Period Cube Quest2 Radius

Period Cube places you in the role of a girl who, together with her childhood friend Hiroya, starts playing the online game Arcadia in order to search for her missing brother. Commissioned by Mitsu.

ピリオドキューブ Quest2 ラディウス

Radius is exploring the Ark, the last dungeon in Arcadia, when he finds you crouching on the ground in confusion. Coldly brushing off your plea for his help, Radius is about to leave when several players who are targeting you, the Divine Sword Amadeus, suddenly show themselves. With the Demon Sword in his hand, Radius easily cuts them down and walks away—leaving you behind. You chase after him, and after thanking him for saving you, you try to treat the wound he got during the battle. Thinking that you’re just trying to win his affection, he starts threatening you in the hope of chasing you away. However, the reason behind his heartless exterior is tied to a painful memory he had in Arcadia.

Track 1 – Game: Arcadia LOGIN


Light and darkness. Yang and Yin. On one side, angels who reign the heavens. On the other, demons who forsook the heavens and became conquerors in the depths of the ground. Despite sharing the same origins, even now, an endless battle continues to unfold between the twins who will never be compatible in nature. Both innocently believe in their victory alone.


The land that raised the heavens and held the ground kept silent as it bathed in their blood. People called the land “Arcadia”, the last paradise. At the end of the war, which side will obtain the golden land…? Is it the light, or the darkness? And what could possibly lie beyond this conquest…?


Period Cube, Quest 2: Radius.

Track 2 – Labyrinth Exploration


*beep* *beep*

(System message…?)

*monster roar*

Tch, so noisy… Weaklings. Get lost. Hah!

*slash* *crumbling sounds*

(So the enemy’s strength is still around this level. I should’ve gone far enough in, but… looks like it’ll take quite a while to reach the deepest area. Not to mention this large size… From its appearance alone, I can’t even tell which one is the last stage. The “Ark”, the floating corridor. …I see. It is a giant dungeon that lives up to its extravagant name.)


(Hm? The moon… is so thin…)

*beep* *beep*

(It’s been about 3 days since this exploration started. That much time has passed, huh? I’ve been here for too long. Let’s stop the exploration around here for now. Huh? A woman…? And that equipment… she’s a new user.)


I refuse. Unfortunately I am not free, nor am I obligated to help a complete and total stranger like yourself. Go ask someone else.


(What’s a low level woman doing here in the Ark? Not to mention this deep into the dungeon. Well, nevermind. More importantly, let’s see which quest has the shortest route from the Transfer Gate… *opens menu* There’s quite some distance if I go along the highway. I have no choice, guess I’ll cut through the forest.)

Hey, woman! Don’t follow me. Didn’t you hear what I said? I don’t have any time for you. Who cares about your situation. So annoying.


You must be out of luck to get thrown into the Ark all of a sudden. …No, maybe you surprisingly do have good luck. The Ark is the last dungeon in Arcadia. If you do well, you’ll be able to log out of this nasty game. Well, that is if you manage to escape from all those monsters and reach the deepest area.

I told you to get lost. I don’t get involved with anyone. …Hiroya? No idea. Never even heard of that name.


Tch. What a dull-witted woman. Don’t make me repeat myself. Even if you die by the roadside or if your acquaintance kicks the bucket, it has nothing to do with me. Cruel? Ooh. In the world where everyone is doing their best to live, you cling onto the power of others in order to survive while I’m merely protecting myself. Which one of us is cruel?

Unfortunately, humans only have two arms. Giving a thoughtless promise to carry a burden you can’t hold in your hands is merely an act of complacency… and arrogance.



What is it? What does a group of high-level almighty angels need from me?

*sounds of swords being drawn*

Come on, don’t be so tense. Did you forget something important? In that case, you should kneel on the floor over there instead of pointing your blade at me. …Friends? This woman and me? No way. If you want this woman that much, you can go ahead and take her. I was on my way to conquer the Ark, that’s all.

There’s no limitation on the number of people involved in clearing the dungeon, so it’s completely fine for me to be on my own. I simply don’t find it necessary to group with others at this stage of the Ark. After coming this far, I don’t have any time to put up with the whole angel and demon business either. Not to mention I have absolutely no interest in that sort of woman.

In other words, we have different tastes.


Move. I have business with the Transfer Gate behind you.

I’m so envious of how carefree you guys are. We’re locked in a game world. If we die here, we also die in real life, and yet you’re chasing after a woman so excitedly… Hmph. How stupid.


Too slow!

*sounds of weapons clashing*

You guys are no match for me. …Yeah, that’s right. Well-informed, aren’t you? This is one of the Three Swords of the End, the Demon Sword Glacies. Do you understand? You and I stand on different levels.


If you still want to taste the Demon Sword even after knowing this, I don’t mind giving you another thrust. It means the you in real life will die, but… don’t complain about it.


If a character’s HP drops to zero, the character’s data will be lost. The player behind it, too, will die. Do you think that official message is a lie? You can see your own HP bar, right? It’s decreasing rapidly. If it reaches zero, you die. Literally a game over.

What are you going to do…? Still going to continue? …Wise decision. You’re not supposed to lose your life over something so stupid.

All of you, stay here and slowly count to one hundred. *sword clanging* Do not move until you’re done counting. As for the woman, you can do whatever you want with her. It’s none of my business.

*footsteps leaving*

*Transfer Gate warping Radius away*

Track 3 – Stop Following Me Around


*Transfer Gate warping Radius in*

(That was a waste of time. Thanks to that, it looks like I don’t have the time to return to town. *opens menu* The quests available in this area… have low difficulty. At this level, even if I were staying in reality, it’ll take three days at best. No, I guess two would be the limit. *sigh* If this keeps on repeating, maybe I should just disappear until a way to clear The Ark has been found. If I lose everything I have in real life, maybe that would make me feel better.)


You’re being persistent, woman!

*leaves rustling*


(So she didn’t learn her lesson and followed me here. She thinks that by showing her weakness and playing the coquette, she can get anything she wants… This is why women are aggravating.)

If you want help, go ask the great angels we met. …You prefer a demon? Why? …Ah, now that you mention it, you’re looking for someone, aren’t you? Is he a demon? Heh. Your life is on the line, and yet you’re being picky about who to ask for help. You sure are taking it easy.

No matter how many times you ask, I don’t know a man named Hiroya. To begin with, do you even know how many players belong to the demon faction in this World V? Don’t flaunt your ignorance! Know that in the world where you can only survive with your wits, weaklings are no more than a burden.

I’ll give you a warning. Even if you spread hints of your womanly charms in this world, you’ll only end up becoming a prey for others. Or do you, by any chance… want to get eaten instead?


What? Are you afraid of me now? If that’s enough to make you withdraw, your determination must be really half-hearted. Well, do your best to catch a good-natured man and ask him to search for Hiroya or whoever it was.


What are you doing? Hurt? Me…? Oh, this. No need for treatment. I heal most injuries with the Demon Sword’s ability. Trying to act like an attentive woman, huh. You’re surprisingly shrewd. Do you think that would make me feel grateful? Well, too bad. I’m telling you to stop!

(What a stubborn woman. How long is she going to follow me around? There’s no way I’d walk through the forest with this sort of woman in tow. Not only is she completely useless, she’s also a burden. Still… I won’t get anywhere if this continues.)

Hmph… Fine. Even if I rush to town from now, I won’t be able to make it anyway. I don’t mind taking you there. However… you will allow me to judge whether or not you’re worth taking along.


What do you mean “what”…? You’re aware that it’s your fault I got dragged into that mess with the angels and you want to make it up to me somehow, right? In addition, you also want me to protect your weak self, don’t you? Unfortunately, I’m a cowardly and distrustful person. I really don’t feel like allowing a total stranger like you to travel with me so easily. First of all, you will allow me to check, with these hands, whether or not you can be trusted. Stay still.

(This is troublesome, but I have no choice. Unless she’s a woman of ill nature, she should learn her lesson and run away if I threaten her like this.)

Why do you look so unhappy? I’m saying that this is an opportunity for you. You can prove your worth and innocence just by standing there. If it goes well, you’ll be taken to a safe place. Not a bad offer, right?

Heh. Why are you trembling this much? Your heart is pounding so wildly. Your body is hot, and your eyes are glassy too. Are you feeling unwell? Or do you have a guilty conscience in your heart? Or are you, perhaps… expecting something from me?


Hmph. Since I’m going to protect you, first I’ll need to get a grasp of every inch of you. I did tell you that I’m cowardly, right? Imagining awful things is my specialty. When I think about how you might have a hidden weapon somewhere and kill me in my sleep, I just can’t close my eyes in peace. You understand, don’t you? Besides, we’re talking about you—a weakling. You might already have an injury somewhere. If you can’t even run at a critical moment, I’m not even sure if I’d be able to protect you.

Well then, first of all… the outfit of female bards sure is short. It’s a sensible, efficent design, makes it easy for me to search many places. *clothes rustling* Don’t be so impatient. I’m not done yet, let me take my time checking. Relax your knees and open your legs. If you stay like this, I can’t touch the inner side. Or… do you want me to open them by force? You can choose whichever you want, I don’t mind either way. Or we can stop here if you want.

(This woman… She’s still not giving up. And I’m going through this trouble to help her too. Does she want to see this Hiroya that much? Tch, how annoying.)


Hey. Look, you scraped your knee here. Poor thing, your fair skin is stained by blood. You should disinfect this immediately. Lean against the tree and stand up. Right. Stay like that and don’t move. *licks* …Did it hurt? But it’d be bad if germs do their nasty tricks. We have to disinfect it just to be safe. *licks* *laughs* Is pain really the only thing you feel? Then why are you breathing so heavily?

(How stubborn. *continues licking* A decent woman would pull back when they receive this sort of treatment. If she’s still clinging onto me after this, then there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ll drag her along and leave her at a random place. What happens to her from that point on is none of my business.)

(Don’t think of anything. Act as if this is my true nature. In a world where even my own chance of surviving is unclear, I don’t have the time nor composure to be dealing with others. I can no longer… carry the burden of anything aside from myself. I don’t want to go through that kind of experience ever again.)



Ah… Shall we end it here? I see. That’s too bad. Still, the prince on a white horse who can live up to your expectations might be closer than you think. Hey, over there! You’ve been peeping for a while. Stop sneaking around and come out.

*leaves rustling*

That appearance… a woman, huh. What does a little imp like you need from me? Are you after the Three Swords of the End? My Demon Sword?

*sword clanging*

No use trying to sidle up to me, give it up. To begin with, it’s impossible for you to win against me at your level. …What are you talking about? Must be a misunderstanding. This Demon Sword is the only one I have.


Huh? This woman… is the Divine Sword…? Well, it’s true that her graphic isn’t that of an angel’s nor a demon’s. That being said, she’s not an NPC either.

*opens menu*

(Species status, Three Swords of the End… Divine Sword Amadeus…?)

(What is this… Still, it doesn’t look like a simple bug. So it means that if players want to log out of the game, we have to fight each other for this woman? That’s nonsense…!)

I see, I understand what you’re getting at. However, even if what you say is true… *draws sword* I have the Demon Sword. I don’t need the Divine Sword. Don’t worry, that woman has absolutely nothing to do with me. I was only tasting her for a bit earlier.



Glad to see that you’ve found a new master for yourself. You can just coax this guy into taking you to town. Once you get bored, go hunt for a new man. I’m sure a bunch of knights suited for the job will appear in a flash and fight each other over you.

*static noise*

…What? This… sound is… It can’t be! The Jaws of Death…!

Track 4 – Appearance of the Jaws of Death


*static noise*

Why… did the Jaws of Death appear at a place like this!?

(If you get swallowed by that… you’ll disappear. Instant death.)

Ah! *thud* Ugh…!

(This woman… Did she just save me by pulling my hand? Why?)

What are you doing? Run if you want. Save your bootlicking for that little imp… Tch, he’s gone already. Choosing safety over a rare item, huh… He’ll live a long life.




Ugh! Damn it. At this rate… I’ll get swallowed!

*footsteps rushing over*

Hey! Let go!

*grab* *footsteps running off*

Where are you planning to go? That thing is like a blackhole, it’s swallowing the word from the edges of the maps. The players are calling it the Jaws of Death. Coming into contact with it, no matter how slight, will result in destruction and erasure of data. Be it fields, buildings, or players, there’s no exception.

Who knows? I’ve never heard of the Jaws of Death appearing in the middle of a map like this. Maybe the ones playing this trick on us are getting bored of this stupid game, so now they want to get rid of this world along with us who are trapped in the server.


…!? Wait!



*roaring sound*

(What am I doing…!? Why do I have to protect this ignorant, useless woman I don’t even know?)

Damn it, there’s a cliff up ahead! Ah, the foothold!

*ground crumbling*


*crashing sounds followed by a loud thud*


Uhh… *groans* Hey, don’t move. Ouch…! …Shut up, don’t yell into my ears. You… must have the devil’s own luck for surviving that fall without a single injury. Damn, I screwed up. If I knew this was going to happen, I would’ve thrown you away immediately… Guh…!

*opens menu*

(This is bad. That fall took a lot of my HP. Even if I use the Demon Sword’s ability, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to move for a while.)


Stop it. Don’t touch me. No need to do anything unnecessary. This is such a disaster… thanks to you. I don’t need your apology nor amends. Get out of my sight right now. I’ll manage somehow if I’m on my own. I’ve told you that I don’t need any treatment. Look, now that it’s come to this, I’ll tell you what you need to know. Listen well.

This is the world inside the game. We, the players, are being locked inside the online RPG Arcadia. Clearing special quests allows us to log out temporarily, but it’s only several days at best. It won’t take long until we get dragged back in. In addition, if we die in the game… our real self will die too.


*scoffs* You really are ignorant, optimistic to the point of stupidity. I’m sincerely envious. In that case, please give a proper explanation about why my friends died.

That’s right. They’re dead! I couldn’t make it in time to help and they got swallowed by the Jaws of Death. It’s all my fault! Upon returning to real life, I searched for them immediately. But… all of them are… If this is a mistake and they’re still alive somewhere… please tell me where they are. That way, I’d be able to live at ease in this rotten world.

Now, say it! If my friends are safe, then tell me… where are they and what are they doing right now!?

…How ridiculous. So pathetic I feel like throwing up. And yet I have to obey the rules made by those who threw us in this stupid mess, going back and forth between game and reality. Why do you think? It’s simple. I don’t want to die. I refuse to die like that. In a game I started playing to pass the time, I get dragged into an absurd scheme, and then I’ll disappear in the stomach of something that doesn’t make any sense? And I’ll die too on top of that? No thanks.


If you want to laugh at how unsightly I am, go right ahead. But what does that make you? You know absolutely nothing and can’t do anything useful… You want to help me however you can? Give me a break. You don’t even know how to take care of yourself. The most you can do right now is to drag other people along as you fall off a cliff. Listen, asking someone for help and relying on them completely is no different than telling them “please die for me when the time comes”.

*groans* …That’s right. It’s all your fault I ended up like this. So you do know. If you didn’t get me involved in this and hindered my progress, by now I would’ve reached the quest area and logged out already. It’s not limited to this case either. From here on, too, you’re going to bring trouble by simply existing.

*opens menu*

Hmph. It’s ridiculous no matter how many times I see it. Take a look at your status. The species name on the top right. When players create our character in Arcadia, we choose to be either an angel or a demon. However, your status isn’t an angel or a demon, and obviously not a human either. It says Divine Sword. It means you’ve been thrown into a field with the status of an item branded onto you.

In other words, as long as you keep following me around, I’ll end up becoming a target again for those who are after you.


They say the Three Swords of the End are the key to clearing the Ark, the giant dungeon you saw earlier. They’re rare items after all, and only three of them exist here in World V. It’s true that if you really are the Divine Sword, you might have special skill like this Demon Sword of mine.

So, what are you going to do for me? High quality tools are those that serve their master with the best of their powers, right? If you can’t do that, then I have no business with you. I have the Demon Sword to begin with, though I don’t know what sort of power the Divine Sword have…

How many times do I have to tell you not to touch me!? Argh…! *groans* I’m… shivering, you say? …I see. So I look that pathetic in your eyes. Fine. Not that I’d be able to move for a while anyway. If you want to challenge me that much, then as you wish, I shall accept.


It’s not only my hand that’s cold, my body is too. So… you should warm me up. You don’t need the Divine Sword’s power for this. Easy, isn’t it?

Track 5 – Offer Yourself


*rustling sounds*

Stop flailing. You want to do something to help me… Isn’t that right? The touch of your skin feels so real. I don’t know how it works, but whoever did this sure have a vulgar taste. Still… don’t you find this better than getting treated as an item and have yourself taken to a dangerous dungeon? You might be the Divine Sword, but it’ll still be the end if you die. Besides… *kiss* you seem to find it pleasant if we do this.

Ticklish? Don’t be stupid. From the sound you just made, you’re mistaking it for arousal. That’s not convincing at all. You’ve turned red, from the back of your neck all the way to your ears. *licks* Does this tickle too…? Hmm? *licks* Your breath is hot despite your words. If you insist, then I guess it must be true. *licks* Oh? Giving up already? So spouting fancy, idealistic rubbish is the about only thing you’re good at.

Making amends is not the same as doing charity. If you have the intention to be thoughtful, how about putting some effort into fulfilling the other party’s wish? …Yeah, that’s right. I’m currently in the mood of cuddling you. The way you squirm at the ticklish sensation is cuter than I thought. I might get addicted…


Your voice is starting to sound nice too. Let it out more. Let me hear you. *licks* *grunts* Don’t move. Lift your chin, I’ll lick you here too. *continues licking* Heh. Every part of you is so soft. I want to bite your off here with all I’ve got. *licks* …Hey, quit spacing out. If you have nothing to do, unbutton the front part of your clothes. What? Do you want me to do it for you? What a self-centered rare item.

*rip* *buttons clinking onto the ground*

My hands went out of control. There’s nothing I can do about it though, I can’t move smoothly thanks to my injuries.

*rustling sounds*

*scoffs* You really are a hopeless idiot. So in the corner of that tiny brain of yours, you still have some room to store sympathy for me. A man you don’t even know is pinning your arms behind your back, scandalously spreading your legs apart after ripping off your clothes, and you still ask him if his injuries are okay? You’re so stupid it’s refreshing. Don’t make me laugh so much, it’ll hurt my wounds.


Come on, look over here. A tool should just shut up and listen.

What is it…? Are you crying…? You’re so dumb. It’s meaningless to put on a bold front when you look like that. I’d show you a mirror if we had one. Your eyes are this moist with tears… *kiss* Ah, you scraped your temple here. Your hair, too, is dusty and disheveled.

(What am I doing!? Touching her like this… as if saying that I will take a good care of her… This isn’t right. I… want to leave this woman already. I’ve had enough of troublesome situations! I don’t want to see her flaunting her ignorance anymore, nor do I wish for her step into my life any further than this. If I beat her into the ground, no matter how dumb she might be, surely she’d never get herself involved with me ever again. That’s why I started doing this stupid charade to begin with. Isn’t that right?)

(I was only a bit surprised. Because she’s so warm and soft. I never thought the sensation would be so delicate. Her tears, too, seem so real. The heat of her body, and the way she trembles… it makes me feel as if our bodies are really touching. That’s why…)


It’s nothing. I was just concerned about how unsightly you are. Your filthiness kills the mood.

Tch. Stop looking hurt at every single thing I say, it’s grating on my nerves. Well then, how would you like me to say it? That important person you’re looking for, how would he put it? Ah, right. Hiroya-kun, was it? Tell me the kind of things he’d say. I’ll whisper them to you, as gently as you want, in his behalf.

Why? You want to see him, right? You are so forlorn, worried, and lonely that you can’t stand being alone, even if it means causing trouble for others. That’s why I’m offering to comfort you in Hiroya-kun’s behalf. Look at the situation we’re in. It’s not like you’d ever see him again.

Then why doesn’t he come to save you? By now, he must be dead somewhe—




*footsteps running away*

…Did she get angry? Well, obviously. It’d be more messed up if she looks completely alright after hearing those words. Glad that it’s finally nice and quiet. Please do your best to die where I can’t see you.

(My HP should recover if I stay like this for a while. Once it’s healed up… right, I have to take a special quest and quickly go back to real life. *sigh* It’s troublesome to travel a long distance with this body. At least somewhere closer…)

*opens menu*

(Hmm? This is… pretty close. Ah, no, that won’t do. This is the special quest that’s only available when it’s raining. Damn it, looks like lady luck has deserted me. That reminds me, haven’t I been ignoring an unread system message? I think it arrived in the middle of battle… Ah, there it is.)

*opens message*

(Regarding the appearance of the Three Swords of the End in World V. They are the key to clearing high level playable quests. Following the Holy Sword Lumen and the Demon Sword Glacies, the last item “Divine Sword Amadeus” has been set…)


(I see. They thoroughly wrote it down, all the way to the character ID. No wonder people can specifically find her wherever she goes. That woman’s ID is exposed for everyone to see. The thought of changing the settings must’ve never crossed her mind. If anything, she’s trapped in this game with a shaky understanding of the controls… All by herself…)

(…I’m doing it again. What am I thinking? I chased her away because I hated the idea of her following me around, remember? I can see her loneliness from the first glance. I knew, yet I pretended not to notice.)

(This world is bound by an unreasonable, violent rule that’s impossible to overturn. In truth, I was absolutely helpless as I stood in front of the Jaws of Death. My party members all got swallowed by the darkness. It’s absurd to try to fight it. It’s contradictory to try to save someone when you’re powerless. Just how conceited can you be?)

(I… don’t want to get hurt anymore. I’m tired. To learn how powerless you are and fall into despair… I’ve had enough of that. That’s why in order to protect myself, I abandoned the woman who came clinging onto me and left her to die. That’s… what I did.)


*wind blowing*

(She probably noticed. That I’d been terrified this whole time. That whenever I brushed off the hand she held out, my own hand was cold and trembling. Even as she cowered before the power used against her, as she endured the violence and absurdity, her eyes… were filled with pity for me. That’s why whenever she looked up at me, I’d get irritated…)

*opens menu*

(That woman… she’s made her way up the cliff. Even though the Jaws of Death might still be roaming around up there…)

(Hmph. The trembling… hasn’t stopped at all. That’s right. Ever since the moment I saw the Jaws of Death, I… have been too frightened to move. Seeing me like that, she pulled my hand and…)


(If she gets swallowed by the Jaws of Death, that would mean I virtually sent her to her death.)

(It is possible to look away from the truth. Up until now, I’ve been doing that to withstand the sense of self-loathing. However, the truth will never go away. And it will never be forgotten either. Am I… going to put the same weight onto my shoulders for the second time?)

*wind blowing*

(I can still… make it in time.)

*footsteps running off*

Track 6 – The Choice with No Regrets


(Probably around here… She shouldn’t have gone that far.)

*leaves rustling*

(Damn it. Where is she? At that level, not to mention solo… one wrong move might lead her to death. She has a bigger problem to worry about than the Jaws of Death.)

*roaring sound*

(… !? That voice… !)

There she is!

*monster roar*

You’re in my way, move! *slashes* This is the end! Yah!

*monster roar*

Are you unharmed?


…Does that mean you don’t even want to see my face? Are you saying that you don’t need my help? It’s reasonable for you to be angry. Earlier I was treating you horribly. I know that. Still, I… Ah!?




Guh! …These thorns… they’re magic! Damn it! You guys are… the angels from before?

*footsteps coming over*

You idiot! Just leave me and run! I told you, didn’t I? These people are after you, they want to obtain you! You are in danger yourself, and yet… You don’t have any power to fight back, so why… Why are you trying to help me? When I saved you just a moment ago, it was simply for my own gain. I was irked at how you see through me, I took it all out on you… and I couldn’t bear how obnoxious I’ve become! It was all for a selfish reason, and yet…!


*thorns tightening around Radius*

Uh… Argh…!

*sword clanging onto the ground*

The Demon Sword and the Divine Sword… are you planning to steal both? Ugh!


(Damn it, the thorns are coiling around me. I can’t use my hands. Even if I win in terms of level, it’s impossible to use any skills if I can’t bring out the console. Not to mention the thorns around my neck… I can’t… breathe… My vision is blurring, my consciousness is… fading away. Am I going to die? Tormented by these stupid bunch, with the Demon Sword taken away from me…)



(This voice… So she… is still not giving up. Even though she’s powerless and doesn’t even know how to fight back. With no one to rely on, all alone in this absurd world death is standing right by your side… Even when she’s been left behind, no matter how painful it is, she cries out… that she doesn’t want to give up on anyone’s life.)

(Where does such strength lie in that small body of hers…?)


…I can’t believe this. *laughs* Ah, no. Nothing much. I just thought of how tasteless this situation is, for me to get surrounded and ganged upon at a place like this. Just as what you’d expect from Arcadia, a game that aims for realism in expression. Now I know… that a player’s vulgarity would show through the way they play. There’s no need to take a peek at your status windows. I can tell that as long as you guys don’t play dirty by outnumbering me, you don’t have a chance of winning.


Argh! *weak laugh* That… is a painful one. My bones are creaking… but thanks. If there’s pain, I can stop myself from losing consciousness. It also gives me the realization that I really am alive, right here and now. After surviving all by myself, I felt…terribly pathetic. I wondered if I really had to go that far to keep on living.

But now, I feel like my eyes are finally open. I… can’t die yet. At the very least, there’s something I need to do right now. More than anything else, the life I got to keep after narrowly escaping death… the life that was given and linked to me… There is no way I would throw it away at a place like this! Ugh!


Just go already! Don’t look back! Get on your feet and run! Don’t give up on your life! I know how selfish I sound, but please! Right now, I want to save you!


…What… is this golden light? Ah… The thorns… are coming undone? This power… that disables absolutely anything… where did it come from? …A sword, in the sky…? Could this possibly be… the Dive Sword’s power!?


Wait! Don’t kill them! Stop, calm down! I’m alright. You can’t kill them! Ah… That’s right. Good. You’ve done well. Are you tired? It’s okay. You don’t have to do anything. You freed me from the thorns. That’s more than enough. I’ll take care of the rest.

That was a narrow escape, you guys. If she didn’t stop the sword, by now all of you would’ve been dead, plastered onto the ground. You will give the Demon Sword back.

*sword clanging*

Now the tables have turned. What are you going to do? Want to try stealing the sword one more time? If you’re going to come at me, this time I will take you on seriously. But… I’m not kind like she is. I will pierce every single one of you with this Demon Sword and put a certain end to your lives.


*footsteps running away*


*sigh* Are you alright? You don’t look well. Using the Divine Sword’s power probably puts a strain on your body. It looked pretty powerful, but you should be careful when using it. Besides, I told you, didn’t I? If a character dies in Arcadia, their player will also die in real life. There’s no need for you to become a murderer because of that sort of people.

No, earlier you stopped the sword on your own. I didn’t do anything. You did well. I should be the one thanking you. Wait, that’s not right… First of all, I have to apologize to you. I’m really sorry for doing such awful things to you. It’s only natural if you despise me after everything I’ve done. I won’t ask you the selfish favor of forgiving me, but please let me apologize. I’m sorry.


Ouch! H-Hey, my ear…! Stop it! Hey, you’re going to tear it off…! Huh? Now we’re even…? Man, you’re too nice for your own good. Well, that’s… fine, if you insist. Alright, I understand. I’m reflecting on my actions, of course. Even though I did it on purpose, I went too far. I’m really sorry.

Um… you did show a lot of reaction, so I… A simple touch to the ear made you red in an instant, all the way to the back of your neck… *yank* Oww! I understand! I won’t bring that up again, I’m sorry!


*chuckles* Thank you. Let’s take a short break somewhere before we go. Hold onto my neck. It’s fine, just do it.

Oh, right. Take this chance to set your ID to private. If you don’t, you’ll only get attacked again by that kind of people. …Wow, so you really are clueless. Alright, I’ll teach you the basic controls. In addition, I’ll also send you back to real life. It’s the least I can do to apologize. If you clear a quest with high difficulty, you’ll be able to stay in reality for a few days.

Unlike you, that… Hiroya was originally a player, right? In that case, he’ll clear a quest on his own and return to reality. Yeah, you’ll definitely see him in real life. When you do, both of you should decide on a meeting place in Arcadia for next time. So that you won’t get separated from him again.


Hm? Rain…? Luck has finally turned in our favor. There’s a quest around this area that occurs only when it’s raining. Now we don’t have to go out of our way to travel far, and the difficulty is also high enough. The rain in this area shouldn’t let up for a while once it starts pouring. Let’s not panic and get some rest nearby, wait until our HP heals. Here, I’ll lend you my Demon Sword. It accelerates your HP regeneration. You should hold it for a while.

Look, the dawn is breaking too. Yeah, it’s beautiful. It must be a reward for your effort. After all, you are a blade… that’s been blessed by the god of this world.

Track 7 – If We Meet Again


I’m terribly sorry, I’ve caused everyone a lot of trouble… Yes, that’s true. Oh no, it wasn’t a serious issue like falling unconscious or anything… It seems like I had been a little tired. Yes, I’m fine now. I’m really sorry for making everyone worry. Still, I’m glad that we could rearrange the schedule. I was quite excited for this interview.

Yes, I’m pleased to be working with you too. First of all… let’s see. I never thought that I would receive a chance to do front cover gravure at this timing, so when I first heard about the offer, I was surprised. After all, this was like a goal for me. I thought that I want to appear on the cover one day. That’s why I feel really honored, though I’m not sure how to answer this second question. I have cleared one big goal, so for now my mind is completely blank. Is it alright to answer that way? I’m sorry.

And the third question is…


Hmm… Right now I have my hands full taking care of myself, but… I wonder how you can find your soulmate?


Ah, I see. Childhood friends, huh…

Oh no, um… I don’t have a childhood friend, but… No, it’s really true. I just remembered that a girl I met recently was really worried about a guy who happens to be her childhood friend, so… Eh? Ah, I wonder. She didn’t specifically say that they are lovers, but maybe that is the case. I didn’t ask her any personal questions. I’m not good with that sort of thing.

Besides, I felt that I might say something unnecessary if I did ask for details. She was really putting her all into it, so I got a little annoyed at the guy. I thought “why aren’t you staying by her side at a time like this?” If it were me, I would…! Ah, no. It’s nothing, I’m sorry. Let’s see, the next question is…


*door opening and closing*

*sigh* Roleplaying both when asleep and awake. Impressive, if I do say so myself.

(Thanks to the special quest available in the forest, I barely managed to avoid missing work. That was close. Close… huh. It’s not like I would die from it, what am I getting desperate about? Right now, people are making a fuss out of it just for a little bit. Even if a half-baked celebrity who rose to fame through modeling disappeared, it wouldn’t affect the world in the slightest. After a while, that celebrity would only get forgotten and completely vanishes.)

*fingers typing on keyboard*

(Arcadia’s regular server seems to be functioning with no particular problem. As for World V… just as usual, there’s absolutely no rumors circulating around it. What they said about how we’d die if we reveal anything about World V in real life might not be entirely a lie. Just what is the meaning of this? This isn’t magic. At least if we can find the bodies of the victims…)


*curtain sliding*

Ah, the rain… has stopped.

(Did she manage to meet that Hiroya guy? Maybe I’ll do a bit of searching in Twilight Capital the next time I log in.)

(…No, what am I trying to do by searching for him? Am I even aware of how many fighters are there in the demon faction? Even if I do find him, it’s not like I could bring them together. To begin with, this no longer has anything to do with me. In the end, I didn’t tell her my name and didn’t ask for hers either. I didn’t want to. I feel that if I ask for her name, my eyes… and my ears… would search for her whenever I log in.)

(I still don’t feel like getting involved with anyone. Meeting by coincidence, for a brief moment, and then going on our separate ways. That’s enough for me. But if, by any chance… we meet again…)


*curtain sliding*

(If I ever meet her again in Arcadia. If that time comes…)


*footsteps walking out*

*door opening and closing*

Performance: Radius, Maeno Tomoaki.


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