Ken ga Kimi – Kuroba Saneaki

Saneaki’s route is related to Asakura’s conspiracy, and it also drops a hint about Enishi’s background. Kayo’s best friend, Omatsu, is a key person in this route, and I really like how their friendship plays an important part here.

黒羽実彰 (CV:前野智昭)

Saneaki is a highly skilled swordsman from Hizen Province, who’s hiding the fact that he’s actually a Christian. After losing his mother at a young age, Saneaki was taken in by a Dutch merchant and spent his childhood in Hirato. He has a gentle yet secretive personality, as well as a unique atmosphere that makes him hard to read. Due to a certain incident in the past, he has abandoned his sword and is currently living deep in the mountains of Edo. 25 years old.
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Ken ga Kimi – Kashinfuu ~The Path I Walk with You~

身命と等しき、この剣 君が為に振ろう。

剣が君 花信風~君とともに歩む道~

This drama CD comes with the soundtrack. It has six tracks in total, each of which features what happens to Kayo and the main characters AFTER the kimi route endings. In a way, they’re like short after stories for the kimi routes. Naturally, they contain spoilers… so be warned if you haven’t finished the game. Full translation under the cut. Commissioned by Mitsu. Enjoy! ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ
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Ken ga Kimi – Wafuu Denki Emaki

剣が君 和風伝奇絵巻

My copy of Ken ga Kimi – Wafuu Denki Emaki arrived yesterday. I don’t usually take pictures of what I buy, but I’m making an exception this time because this artbook is so beautiful. The artbook is 160 pages thick with hard cover. I ordered the deluxe edition, which comes with a wooden case and a 28-page booklet that made the package extra heavy LOL. Many thanks to Doropyan for helping me to get this artbook from Rejet Shop! .:*゚..:。:.(´+・ω・人・ω・+`).:*゚:.。:。

The pictures below contain spoilers, so be careful if you haven’t finished the game.
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Dot Kareshi III – Evil Lord

Last comes the poor Evil Lord, whose extreme lack of confidence only makes him cute instead of terrifying. I feel really sorry for the poor thing, so I saved him for last. This marks the end of the series, so he can act like a last boss for once.

まおう (CV:杉田智和)

Due to your party’s high level, Evil Lord got defeated in a matter of seconds during the final battle. His pathetic defeat caused him to lose confidence, and everyone lost their faith in him because of how weak he is. Thanks to you, Evil Lord is now super gloomy and sad. He has overwhelming power though, and sometimes it goes out of control. In battle, Evil Lord wields a large scythe and can transform up to 3 phases. 187 cm / 72 kg. Age and blood type unknown.
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Dot Kareshi III – Villager

Actually, I considered saving Villager for last because of his secret… but then I’d feel sorry for poor Evil Lord, so I ended up going for Villager first. Villager might appear innocent, but don’t be fooled. He’s just as perverted as the rest of them.

むらびと (CV:三浦祥朗)

Villager is an NPC you can find in town, handing out herbs to travelers. You did notice that all male villagers seem to have the same design, but what you didn’t know is that they’re actually the same person. Villager has been following you throughout your journey, all because he wanted to see you again. That desire eventually awakened him to tremendous power. He’s 19 and has no weapons nor combat skills. 165 cm / 56 kg. His blood type is A.
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Dot Kareshi III – Dark Knight

I was confused about whose route to clear next, but eventually went for Dark Knight. At first I thought they’re only going to treat him like a useless addition to your party, but he turns out to be more tragic than I expected. Thanks to you LOL.

あんこくきし (CV:森川智之)

Dark Knight comes to join your party in the latter half of the game. Sadly, your main party members were overleveled by the time he joined in… and he ended up ignored as the result. He even betrayed Evil Lord for the sake of aiding you, but he remained forgotten in the carriage—all the way until you finished your first run. He fights with “dual-wielding” in battle, even though that’s supposed to be a skill name. 178 cm / 65 kg. His blood type is A. Age unknown.
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