BWS Bloody Nightmare – Twin Ends

The twin ends involve both Mejojo and Auger in an equal scale, so I put them in a separate post. You can unlock the twin ends by clearing the twins’ routes. ❤

The twin ends take place after the battle in the garden. A new set of choices will appear at the end of the scene. If Fiona searches for Mejojo and closes her eyes from reality, you’ll be taken to the twin good end. If she searches for Auger and wishes for punishment, believing that everything is her fault, it leads to the twin bad end. For the main plot, please refer to Mejojo‘s route.
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BWS Bloody Nightmare – Auger von Garibaldi

So here I am in Auger’s route. Be warned that everything you read about Auger on the official site, magazines, or even the intro below might be deceiving. Well, at least partly. It’s difficult to describe him without spoiling anything. ヽ( ;∀;)ノ

Auger is Mejojo’s younger twin, but their personalities are complete opposites. Unlike his brother, Auger appears to be completely and thoroughly hopeless. Aside from calling himself the court musician and poet, he also proclaims to be a player who has romanced countless women. On the inside though, Auger is actually even sharper and more cunning than Mejojo. He finds his brother’s obsession towards Fiona irritating, but gradually grows interested in her too.
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Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Debito

Similarly to the first game, Debito’s route is filled with confusing moments which eventually lead to a touching final scene. The key here is to trust Debito despite his questionable actions, and remember — there’s a reason behind everything.

Debito is the leader of “Coins”, 23 years old. He’s very popular among the ladies of Regalo, mostly due to his “dangerous” aura and the fact that he loves flirting. His real interest actually lies in gambling though, as he loves seeking thrills and good at observing people. Debito has always been gentle towards Felicita, and his attitude becomes even softer after they became a couple. He’s the holder of “The Hermit”, with the power of concealing himself. He fights with dual guns.
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I know this is really unfair for Soo, but my motivation to do his route has gone down the drain after clearing Kirite’s route. Soo is actually a nice guy. It’s just everything feels so.. pointless.

Soo is a grappler from Dinus, the bustling city of culture and business. He’s really strong and talented in martial arts, but not a master in using his head. Before meeting Lilith, Soo spent his empty days gambling away in the casino. He’s well-known for always losing though, and his debts were piling up like a mountain until Lilith paid off everything for him. Cheerful and rough, Soo doesn’t have much knowledge regarding mythology. He’s 21 and fights with his fists.
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Arcana Famiglia – Debito

Just like what I said before, you might want to do Debito first for the childhood friend trio. This route gives more details about their past with Jolly, and things will be much less confusing. :3

The 23 year old leader of “Coins”. Debito has a bad mouth, but he’s really good at taking care of other people. Because of his personality and “dangerous” looks, Debito is very popular with the ladies in Regalo. While he often flirts with all the girls he saw, his real interest actually lies in gambling and seeking thrills. His specialty is to observe people and find even the smallest hints of reaction from them. The members of “Coins” share similar hobbies with their Capo, and they often ask him for hints and tips to deal with women. Debito wields dual guns in battle.
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