Ken ga Kimi – Kei

Starting off with Kei because of KENN. Someone sent me a major spoiler before I started the game, and it made me really upset… but I got over it pretty quickly because Kei’s route turns out to be super sweet. Like shoujo manga level sweet.


Kei is a dual-wielding samurai from Kibi Province. He came to Edo in order to enter the Imperial Tournament and obtain one of the Five Heavenly Swords. In Edo, he makes a living by working as a roundsman. He can be intimidating and has a sharp tongue, but he’s also clumsy—in the sense that he can’t be honest to people he doesn’t respect. Behind that exterior, he’s actually a kind man who turns protective upon getting relied on. 19 years old.
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Ken ga Kimi – Tokaido Fake Wedding Parade

As I mentioned in the prologue post, Ken ga Kimi is split into two arcs. The first one acts as the common route of the game, where Kayo travels through Tokaido with everyone for the fake wedding parade. This post covers all eight chapters.


In the first arc, Kayo has to go on a wedding parade while disguising herself as Hisahime. The journey is by no means easy. As they face numerous difficulties together, Kayo grows closer to the six samurai who are guarding her. However, the wedding parade actually has another purpose. It’s to deliver one of the Five Heavenly Swords, Juzumaru, safely to Sunpu. At the beginning of their journey, none of them knows that they’re walking into a vortex of conspiracy.
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Ken ga Kimi – Prologue

Ken ga Kimi was first announced in Dengeki Girl’s Style over a year ago, and I’ve been looking forward to it since then. It’s really worth the wait though, because Ken ga Kimi is truly a masterpiece. Everything about this game is beautiful.


Ken ga Kimi takes place in year 1634, the era when competition over the “Five Heavenly Swords” is admired as the true way of samurai. These five legendary swords have the power to destroy youkai, and the shogunate created an event for samurai to compete over the swords—the “Imperial Tournament of Sword Retrieval”. This year the tournament will be held in Edo, and the season has come. Those who are seeking for fame or fortune have come to gather in Edo.
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Double Score ~Cattleya×Narcissus~ – Double Story

Just like Cosmos×Camellia, Cattleya×Narcissus comes with a nice 3P route that involves Rio, Rui and Seiya. This route is light with nearly no conflicts, so you can just enjoy the fun. Be careful though, the 3P parts are quite deadly. (。-∀-)ニヒ♪


“Double Story” features Mai’s love story with Rio, Rui and Seiya. This route will be unlocked after clearing their “Good End 1″, so it’s not available right from the start. The flower you choose at the very beginning will influence the endings, and you can also see their inner thoughts depending on the flower you chose. Similarly to the individual routes, Double Story has four different endings. Mai’s dress from June affects one of the CGs, so make sure to save at that part.
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Double Score ~Cattleya×Narcissus~ – Saiga Rui & Seiya

Right from the beginning, Rui and Seiya had a lot of questions revolving around them. They’re supposed to be twins, but the hints are pointing towards another direction instead. They share a route in this game, and it brings all the answers.

斎賀琉衣・聖夜 (CV:平川大輔)

Saiga Rui is the modern literature teacher in Mai’s school, while his younger twin brother, Seiya, works as the number two host in LADY MAGIC. Both are 34 years old, and their personalities are exact opposites of each other. Rui is gentle and friendly, but also plain and has an extremely thin presence. In contrary, Seiya is charismatic and mischievous with a sadistic streak. Rui and Seiya share the same birthday of January 15, and their birth flower is narcissus.
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Double Score ~Cattleya×Narcissus~ – Shirosaki Rio

Starting off with Rio because I need my dose of super otaku host as quickly as possible. Rio’s route is a lot of fun, though it can get really frustrating thanks to a certain character. He also shows a different attitude towards the age gap issue.

城崎理央 (CV:大川透)

Shirosaki Rio is the number one host of club LADY MAGIC, 29 years old. He’s an optimistic man with a high pride and loves everything fun. Rio is generally kind towards everyone, but shows no mercy towards the people he hates. He’s good at capturing women’s hearts through his actions, even more than using verbal seduction. Behind that exterior, Rio is actually a heavy otaku who loves anime, manga and games. His birthday is December 24 with cattleya as his birth flower.
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Double Score ~Cattleya×Narcissus~

This is a bit late considering I finished the game in September, but better late than never right? Cattleya×Narcissus is the second installment in the Double Score series, and it offers a different approach in facing the “age gap” issue.

Double Score ~Cattleya×Narcissus~

Shinozawa Mai is a high school student working in Kamizono Shrine, which is famous for supporting and granting love fortunes. Those who are chosen are allowed to enter a special area deep inside the shrine grounds, where a small shrine is standing—surrounded by flowers. These flowers bloom regardless of seasons, granting blessings at all times. Mai’s parents received their blessings in the past, and she’s dreaming to experience a dramatic love like they did. Little did she know that two of the blooming flowers will guide her to her fated one. This game focuses on cattleya for Shirosaki Rio and narcissus for Saiga Rui and Seiya.
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