Period Cube Quest5 Zain

Period Cube places you in the role of a girl who, together with her childhood friend Hiroya, starts playing the online game Arcadia in order to search for her missing brother. Commissioned by Mitsu.

ピリオドキューブ Quest5 ザイン

Finding yourself lost in a forest inside the game, you find Zain unconscious among the bushes. He wakes up as you shake him up, and despite finding it strange how he doesn’t seem to have any memories, he offers to help you find Hiroya and your brother. The two of you are then picked up by a wagon heading for the town, in which you and him enjoy a brief time of physical contact, until a monster suddenly appears and the coachmen thrust you into battle—referring to you as the Divine Sword. Noticing that you seem to know nothing about how to fight, they quickly run away. As the monster’s roar echoes, Zain finds himself driven by the urge to protect you and takes your hand.

Track 1 – Nice to Meet You


*birds chirping*

*slow footsteps gradually breaking into a run*

*rustling sounds*


Ngh… Ah… Good morning. Welcome to Arcadia. I’m………


*long silence*

Where are we…? Why was I sleeping at a place like this?

…Yes, I don’t quite remember. Eh…? You too? I see… Then we’re both lost… We match.


What’s wrong? Why are you looking down? Your childhood friend… and your brother? Got separated? Ah… You’re worried? I see…

Hey, look over here. Let me see your face… Tell me. Those people, are they very important to you?

I understand. Well then, let’s look for them together. Yes, really. With the two of us, we will surely find them.


My name is……… Zain. And you are? Oh… The sound is completely different from my name.

Ah, wait a second.

*footsteps moving around*

This was blooming in the shade of the rock over there. If we put it on your hair like this… Yes, it looks nice. …Ah, you laughed. It feels strange. When you laugh, somehow……… If I remember it right, it’s called… cute. You’re so cute.


Eh…? Why? Is it… bad for me to look so closely at your face? Embarrassing? Does that mean you hate it? Tell me clearly. Please. I won’t do things that you hate. Definitely not. Really? It’s not bad? Ahh, that’s a relief…

*animal cry in the distance*

Ah, that sound just now… Oh, look. Over there. There’s a path deep in the grove. Seems like there are people there. It’s possible that they might know something about the ones you’re looking for.


Yes. Let’s go and try asking them.

*footsteps moving away*

Track 2 – Game: Arcadia LOGIN


The blue sky and white clouds. The green of the trees and pale crimson flowers. In a world sprinkled with every vivid color, just one transparent, colorless drop fell in. It is a newborn light which brings life to everything. A beautiful, single drop that waters the withering land.


The name of the land is the last paradise, “Arcadia”. And I am merely what exist here. The sky. The clouds. The trees. Flowers. Born from nothingness today, and in due time, will vanish for the light. Without knowing anything about what lies beyond.


Period Cube, Quest 5: Zain.

Track 3 – A Trip for Two


*animal cry*

*sounds of wagon in motion*

Sorry. Our shoulders bumped… A wagon shakes quite a lot… Still, I’m glad we were picked up by someone so kind. When we reach the town, they’re even willing to help with our search as they engage in business. That’s encouraging. Of course I’m going to help too. That’s why we will surely find them in no time.

Ah… that’s right.

*rustling sounds*

You can remain there on your seat. Stay there and lift your arms a little. …Here, a hug. If we’re already sticking onto each other like this, our shoulders won’t bump even if the wagon suddenly shakes. …Hm? What’s wrong? You can sit on my lap for a while longer.


Yes, it’s heavy. Of course. *chuckles* It’s the weight of one girl. You have proper weight, you feel warm… and right now, you are staying in my arms. It makes me so happy, I find it relieving.

Oh…? Ah… you’re right. There’s a large rock floating in the sky. The thing stuck to its center is… a key?

(This view… I feel like I’ve seen it before. I wonder why?)

*beep* *beep*

Hm? What are you doing? The screen…? What screen? Cogwheel mark…? Where?


Umm… No good. I really can’t see it…


The Ark… Is it the name of that rock? Oh… It doesn’t look like a ship at all. Besides, why is it floating in such a place? *sigh* There’s so much I don’t know, I’m not being any help at all…

If you say so… But I wish to do more, not simply staying with you—Uwah!

*the wagon swaying violently*

*animal cry*

Our shoulders… They didn’t bump this time. Good thing I was hugging you.


Yes… The road has gotten more bumpy. It might shake again. Can I hold you a little closer?

(That’s a relief… I can help her a little. But only this. I wish there are more things I can do for her.)

*beep* *beep*

(The cogwheel mark she’s looking at, and also the name of the rock… I can’t see them. Why is that? Why can’t I touch the thing her fingers are touching?)

Is it my eyes’ fault…? Or is it my fingers’…?


Ah… Yes. I feel like touching your fingers. …They’re so fair, so slender, so soft. You have completely different fingers than I do. Hey, try touching my cheeks. Your hands are warm and tender. I want to find out more… about how it would feel to touch you with other parts of me.

Can I touch you with my mouth this time? No…? Why? Is it embarrassing too? You have a lot of things that you find embarrassing. Oh, that’s right. In that case, I’ll close my eyes. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed if I don’t stare. What do you think? Is it still… no good?

Ah… Okay, I understand. It’ll be just a little…


*kiss* Hehe. It feels fluffy somehow.

Ah… Thank you. Yes. We’re done. Actually I want to touch you more, but I’ve promised that it’ll be just a little. Was it unpleasant? …I see.

*the wagon swaying again*

Ah…! …That surprised me. They said the town is really close, but… I wonder how much distance they consider as close?

*beep* *beep*

What are you looking at this time?


The map? We’re going further away…? That’s strange. Why is that? Let’s try asking them.

Um… Excuse me. There’s something I wish to ask…

*animal cry*


*the wagon swaying violently*



Track 4 – Betrayal


Oww… Are you… alright? …I see. That’s a relief… The wagon has turned over on its side… I wonder what happened? Let’s… take a look outside…


*monster roar*

That’s… a monster…? We have to run away… quickly!

*footsteps rushing over*

Hey… wait! Why are you taking her with you? You can’t! It’s dangerous over there…!


*rustling sounds*

Ugh… let go! Why? Why are you taking her even though there’s a monster…? What in the world are you planning to make her do? The Divine Sword? The Divine Sword… what is that? She has special power…? That can’t be true. There’s no way she can easily defeat a monster…

*sounds of weapons being drawn*

*monster roar*

Ah… Watch out!


I have to find her…! Let go… of my arm!

*footsteps rushing over*

Let’s run! Stand up!


*monster roar*

Ahh! Don’t come here! Go away!

*heavy footsteps slowly approaching*

(Oh, speaking of which… There’s no weapon on me… I don’t have one. Why…? How come? What should I…? Even though I’m supposed to protect her… If, by any chance, she… dies here… No. She definitely must not die…!)

*footsteps running away*

(Ah! Those people, are they possibly… leaving us behind…)

*monster roar*

(I have no weapon. I can’t fight. But… it’s not an option. I can’t allow myself to die! I have to… protect her…!)


*rustling sounds*

Hold onto me!

*footsteps dashing off*

Hold your breath!


*gasps underwater and after resurfacing*

…What about the monster? Where is it…?

*monster roar in the distance*

So it gave up on us… That’s a relief…

Ah…! Are you alright? Answer me… This is bad, her consciousness…!


*Zain struggling with the water as he carries you to the shore*

…Wake up. Open your eyes…! Oh no…! She’s not breathing… She must have swallowed the water. All because I suddenly jumped into the river… You must not die…!

*Zain attempting to give you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation*

Wake up… Please…! Hey… Open your eyes…!

…Ah… Just now, her breath…!

…Do you recognize me? Can you hear my voice? ……*sigh*… What a relief…!


It’s okay… There’s no need to worry anymore… If you’re concerned about the monster, it has gone away. That monster has bad eyesight, but on the other hand, it’s very sensitive to moving sounds and heat. That’s why after losing sight of us when we jumped into the river, I think it went to chase after those who ran away.

Oh… That’s right. I wonder why I have that knowledge…? …In any case, let’s go a little farther. Hold onto me. More firmly.

*animal cry in the distance*

Ah, that one… has tumbled down and can’t get back up. Let’s give it a hand.

*animal cry growing louder*

There, there. Everything is alright now. I’m going to remove the hook, so stay still.

*clanking sounds*

Now… you should be able to stand.


*animal cry*

Ah, that’s a relief… As for the wounds… Yes, the legs aren’t broken. It’s only scratches. They don’t seem to be serious.


Ah, w-what is it…? What are you doing? Hehe… that tickles. Eh? You want to come with us…? Are you okay with that? In that case, would you mind carrying her on your back?

*animal cry*

Thank you. …It says it doesn’t mind you riding on its back. Eh? …Yes. They do sound like words to me. You can’t hear them that way? …Is that really… amazing…? Hmm…


Ah… Ahaha, sorry. You’re right. I’ll save the thinking for later. Let’s go before the scary one comes back. Here, hop on.


*cheerful squeak*

Is it not heavy? …Haha, I see. How reliable. Well then, let’s not push ourselves too hard and take it easy along the way.

*animal cry*

*footsteps walking away*

Track 5 – I Wonder Why?


It’s gotten really dark. …Is something the matter? But… you look exhausted somehow. Let’s take a little break around here. There’s no need to apologize. Your body is more important than marching ahead. Let’s prepare quickly before it’s completely dark.


The fire lit up. Come here. So you were that cold… I’m sorry for not noticing. In that case, come a little closer. It’s warm near the fire. …You’re right. Your clothes are still damp. We better let it dry properly. Now… take them off.

…Huh? What’s wrong? It’s cold if you’re wearing wet clothes, so you have to take them off. What do you mean it’s alright…? Ah, see. You sneezed. It’s okay, take them off. Hmm… You don’t want to? Why? You’re lying if you say you’re not cold. Look, you have goosebumps.

*clothes rustling*

No. Come on, make it quick.


………Ah… So beautiful… *gasp* In this state, you’ll feel even colder compared to when you’re clothed… Let’s see… the blanket.

*sigh*… Are you… angry? You’ve told me many times not to stare from a close distance, and yet… I forgot. I’m really sorry… I was surprised… Your body is so beautiful I felt like looking at it forever. Also… I feel a little weird for some reason, so…

………Huh? I see… So this is what it means to be embarrassed. …How about you? Did you feel embarrassed? Hehe. I see. …Eh? Well, it makes me happy to match with you. When you’re happy, you feel like laughing. Isn’t that right? Ah… you laughed too. Are you… not angry anymore? That’s a relief then…


Hey… Come and sit here. Here you go. Berries. I picked them as we walked through the forest because they were so red, luscious, and pretty. I’ll feed them to you. Open your mouth. Say ‘aah’. …Is it delicious? I see. We have more, so eat a lot.

…Eh? Me? I’m… okay, I don’t have to eat. I don’t really understand how it feels to have an empty stomach. Uhm… Alright. I’ll eat too. I’ll do it, so you should eat as well. …It’s delicious.

(This is a delicious taste. She said it, so there’s no mistake. I have to remember this properly.)

(…Ah, she’s smiling. Seems like it was the right thing to say it tastes good. Still… maybe there really is something strange about me. I can tell which types of berries are edible, but I don’t understand hunger. I don’t know what tastes delicious either. So many things I don’t understand. And yet… the scenery feels familiar to me.)

Ah… Sorry. I got a little lost in thought. Once we’re done eating, let’s lie down for a bit. It’s okay, there’s no need to worry. I’m here with you.


………Are you still awake…? I… slept already. …No, it’s nothing. I wanted to hear your voice a little, since it’s really quiet here. Ah… You’re holding my hand. Thank you. …Yes, me too. I’m always… by your side. I won’t go anywhere. You are so cute and kind, it feels good to be with you. There’s not a single reason for separation.

Going home… together? To the real world…? Where… is that? …Ah, I see. So there are things even you don’t understand. That’s a bit relieving. The real world, huh… Alright. In that case, I’m going home with you.

We also have to quickly search for your childhood friend and brother. It’s okay. If we go to the town, we will surely find them.


*sigh*… But why… did he disappear while leaving you behind? A reason, huh… A very special reason, something that would never cross our minds… *gasp* Ah, no… Maybe it’s unrelated, but I remembered something I’m a little concerned about.

The people who let us ride their wagon today, those who ran away. If I remember right… yes, the Divine Sword. They were saying that you are the Divine Sword and have a very special power, and so you should be able to defeat mere monsters by yourself.

I see… Yes. I don’t know about the Divine Sword either, but those people… they knew right from the start that you’re the Divine Sword… Maybe that’s why they were planning to take us away from the town. In order to take advantage of the Divine Sword’s power.


Ah… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. Sorry… Still, I’ve been thinking… about why you and me are so different. I would be nice if everything about us is the same. I wish that as we hug each other like this, the boundaries between you and me would disappear… that it would melt away. It’s so strange. I wonder why?

Yes. I thought so too at first. I believed that just staying beside you is enough to make me happy. And yet, right now… I want to be closer… closer to your side. Not just staying beside you, but I wish to be closer to you… to lie on top of you, and have you do the same…

…What’s wrong? You were startled just now. Why? Is it here? As I thought… It really is here. How does it feel? …It’s really soft. And the voice you let out is so cute… Let me hear it one more time. I want to hear it. Please. Won’t you do it? It’s really… Ahh. See, your voice. It’s turning even more and more lovely.

Can we pick up where we left off at noon? I want to touch you once again… with my mouth.


*kiss* Small, pink fingernails… *kiss* Also, over here… Your fingers are so soft. *kiss* And then…your inner arm. I… want to bite this. …Eh? Can it bite it, just a little? *bites* …Does it not hurt? It doesn’t hurt, but…? But… what? Does it feel good? No? But… Ah, see. You’re letting out that cute voice again.

Then what about here? Direct touch and touch above the blanket… which one do you like better? When I’m listening to your voice, heat spreads from around my stomach to where my throat is… making it hard to breathe. What about you? Am I the only one who feels like that? Please, let me hear it. Why are you keeping quiet…?

Don’t do that. If you bite your lips that hard, you’ll hurt yourself. If you want to bite, here. Bite my fingers as you like. Hehe. That tickles. It doesn’t hurt at all. You can bite them with all your might.


Your teeth are so small. Glossy. Like stones that have been polished clean. Every part of your body is beautiful. That’s why… I want to know everything. Show me everything, so much that there would be nothing left for me to know—

*static noise*

Eh… What… is this? Ah……… I don’t know. For some reason, I suddenly can’t put any strength into my arms… It doesn’t hurt, but what should I do… My body won’t move. It’s scary!

*rustling sounds*

…You’re warm. Hey, my hand. Please hold it tighter. Then maybe it won’t scare me that much…


Yes… I think I’ve felt a little better. Alright. I’ll do that. I’ll go to sleep and call it a day. I’ll touch you again next time.

Okay… I’m not scared if you’re sticking to me like that. Yes. Good night.

(What was that, I wonder? It’s my own body, and yet it doesn’t listen to a word I say. It’s as if… someone was scolding me, telling me to stop already. But who… is that someone?)



(Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep at all)

Track 6 – Who am I?


*sounds of wings flapping*

*animal cry*

…Ah, over there! The clear, open area in front of us. Is that the town?

*beep* *beep*

I thought so! Yes. The road is starting to get better too, we should be able to walk from here on.

*animal cry*

Ah, I’ll help you get down. It’s pretty high, so watch your step.

*cheerful squeak*

You can go back to the forest now. Thank you so much for accompanying us all the way here.

*wings flapping and taking off*

*animal cry in the distance*

The promise was for it to take us to the town, but I didn’t expect it to carry the two of us on its back and fly across the sky. …Yes, let’s go!

*footsteps walking away*


This is… the town…

(I wonder why? This is supposed to be an unfamiliar place, one that I have just visited for the very first time, and yet… I feel like I’ve seen it before.)

*footsteps rushing over*

Huh…? What is it? Who are you people? You have business with us…? …Do you know them?

…Maybe you got the wrong person. After all, she said she doesn’t recognize any of you…


Ah…! What are you doing? Why do you suddenly… Stop it! Ahh!


(The Divine Sword… Just now, they mentioned the Divine Sword. Yesterday, the people who let us into their wagon also called her that way. They said the Divine Sword is special, so she would be alright even if they put her in danger. That’s… just…!)


Give her back! You can’t…! Look… she… doesn’t want to!



Guh! Uhh…


…NPC…? Are you possibly referring to me? What do you mean… by weird? Is it strange for me to be with her? Why? But… but I’m…! Ugh!

*footsteps charging in*


Let’s run!

*footsteps running off*

You there, move out of the way! …Over here!

*sounds of rushed footsteps and heavy breathing*

There! If we get into that house…!

*door opening*

Go inside! Quickly!

*door closing*

………Don’t worry. This is my house. Only those who have my permission… can… enter…? *gasp* …What… did I say just now? My… house? This place?


…That’s right. I had always been living in this town… and then—

*static noise*

Ugh! Ah… Argh! This… again! No! This… feels sickening…! Ah… Ahh…! My… mind… is in a mess! No… Stop it… Who? There’s someone deep inside my head… Who… is it?

*static noise*

Guh… Argh!! No… Nooo! Why? Just what is it… that I’m forgetting? Why is it… like this? Someone… please… help me!


Ahh! Stop it!!


Ah… I’m sorry… I can’t believe… I hurt you… But please… don’t touch me. There’s been something strange about me. All of a sudden my body would stop moving, and I would know things I’m not supposed to know. When I try to give it a proper thought, suddenly… it all stops making any sense. Someone is hindering me. *sob*


*gasp*…! Stop it… I’m telling you… not to touch me. I… don’t know what kind of person I am. The me who is not me… might do terrible things to you, or… be really kind to you. *sob* I don’t want that. I don’t want anyone to treat you badly, or wrap you in kindness… I really don’t want either of those to happen. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to know either… and yet…

This is strange. You’re… holding me this close… I’m scared, and yet I’m… really happy. You’re warm, and you feel nice… *sob* I don’t want this… I don’t want any of this… My head feels like it’s going to burst!

…! Are you… not afraid of me? Why…? But… that’s… When I opened my eyes to your voice, I didn’t remember anything. But I… want to protect you. In that moment, I feel that I have to protect you.

Eh…? You feel the same…? You want to protect… me…? …Right now, I still feel the same way. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary. As long as you’re with me, staying by my side, sharing your warmth… that’s enough… But still… this isn’t right. My feelings might not belong to me… they might belong to someone else! Even after hearing this… are you still going to say the same thing?


Are you still going to say… that this is my heart, and there’s no mistaking it? Does that happen to you too? Moments when you don’t understand how you feel. But I… I know you. You’re really kind, and your smile is radiant. You look cute even when embarrassed, and then—

*static noise*

Argh! Ugh…! This… again…! Why… are you interfering with me…! No…! I… want to be myself! I want to be who I was when first I met her… when I opened my eyes. I want… to give her more kindness. I want to tell her that she’s cute… over and over again!

*static noise*

Ah! Argh!!

I’m… alright. No matter what kind of me resides within myself… I’m… the one who… loves you the most. That’s right… I love you. Surely… definitely… I love you the most.


*static noise*

Ugh… I don’t want to… forget this feeling. I won’t hand you over to anyone. So… stay by my side. Also, one more thing… Please, hold my hand.

Thank you. If you’re holding my hand, I… won’t hesitate anymore. I’m going to stop running… from many things.

*static noise*

*cracking sound*

I’ll show you that I can grasp it.


(Is this… inside of me? There’s a lot of… glittering fragments. Are these possibly… memories? Information? Right. This is Arcadia. She and I are different. I’m—)

*static noise*

(I know. I feel it. From a very faraway place, someone… is ordering me. Telling me not to come any closer.)

*static noise*

(Ugh! I’m… going further ahead.)

*cracking sound*

(I’ll show you that I can get there!)


(Guh… Not yet. Further, much… deeper. It’s alright. I’m not scared. After all, my hand feels so warm. Even if I can’t see it, I can tell. I know that she’s by my side, holding my hand. I… have a place to return to. She’s waiting for me. That’s why… I’m not scared.)

(I want her to keep smiling. Just remembering her smile brings warmth to my chest, the same as when she’s holding my hand. I love her. This feeling is definitely mine. She has made the decision for me, there’s no mistaking it—this is definitely my heart. Which is why… I will protect her. I won’t give her to anyone.)

(…! I can see it. The long, thin, thread-like things binding my body. Ugh…! Almost there…! Just a little bit more!)

*cracking sound*


*gasp*…! *breathes heavily* That’s right… I’m…

I… remember.

Track 7 – Promise


*footsteps running and coming to a stop*

We got drenched more than I expected. But thanks to the storm, people shouldn’t notice us. We’ve changed your settings so they can’t search your ID, and the players won’t be able to chase after us all the way here. There’s a little bit of time before dawn, so let’s rest here. With this, it should get warm after a while.

Where should I start? What do you want to know? …Yes, I recalled a lot of things. I am an NPC. Unlike you players, I’m a character who only exists here in the world of Arcadia. I was born in this world, and I exist to help players with their adventure. I guide people who just came to the town for the first time, tell them the location of quests.

However, upon noticing that you have logged in to Arcadia, I was suddenly sent to the forest. I was given the order of helping you, and the data I had was all deleted. That’s why I didn’t remember anything. Earlier, I traced back what was inside my mind and reached a clear understanding. That I am an existence who was created like that.


I… am like a copy of this world who has been given a role. There’s a large will at very the center of this world, and it’s connected to me through something that resembles a single thread. It can control my data… my actions… freely. And it’s also… trying to control you. Maybe that’s also what caused you to log into this world as the Divine Sword.

The Divine Sword is a special item, the key to clearing the Ark. …Right. That rock that’s floating in the sky. That’s not a ship. It’s a dungeon. If you clear that dungeon, you will be able to return to the real world. Failing to do so means death for you players.

…No, it’s not like that. You will really die. If you die in this world, you… won’t be able to return to the real world either. If you don’t want to die, your only option is to clear the Ark. The Divine Sword has a special power that shines in battle. Which is why the players who let us into their wagon tried to take advantage of you in battle, and the players we met in town wanted to obtain you so badly they were fighting over you.

You… are truly extraordinary.


From here on, you might once again find yourself targeted by unfamiliar players. You might get taken advantage of, receiving horrible treatments. That’s why… before it comes to that, I’m going to take you to where your childhood friend is. To the player named Hiroya, who logged in together with you. He’s on the demons’ side, so you will surely meet him if we go to Twilight Capital.

Leave it to me. Right now, my mind is full of various informations regarding Arcadia. I’ll definitely find him for you. Once we successfully find Hiroya, then… it’s time for us to say goodbye.

After all, you have to go back to your own world. I can’t go with you. You’re asking me why…? I told you. Someone’s will is keeping me alive. Next time… maybe it’ll be worse than me simply losing the ability to move. It might control me however it likes. So…


To be honest… I, too, want to be with you. I stay with you and protect always. I want to help you. To tell the truth… I don’t want to give you to your childhood friend either. I want to take you to see someone important to you, and yet… it hurts… here, in the depths of my chest. But at this state… I can’t stay by your side. I won’t be able to protect you.

That’s why… I’m going to leave you, and look for a way for me to stay as myself. A way for me to be able to stay with you at all times. In order to do that, I’m going to say goodbye to you for now. This is the decision I’ve made. That’s why, if I ever manage to find that way… if that time comes… can I come and pick you up?

Ah… What… is this? Pinky promise? Cross my heart and hope to die, eat a thousand needles if I lie… *chuckles* Okay. I never tell a lie, so that doesn’t scare me at all. Besides, nothing hurts my heart more… than a separation from you.

(Note: They actually say “whoever lies have to swallow a thousand needles” following the original Japanese version, altered to match the English version.)


*thunder roaring in the distance*

Yes, I promise. I will definitely come for you. That’s why, you definitely cannot die. Please. Make sure to stay alive.

Can we do the promise… once again? Allow me to engrave my promise onto your finger… one more time. Pinky… promise. *kiss*


Performance: Zain, Hirakawa Daisuke.

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