TYB Dark Cherry – Rudou Jesus

キタ━━━(゚∀゚)。A。)━━━!! As I said before in this post, I was attracted to Jesus right from the start. Namikawa’s using his sexy deep voice and Jesus himself is an awesome tsundere. ♥

Rudou Jesus is the representative from Roppongi. He’s currently 17, a second year student in Mikado High School. Even though he rarely comes to school, Jesus actually has good grades for his exams. He’s the only participant who doesn’t treat Chihiro with kindness, as he often threatens to “kill” or “break” Chihiro instead. His hobby is to feed Dog, his black doberman who follows him around everywhere, though Jesus always acts like he doesn’t care.
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TYB Dark Cherry – Moroboshi Tetsu

Here comes the nice and reliable edokko big brother, voiced by Toriumi. ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ It’s so cute how Tetsu’s fringe moves around when he detects a ghost nearby. I wanna GIF it so bad lol.

Moroboshi Tetsu is the representative from Ueno. A third year student in Kinryuuji High School, currently 18 years old. Tetsu really loves baseball and spends most of his time practicing, but since he doesn’t have time to study, he always ranks second from the bottom during exams. While Tetsu loves everything traditional, the atmosphere of modern cities makes him feel rather uneasy. His hobbies are joining festivals and doing carpenter works on weekends.
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TYB Dark Cherry – Hamada Shinnosuke

Following a friend’s advice, I decided to start with Hammer.. and I’m glad I did. His true ending ruined everything. It changes my impression of him from hilarious to creepy as hell. ((ノll゚Д゚llヽ))

Hamada Shinnosuke is the representative from Shinagawa. He’s currently 18 years old, a third year student in Hokuougi Juku High School. Shinnosuke is filthy rich and often uses his money to resolve everything, ranging from buying huge hotels to bribing his own fans club. He’s a pervert and often throws erotic remarks even on stage, though he also gets picked on a lot thanks to his weird personality. He’s rather poetic, but he invents his own vocabulary.
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Tokyo Yamanote Boys DARK CHERRY

Finally it’s time for the latest installment of TYB. Super Mint was disappointing and blew off my otome mood for weeks, but Dark Cherry is another story. The best guys are all in this game!

Tokyo Yamanote Boys is a confession tournament held in Tokyo. This year Chihiro is chosen to be the princess, which means that she gets to spend a fateful dreamlike week with the boys. There are nine participants, each one of them representing an area on the Yamanote Line. The main highlights in Dark Cherry are Rudou Jesus from Roppongi, Moroboshi Tetsu from Ueno, and Hamada Shinnosuke from Shinagawa. Which one of them will become Chihiro’s prince?
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TYB Super Mint – Kirishima Iori

My main target in Super Mint. I like Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s voice, I really do.. but I can’t stand the way Iori speaks. Strange, since I didn’t mind his voice at all in the prologue CD. (ノД`)・゜・。

Kirishima Iori is the representative from Shibuya. He’s 16 years old, and is currently a first year student in Kamikura High School. Aside from a monjayaki restaurant, Iori also works part-time as a model. He’s really popular with the youngsters from Shibuya because of his good looks and charismatic personality, even though he’s really bad at studying. Despite his popularity, Iori is really loyal and devoted when it comes to a girl he loves. He likes junk food.
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TYB Super Mint – Kujou Takumi

Takumi didn’t really stand out in the prologue disc, but here we get to see how dumb he really is lol. He’s really cute whenever he does something wrong and goes ハッ!(゚д゚ ;) over it.

Kujou Takumi is the representative from Meguro. He’s 18 and is currently a 3rd year student in Yamashiro Acacemy. Takumi is smart and good at sports, but actually he’s really clumsy and isn’t good at trying out new things. His family raised him to be a gentleman, so he’s just like a knight who protects the woman he loves all the time. Despite his serious personality, Takumi often uses wrong phrases and terms when he’s talking. He’s afraid of height too.
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