Vascello Fantasma no Majutsushi – Jolly

Jolly キタ—(*゚∀゚(゚∀゚*)゚∀゚*)—ッ!! People can say whatever they want about him or even hate him with a raging passion, but he’ll always be a sexy tease in my eyes. Jolly’s attitude towards Felicita has improved, and she kicks ass in his route. ❤

Jolly is the family advisor and Mondo’s right hand man. He’s holding the second highest authority in the family, directly beneath Mondo himself. Most people in Regalo are terrified of him due to his cold-hearted and merciless decisions, but his knowledge and skills in alchemy are undeniably top-notch. He loves teasing Felicita, but he becomes much more gentle after they become a couple. Jolly is the holder of “The Moon”, with the ability of reviving his opponent’s bitter past.
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Atelier Elkrone – Clemens

I’m actually not a big fan of Yusa, but I have to admit I’m loving his mad scientist characters. ❤ Even though Clemens is a weird person, his route is actually rather laid-back and refreshing.

Clemens is a lecturer in Elkrone’s academy of alchemy. His objective in life is to find the “way of truth”, believing that even gods will become demons in order to obtain the truth. He’s using the academy money to fund his suspicious research, even though the academy doesn’t have that much money to begin with. Common sense won’t work on Clemens and he can’t read the atmosphere either, often causing the alchemy conference he attends to end in a commotion.
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Arcana Famiglia – Jolly

The last route. Everyone seems to either hate or be scared of Jolly, but I actually like him a lot. He’s my second favorite in Arcana, and he’d be first if only he turns デレデレ a little sooner. :3

Jolly is the family advisor and Mondo’s right hand. He holds the second highest position in the family, and he’s in charge of giving out commands whenever Mondo isn’t available. Everyone in the island are scared of him though, since he can make cold-hearted decisions and shows no mercy towards other people. Despite this reputation, the family members respect Jolly for his top-notch skills. Jolly is also the best alchemist in Regalo, but he doesn’t care and spends most of his time researching in his dark lab instead. His age is a mystery.
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TYB Super Mint – Kujou Takumi

Takumi didn’t really stand out in the prologue disc, but here we get to see how dumb he really is lol. He’s really cute whenever he does something wrong and goes ハッ!(゚д゚ ;) over it.

Kujou Takumi is the representative from Meguro. He’s 18 and is currently a 3rd year student in Yamashiro Acacemy. Takumi is smart and good at sports, but actually he’s really clumsy and isn’t good at trying out new things. His family raised him to be a gentleman, so he’s just like a knight who protects the woman he loves all the time. Despite his serious personality, Takumi often uses wrong phrases and terms when he’s talking. He’s afraid of height too.
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Kago no Naka no Alicis – Darren

Why start with Darren? Because I like him the least out of all the guys. He’s a standard Yusa character, flirty and a little bit dangerous. This route only worsened my impression though..

Roachrist no. 8. A feminist gentleman who is kind to the ladies, but he loves seducing and touching them as well. Runa thinks he’s dangerous from the very first time they met. He loves all beautiful things, thinking Alicis is the most beautiful and innocent existence in the whole world. Darren was 22 when he was taken to Luce, and his assistant is Gerald.
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Tokyo Yamanote Boys – Zenyasai Disc

This is the prologue CD of Tokyo Yamanote Boys, so no it’s not the trial of the game. Rejet had a promotion event for TYB in Ikebukuro Sunshine City fountain plaza last month. They gave this CD to those who came. Limited amount, but for free. My friend lent me her copy. ♥

Every year, just one girl from all high schools in Japan is chosen to be a “Princess”. Top high school boys from all around Tokyo are then selected to be the participants in a confession tournament that is Tokyo Yamanote Boys. It’s a love royale where the boys will confess to the Princess with various kinds of appeal. The one she picks will be crowned “Prince”, and there’s a legend that the Prince and Princess are guaranteed to have an eternally happy future together through this event.
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