Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Nova

Done with the old men group, and now moving onto the young ones. It’s pretty obvious that an important development is waiting in Liberta or Ash’s routes, so I’m starting with Nova. He’s still as short as ever, but his route is really adorable.

Nova is Felicita’s cousin, the son of Mondo’s brother. Talented and serious, he became the leader of “Cups” despite his young age. While he trusts Mondo and Sumire, he’s also quite strict towards Felicita. They were engaged until he called it due to a certain incident, but the plan is put back in motion after they become a couple. Nova is the holder of “Death”, with the power of lulling his opponents into a deep sleep. He’s 15 and wields a Japanese sword in battle.
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Arcana Famiglia – Nova

Since Nova shares some events with Liberta, I decided to do his route next. He’s the tsundere of the game, so expect a lot of blushes and denials. Also, Nova’s 2 cm shorter than Felicita lol.

Felicita’s cousin. 15 years old. Nova is talented in so many areas and takes his job as the head of “Cups” seriously. Both Mondo and Sumire trust him a lot for this reason, though he’s rather thorny towards Felicita. Nova was actually engaged to Felicita when they were small, but he called off the engagement after a certain accident. Despite his serious and uptight personality, Nova actually has a childish side that just attracts people to pick on him. Including the members of “Cups”, who are usually serious like him. His weapon is a Japanese sword.
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Kaeru Natsu – Another Story

Just like the name says, another story is an alternate dimension for Kaeru Batake. There are seven routes here, including Chigira’s. Yes, we can finally go after Chigira! ヤッターヽ(*´∀`*)ノー!!

Two months have passed since Fuu and her friends turned into frogs. Thanks to their effort Tsukiyado has become much cleaner recently, so Touya gives them a short break until the end of their Summer vacation. Since everyone’s planning to spend Summer doing nothing, they decided to go on a trip and have fun together. The beach, the mountain, fireworks, courage test — there are a lot of things they can enjoy in Summer!
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Kaeru Natsu – After Story

Since “another story” seems longer and has a general route, I’ll put all of the after stories into this post to avoid confusion. They make really nice epilogues for the endings in Kaeru Batake.

These after stories are basically short stories that take place right after the endings in Kaeru Batake. There are six routes available, and you can pick whose story you want to read. Also, the “true route” will be unlocked once you finished reading all six after stories. The story and setting differ in each route depending on that guy’s ending in the previous game, but the main highlight is the same — the Summer festival in Fuu’s hometown.
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Kaeru Batake – Norizuki Ren

Sorry I’ve been slacking off on otome games again, but finally I’ve finished Ren’s route today. I’m glad I left Ren for last since his route is the best in Kaeru Batake, even more than Yuuki’s.

Head of the broadcasting club, and also Fuu’s senior despite looking younger than everyone else. Ren has a fluffy personality and image, but he’s doing his best to be a good senior for Fuu and her friends. He also calls Chigira “Chii-chan” and is actually pretty close to him. From time to time he’d also say weird, rude things that doesn’t go well with the situation around him. He really loves cats and unlike Masaomi, the cats love him too.
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TYB Honey Milk – Momose Ayumu

I have to admit that Ayumu isn’t my type, so I wasn’t really excited to do his route.. but he’s manly. Probably the manliest among the Honey Milk trio, though he’s prettier than Chihiro.

Momose Ayumu is the representative from Sugamo. This pretty forest boy is the idol of the old people there, and he gets along really great with them. He even formed a local vocal unit with one of them — MomoMago. Ayumu is currently a first year student at Shirakame High School. He’s 16 years old, a year younger than Chihiro. Since he spends most of his time with old people, Ayumu prefers traditional stuff rather than the modern ones.
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