Ken ga Kimi – Rental Bookstore Short Stories

剣が君 貸本屋

These are the books Kayo received from the book lender merchant during the Tokaido journey. Each of the books unlocks a short story for the guards, and you can find them in the game’s “rewards” section. As shown by the icons, the theme for these stories is body swap… or more like outfit swap, actually. It took me quite a while to finish these, but I hope you’ll enjoy! This is a commission for Jess and Yuki.

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Re:BIRTHDAY SONG ~Koi wo Utau Shinigami~

So, I just finished Re:BIRTHDAY SONG today. I wasn’t actually planning to blog this game, but changed my mind since the main story turns out to be pretty good. As I wasn’t too fond of the school life part, I’ll only cover the core of the story.


One night, the heroine wakes up in the middle of the street with absolutely no memories. As she looks around in confusion, a talking owl approaches her and decides to bring her to a castle—which turns out to be a school for shinigami candidates. There he explains that she’s currently in the netherworld, a place for those who died with regrets and lingering attachments. As the principal of the school, he gives her the name “Cocoro” and offers her a chance to stay at the school—taking lessons to become a full-fledged shinigami.
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Ken ga Kimi – Enishi

So, we’ve finally reached the route that upsets me more than anything else in the entire game. Despite his carefree and flirty attitude, Enishi has a surprisingly heavy issue that’s been dragging on for a long time. Prepare for despair ahead.

縁 (CV:置鮎龍太郎)

Enishi works as an official spy of the shogunate. He’s an expert in martial arts, but he also has an irresponsible, happy-go-lucky personality. He won’t take any action unless it’s for something that holds his interest. Usually he can be found drinking, napping or hitting on women on the streets. His delusions tend to go out of hand and can be rather difficult to stop. He screws up too from time to time, such as running into trees or getting into drunken fights. 23 years old.
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