graduates from high school and walks towards the future…
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BROTHERS CONFLICT Passion Pink – Masaomi

Masaomi’s route is the last route in Passion Pink, and he used to be my favorite before Fuuto takes the throne. He’s so gentle and adorable despite his age, and I love his hetare side a lot.

Masaomi is the eldest son of the Asahina family. He’s 31 and works as a pediatrician, which fits his children-loving and gentle personality. Ever since their father passed away, Masaomi has been taking care of Wataru and becomes the father figure of his life. He rarely snaps or gets angry over anything, but he turns incredibly terrifying when he does. Masaomi is rather laid-back, and he spends most of his free time relaxing at home. He loves his family a lot.
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BROTHERS CONFLICT Passion Pink – Kaname

Before reading further, please keep in mind that Kaname is a bit different from how he is in the novels. He flirts and hits on Ema all the time, but he’s also the sexy king of the game. (❤ฺ→艸←)

Kaname is the 3rd son of the Asahina family, 26 years old. He’s a Buddhist monk who doesn’t act like one, and he absolutely loves hitting on every girl who walks into his field of vision. Due to his flashy appearance and attitude, he looks more like a professional host instead. Kaname is infamous for what he calls “gracious words”, and the number of women who wish to hear this suspicious subject is never-ending. He hits on Ema right from their very first encounter.
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