Dot Kareshi III – Evil Lord

Last comes the poor Evil Lord, whose extreme lack of confidence only makes him cute instead of terrifying. I feel really sorry for the poor thing, so I saved him for last. This marks the end of the series, so he can act like a last boss for once.

まおう (CV:杉田智和)

Due to your party’s high level, Evil Lord got defeated in a matter of seconds during the final battle. His pathetic defeat caused him to lose confidence, and everyone lost their faith in him because of how weak he is. Thanks to you, Evil Lord is now super gloomy and sad. He has overwhelming power though, and sometimes it goes out of control. In battle, Evil Lord wields a large scythe and can transform up to 3 phases. 187 cm / 72 kg. Age and blood type unknown.
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Dot Kareshi -We’re 8bit Lovers!- III

The last installment of Dot Kareshi came out when I was busy with Rune Factory 4, and after that I kind of… forgot… to play it. Since Rejet has released new DHM novel games, I want to finish Dot Kareshi III before moving on with Ken ga Kimi.

ドットカレシ -We're 8bit Lovers!- Ⅲ ~やみのはなよめ~

Remember those days. You used to be a gamer who poured your entire youth into gaming. You used to stay up all night to raise your level, so much that your sleeping schedule got screwed and reversed… but those days are long gone. Your current life has nothing to do with games anymore. However, it only lasts until a mysterious power sends you on a trip to the game world. In Dot Kareshi Ⅲ: Yami no Hanayome, the game will bring you to Evil Lord, Slime, Dark Knight and Villager.
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Vascello Fantasma no Majustsuhi – Pace

Pace’s route has a good mix of fun and touching moments, so it might a be nice idea to put it between Luca and Debito’s routes to build up the tension. He’s still as cheerful as usual, and we get to see an unexpected development here.

Pace is the head of “Wands” and the Executive Head Assistant. His enjoyment in life mainly comes from eating or having fun, but he cares a lot about the family and Regalo. He tends to solve problems with his fists and lives based on strong animal instincts, but he’s actually wise — he just lacks the knowledge. Pace loves lasagna as much as he loves Felicita. He’s the holder of “Strength”, which boosts his physical power even more. A martial arts expert at the age of 25.
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Arcana Famiglia – Pace

Moving on to the childhood friends trio, I decided to start with Pace. It’s because someone said a bit Pace’s past is shown in Debito’s route, but no.. you should do Debito first for better flow.

Pace is the cheerful head of “Wands” and also the Executive Head Assistant. When Dante is away sailing the seas, Pace takes care of the family members and their relationship with the people of Regalo. He has the wisdom but lacks the knowledge, so in the end he always relies on his fists whenever things get out of control. Pace’s life can easily be divided into three big sections — work, food and fun. He’s a glutton who loves lasagna to death, and he even uses food-related pickup lines to hit on Felicita. An expert in martial arts. 25 years old.
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Starry☆Sky~After Spring~

I still haven’t got the chance to reinstall Spring and write a proper summary for it. But since After Spring is here, I decided to play it first before going back to Spring. Or maybe I’ll play Spring Portable instead. Seems like the otome boom on PSP still continues.

After Spring takes place in Autumn, when the students of Seigetsu Gakuen are busy with preparations for the upcoming culture festival. They’re holding an exhibition, and some advisors from USA came to help the students. Yahisa Tsukiko, along with her childhood friends Nanami Kanata and Tohzuki Suzuya, was surprised to see their friend Tomoe Yoh there. Yoh came to see her in March, but left for America by the end of Spring. It turns out that Yoh is one of the advisors, and he’s staying in Japan until the culture festival is over.
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Sangoku Rensenki – Koumei

Koumei is also known as Zhuge Liang in the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms. His route is the best in this game. No wonder he won the character poll.

Koumei a wise strategists also known as “The Sleeping Dragon”. He was the one who gave directions to Hana when she first came to that world. Gentoku wanted him to join his army, yet he made Hana his apprentice and sent her instead. He kept coming and disappearing in front of Hana instead of joining Gentoku’s army because “it’s not the time yet”.
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