Ken ga Kimi for V Duet Song – Chapter of Sun

剣が君 for V 二重唱 日輪之章

This is the drama track from the first Ken ga Kimi for V Duet Song CD, featuring Tsuzuramaru and Kei. It’s 100% spoiler-free and focuses more on the characters’ interactions with Kayo, so it can be enjoyed even before you play the game. Full translation under the cut. Commissioned by Mitsu. Enjoy!
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Ken ga Kimi Character Song: Chapter of Heaven

剣が君 キャラクターソング 天之章

This is the mini drama track from the first Ken ga Kimi Character Song CD, featuring Tsuzuramaru and Kei. It doesn’t contain any spoilers, but will be more enjoyable if you’re familiar with the game and characters. Full translation under the cut. Commissioned by Mitsu. Enjoy!
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Ken ga Kimi – Kei

Starting off with Kei because of KENN. Someone sent me a major spoiler before I started the game, and it made me really upset… but I got over it pretty quickly because Kei’s route turns out to be super sweet. Like shoujo manga level sweet.


Kei is a dual-wielding samurai from Kibi Province. He came to Edo in order to enter the tournament and obtain one of the Five Heavenly Swords. In Edo, he makes a living by working as a roundsman. He can be intimidating and has a sharp tongue, but he’s also clumsy—in the sense that he can’t be honest to people he doesn’t respect. Behind that exterior, he’s actually a kind man who turns protective upon getting relied on. 19 years old.
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Ken ga Kimi – Tokaido Fake Wedding Parade

As I mentioned in the prologue post, Ken ga Kimi is split into two arcs. The first one acts as the common route of the game, where Kayo travels through Tokaido with everyone for the fake wedding parade. This post covers all eight chapters.


In the first arc, Kayo has to go on a wedding parade while disguising herself as Hisahime. The journey is by no means easy. As they face numerous difficulties together, Kayo grows closer to the six samurai who are guarding her. However, the wedding parade actually has another purpose. It’s to deliver one of the Five Heavenly Swords, Juzumaru, safely to Sunpu. At the beginning of their journey, none of them knows that they’re walking into a vortex of conspiracy.
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Ken ga Kimi – Prologue

Ken ga Kimi was first announced in Dengeki Girl’s Style over a year ago, and I’ve been looking forward to it since then. It’s really worth the wait though, because Ken ga Kimi is truly a masterpiece. Everything about this game is beautiful.


Ken ga Kimi takes place in year 1634, the era when competition over the “Five Heavenly Swords” is admired as the true way of samurai. These five legendary swords have the power to destroy youkai, and the shogunate made an event for samurai to compete over them—the “Tournament of Sword Retrieval”. This year the tournament will be held in Edo, and the season has come. Those who are seeking for fame or fortune have come to gather in Edo.
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Glass Heart Princess – Masaki Shinnosuke

Shinnosuke キタ━(*゚∀゚(゚∀゚*)゚∀゚*)━ッ!! The way to enter Shinnosuke’s route is a bit different, but it’s very easy once you figured out the trick. Before you read on, do keep in mind that I’m extremely biased towards KENN and his characters.

柾木真之介 (CV:KENN)

Shinnosuke is Kyouko’s loyal butler. He’s very dedicated to her, and he would do anything for her no matter how difficult it might be. While he seems perfect, Shinnosuke would instantly flop and weep whenever Kyouko gets angry at him. He received special training sessions in a certain country before, which makes him ridiculously strong and skilled with weapons—especially guns. Shinnosuke is really overprotective and would take extreme measures to protect Kyouko.
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