Asuka! – Kuraoka Tohru

What? ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Yes, if you’ve finished both Daichi and Ren’s route, you can go after Tohru. This route is super short since he moves away, but it’s also the sweetest. At least for me.

Kuraoka Tohru is the current captain of Seitou High’s baseball club. The members are only Sena and him, but that doesn’t stop them from training. His family owns the electronic store in the shopping district. At the beginning of the game, they had to close down their shop due to the difficult business there. Despite his short remaining time, Tohru tried to work hard with everyone to reach Koshien.

After his parents decided on the date to move, Tohru spent a lot of time gazing at Seitou High’s baseball ground. Asuka came to see him there during lunch time, and Tohru told her he wants to make lots and lots of memories before he moves away. Asuka replied that he still has some time left, so they should fill it with a lot of good memories.

Some days later, Asuka ate lunch together with Tohru on the ground bench. She told him that he’s really mature, but Tohru said that surprisingly he still has a childish part in him. When Asuka said he’s a really great person who always watches over everyone, Tohru replied that Asuka is the same. She’s a special person for everyone, and he thinks of her as his own little sister. Asuka was disappointed to hear this.

It wasn’t long until Asuka realized that she’s in love with Tohru. She’s been admiring him for a long time, and that feeling turned into love before she knew it. Since he’s moving away, Asuka didn’t know what to do with her feelings. Eventually she couldn’t hold back anymore, she doesn’t want him to treat her like a little girl.

One day after practice, Asuka asked Tohru to stop by the park. She asked him if he really does only see her as a sister. Tohru was confused, but Asuka then continued that she didn’t want to be everyone’s special person. She only wants to be his. Both of them were surprised by the sudden confession, but eventually Tohru apologized. Asuka ran away crying.

For the next few days, Asuka started avoiding Tohru. She was really sad, and didn’t smile at all during the practice. Tohru managed to tell her that she shouldn’t make such a gloomy face because she’s their manager. If she continues behaving like that, she couldn’t support everyone. Realizing her mistake, Asuka tried to be cheerful again.

Eventually Tohru came to talk to her about the confession. He honestly answered that he never thought of her as anything more than a sister, but her confession made him happy. He needs more time to think about it until he can answer her properly, but he doesn’t know if he’d be able to give her the answer before he moves away. Asuka was willing to take the chance.

They spent more time together since that day. After they lost their practice match with Teigetsu Minami, Tohru took Asuka to play on the beach during sunset. Before he moved, Tohru talked to Asuka in the morning. He apologized for being unable to give her an answer yet, but something was changing inside of him. He won’t ask her to wait, but Asuka said she will definitely wait for him. He hugged her, and then moved away.

Tohru and Asuka maintained contact ever since. They wrote mails everyday, telling each other what’s happening around them. Apparently Tohru moved to a smaller town surrounded by nature, and he asked Asuka to come and visit sometimes. Daichi and Ren noticed that Asuka always carries her phone around lately, even though they didn’t know the reason.

However, Tohru didn’t reply her mail one day. She waited until the next day, but still no replies from him. Asuka was afraid that she’s bothering him by sending too many mails, so she tried to hold back. She doesn’t want Tohru to hate her after all.

After a while, Tohru suddenly called her. Lately the amount of her mails decreased, so he’s worried if something happened to her. Asuka explained her reason for not sending mails as often as usual, and Tohru apologized for not noticing. He had some exams recently, so he didn’t realize he sent less mails to her. Tohru was relieved since he thought he did something that made Asuka hates him.

Days passed with Asuka sending mails to Tohru everyday. She told him about everything — the team, the matches, the summer festival. Seitou High eventually made it to the semifinals, where they had to face Teigetsu Minami. Just like in the other routes, Tohru came to watch them.

Upon seeing Tohru, Asuka immediately ran and hugged him in front of everyone.

They were both really happy to be able to see each other again. Everyone was surprised though, especially Daichi and Ren who would never thought about this.. development. LOL look at their faces, so amusing. 8D

Seitou High lost the match, as usual. Tohru and Asuka sat on the beach and talked about how it was fun even if they lost. Tohru said they will have to work hard and aim for Koshien next year. He also said that he also came to give her the answer she’s been waiting for. Being apart, he realized that he loves her too. He was worried when she stopped sending mails to him.

Even if they’re apart, he always treasures his memories with her. But since it’d be a long-distance relationship, there will surely be times when he makes her cry too. If she’s fine with that, he wants her to go out with him. Without any doubts, Asuka said yes and they kissed.

In the ending, Tohru called Asuka to let her know that he’s coming to Seitou this weekend. He asked her where she wants to go for their date, and she replied anywhere is fine as long as they’re together.

Now that I’ve completed every route, I can finally say that Tohru is my favorite character in this game. He’s kind and reliable, not to mention has the sweetest (though short) route as well. My ideal type! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ

After unlocking all endings, you can play the After Story. It basically explained what the 3rd year guys would do next. Naoe, who was scouted to be a pro, challenged them for one last match. The reason was because he wanted to keep being rivals with Daichi and Ren. People from various universities are coming to see him play, and he wants to give them that opportunity. Knowing their academical skill wouldn’t be enough.

So in the end, both Daichi and Ren were recruited by Touzai University. Minato, Tohru and Ryuusei all will be going there too. They can resume their baseball career in university, and go pro one day. Asuka then said she’s going to work hard so she can enter the same university next year. Daichi and Ren continue being rivals, both planning to propose to Asuka once they’re able to go pro.

Baseball aside, I think Asuka! is pretty adorable. There are lots and lots of thing they should improve though. The music is nice, I especially like the opening song. Art is inconsistent. The guys look really hot in some CGs, weird in the others. Sena’s kiss CG.. ;_; As for the story, the youthful theme is refreshing. But since I don’t understand baseball, I went ??? on most of the games. And please make them win next time, otherwise all the promises and time we spent to see them training feels rather pointless. >_>;


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