BWS Bloody Nightmare – Rath Vogart

Rath’s turn! ❤ This young wolf is supposed to be the main guy of the game, but since Bloody Nightmare is focusing on the cats… Let’s just say his route here is quite short and empty, just like some of you have mentioned in the comments.

ラス・ヴォガード (CV:梶裕貴)

Rath is a young man from the wolf race, which is believed to be an endangered species in Weblin. He has beautiful silver hair that glows like the moon, a pair of wolf ears and a tail. One of his ice blue eyes is covered with an eyepatch, and he wields dual main gauche in battle. He’s not used to interacting with people, and he rarely talks as well — thinking most people would only reject him for being a wolf. Instead, Rath tends to show his feelings through his actions.
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STORM LOVER NatsuKoi!! – Toratani Rikka

Rikka is one of my favorites in Storm Lover, and I saved him for second to last because I just can’t resist his cuteness. Luckily there’s no sad scenes or endings here in NatsuKoi, so you can enjoy Rikka’s route without shedding any tears.

Rikka is a cute, delicate first year who loves pulling pranks on people. During the trip, he spends his time shooting people with his water gun — Storm Blaster — or hiding poo-poo cushion under Yuna’s bus seat. Rikka actually doesn’t really like swimming, so he makes sure he’s fully equipped with goggles or swim rings when he enters the sea. Aside from Yuna, his biggest enjoyment during the trip comes from the lively summer festival. He also prefers mountains to beaches.
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STORM LOVER Kai!! – Toratani Rikka

Before reading, do note that I include most of the individual and date events. If you just wanna read about their main story, just scroll down to around January. That’s when it started. I’m starting with Rikka because I love him. (๑´ლ`๑)♡

Rikka is a mischievous junior who has a delicate and cute demeanor. Thanks to his good looks and carefree personality, most of the time he can pull pranks on people and get away with it. In fact, he’s a calculating little devil who would put on a sad expression so people would forgive his mischief. On the contrary, he hates it when people are making fun of him. Rikka also has zero experience in love, so he tends to blush and panic when the subject comes up.
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Maren no Rokukishi – Sionna

It’s Kaji time! ヽ(*゚∀゚*)ノ Sionna was the reason why I played this game, though I end up loving Giovanni instead lol. Kaji uses his low voice here, so it’s heaven if you’re into his lower range.

The leader of the Daten (“堕天 / Fallen Angels“) troops. 15 years old. Sionna is a genius who loves reading and researching, but his extremely high intelligence caused him to commit a sin in the past. He always feels lonely and empty because of this, not to mention he also has the tendencies to stay detached from people. Despite leading the sniper troops, Sionna fights with a knife in the battlefield. He’s actually quite inexperienced in direct war or battle.
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Aoiza Ibunroku – Arakane Rin

I’ve had my eyes set on Rin right from the start. First, he’s voiced by Kaji Yuuki. Second, we share the same name. But most importantly, he’s the tsundere of the game. All-in-one LOL.

Rin is the popular female role actor in Aoiza, but he’s really manly off-stage and expresses his thoughts clearly. Maybe even too clear and direct, since it seems like he’s being cheeky to everyone he talks to, including Aoi. In other words, the tsundere. Rin was raised as a shinobi and is often seen with Moni, a ninja dog he brought from his hometown. Miyoshino has a wide open-air bath because of Rin’s request, and he hates it when someone disturbs his bathtime.
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TYB Super Mint – Lucy

My main target in Super Mint is actually Iori, but somehow Lucy managed to steal my attention gradually. It’s probably because of his voice though. I absolutely love Kaji Yuuki’s low voice. ♥

Lucy, real name Isono Rui, is the representative from Akihabara. A second year student in Souou Academy, 17 years old. He’s not interested in anything other than music though, and usually spends the whole day sleeping through most of the classes. Because of his vocal skills and charisma, Lucy is a famous idol in Akihabara with a lot of fans ranging from otakus to high school girls. He’s normally cool, but the way he speaks on the internet is really cute.
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