Sugar+Spice! – Nanjoji Yumeji’s Route

Finally finished with Yumeji’s route after progressing very slowly for days. Her route is linked with Uta’s, so their stories are connected to each other. This is like Yumeji’s side of the whole story, which wasn’t explored deeper in Uta’s route.

Nanjoji Yumeji — nicknamed Jiji for obvious reasons — is one of Kazuma’s classmates. Like Hamo and Haneru, she has known him before he got in the accident that locks his memory away. After Kazuma lost his memory, he saw Yumeji waiting alone in the snowy park. Yumeji cried in his arms, but he didn’t know why she was crying.

Yumeji is the daughter of a priest, and lives in a temple named after her family name, Nanjoji. She is the first child in the family and has two younger brothers and one little sister. Yumeji took care of them since they were small, and since there’s a kindergarten in Nanjoji, she often helps out too. This makes her a very reliable onee-chan, both at home and around her friends.

Being a honor student at school, Yumeji always gets good marks in exams. She also tutors Haneru who tends to get red marks during their study sessions together, and sometimes also helps Kazuma doing homeworks and assignments. Yumeji is also usually the one who stops Kazuma, Uta or Haneru when they started fooling around.

Her obvious flaw is, that she is not good at cooking. Yumeji cooked some food for Kazuma and brought them to his dorm. Incidentally Ai also came to visit, and they decided to eat Yumeji’s cooking together. They were amazed since the food looks really delicious. Yet the taste was a different matter. Kazuma, in an attempt to save Ai from eating the food, stuffed as much food as he could to his mouth. Ai, upon seeing Kazuma’s reaction, tried eating Yumeji’s cooking too. Kazuma fainted, and Ai ran next door to grab Uta who was cooking for Tsukasa. Conclusion: Yumeji’s cooking is disastrous.

That, and she also has a neko-jita (lit. cat’s tongue), which means she can’t handle hot food and drinks.

Unlike Uta, Yumeji accepted right away when Kazuma confessed to her. She said she loves him too, and they started going out. Sometime after that, a piece of Kazuma’s memory came back. He was playing in Nanjoji, protecting a girl who got bullied because of her weak body. Then he made a promise that he’d protect her whenever she cries. Kazuma thought that the girl must be Yumeji, and that must be the memory of his childhood. He also went to confirm this to Yumeji, and she said that it was true.

In November, Yumeji said that she wants to talk with Kazuma. She will meet him on Saturday after school in the park. Before meeting her, Kazuma had a talk with Uta who wasn’t feeling well. He was walking her to Foresta when suddenly she collapsed. Despite Uta’s protests that he should just leave her and go see Yumeji, Kazuma took her to the hospital. He waited until Uta’s family came and rushed to see Yumeji in the park, but she wasn’t there anymore.

The next day, both Uta and Yumeji didn’t come to school. Kazuma tried to contact Yumeji but there was no answer. She suddenly mailed him to go to the roof to meet her though. There, she told him that they can’t be together anymore and that he should treasure Uta from now on. It was also revealed that Kazuma’s childhood promise was not with Yumeji. It was his promise to Uta. Yumeji was going to talk about the misunderstanding, but he didn’t come because of Uta. Kazuma said that the one he loves is Yumeji. But Yumeji said that if that is the case, then why didn’t he come yesterday? She can never be his number one, so being with him is painful. She said Kazuma should just stay with Uta, the one he’s always looking at.

Kazuma visited Uta at the hospital as much as he could, and talked to Uta that he was dumped by Yumeji. Uta then told him that she loves him too, and she’s willing to do H with him if he wants. Kazuma thought about it, but in the end he couldn’t do it because he really loves Yumeji. Upon hearing that, Uta said that it was just a lie, and she’d help him to talk with Yumeji again.

The next day, Yumeji came to visit after Uta said that she wants to talk. After making sure that Yumeji really dumped Kazuma because she doesn’t need him anymore, Uta told her that she confessed to Kazuma yesterday. Yumeji was surprised, but she kept quiet. Uta went on and said that she doesn’t want to hold back against the stubborn and cruel Yumeji, so she had sex with Kazuma. Yumeji slapped her and cried. Uta forced Yumeji to say what she really feels, and Yumeji said that she loves Kazuma.

Uta told her that Kazuma is waiting in the park, so Yumeji ran to meet him. She cried in his arms, and finally said what she’s been wanting to say. Before losing his memory, Yumeji was planning to confess to him. Yumeji felt uneasy about Kazuma, Uta and herself. Uta was confused, and Kazuma never made it clear. So Yumeji wanted to make sure. If Kazuma said that he loves Uta and rejects her, she would give up.

Kazuma and Yumeji kissed after saying they want to rebuild their relationship from the start.


Personally I don’t like Yumeji. It feels like a part of her is angry because Kazuma lost his memory, and she’s blaming Kazuma for that. Sometimes it looks like she’s just too stubborn to understand some situations. After writing this summary I’ve come to understand her way of thinking though. A bit.


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