Glass Heart Princess – Karasuma Yukito

After the otherworldly routes, it’s time to move on to the actual humans. Yukito’s route is the most “normal” route in GHP, and it’s mostly because he’s a normal high school student… except not really. Maybe if compared to the others LOL.

烏丸幸斗 (CV:鈴木達央)

Karasuma Yukito is a third year student in Kyouko’s school, though he’s in a different class. He’s well-known as a cool delinquent, and a lot of girls secretly admire him. In terms of popularity, he’s actually on equal terms with Kyouko. Yukito transferred from another school last year, and he comes off as cold simply because he can’t keep up with the rich students at school. Behind the delinquent image, Yukito is just a normal young man at the age of 18.
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Death Connection – Vicious

So here’s the last route before the ultimate troll’s route. I’ve been saving Vicious for last since I heard he has the best story, and because he’s my main target in Death Connection. (。・∀・。)

Vicious is 17 years old and wields dual guns in battle. He’s hot-blooded, violent and jumps into fights quickly, but for some reason he also believes in superstition. He thinks black cats bring bad luck, so he always avoids them whenever he goes out. Vicious also believes that power is everything that matters in this world, and he tries to solve every problems with power. Even though that doesn’t work most of the time. He has a serious case of sweet tooth.
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Aoiza Ibunroku – Hachisuka Youta

As if Iori’s voice in TYB Super Mint wasn’t grating enough, Tattsun is using that voice again in Aoiza. (´・ω・`A;) Thankfully he doesn’t sound as forced here. Hachi’s a cute character too.

Hachi is in charge of supporting roles and backstage works in Aoiza, mainly because he’s too nervous and clumsy to act on stage. Despite all of his failures to get a significant role, Hachi is always cheerful and overcomes them with a bright smile. He’s also the moodmaker in Aoiza, though the other members also love picking on him all the time. Just like Hisoka, Hachi doesn’t have a sacred power nor a sacred treasure, but he does his best to help them in battle.
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TYB Super Mint – Kirishima Iori

My main target in Super Mint. I like Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s voice, I really do.. but I can’t stand the way Iori speaks. Strange, since I didn’t mind his voice at all in the prologue CD. (ノД`)・゜・。

Kirishima Iori is the representative from Shibuya. He’s 16 years old, and is currently a first year student in Kamikura High School. Aside from a monjayaki restaurant, Iori also works part-time as a model. He’s really popular with the youngsters from Shibuya because of his good looks and charismatic personality, even though he’s really bad at studying. Despite his popularity, Iori is really loyal and devoted when it comes to a girl he loves. He likes junk food.
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Tokyo Yamanote Boys – Zenyasai Disc

This is the prologue CD of Tokyo Yamanote Boys, so no it’s not the trial of the game. Rejet had a promotion event for TYB in Ikebukuro Sunshine City fountain plaza last month. They gave this CD to those who came. Limited amount, but for free. My friend lent me her copy. ♥

Every year, just one girl from all high schools in Japan is chosen to be a “Princess”. Top high school boys from all around Tokyo are then selected to be the participants in a confession tournament that is Tokyo Yamanote Boys. It’s a love royale where the boys will confess to the Princess with various kinds of appeal. The one she picks will be crowned “Prince”, and there’s a legend that the Prince and Princess are guaranteed to have an eternally happy future together through this event.
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Asuka! – Kazamoto Nanami

LOL I don’t know what to say. There’s a very unexpected surprise in this route that makes me wonder why they’d put such details here, considering the main guys are Daichi and Ren.

Kazamoto Nanami is the son of the cake shop owner in Seitou’s shopping district. He’s classmates with Asuka, though he often skips classes and gets into fights with other schools. Nanami loves to make weird cakes, such as udon cake or vegetable cake. Since Asuka’s sense of taste is completely off, she loves eating his cakes. A bit flirty and is super popular with the girls at school.
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